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  1. hullrocks

    crashing when using tank cannon zoom

    yeah i did, think i jsut reinstalled
  2. hullrocks


    i would if i could play aganist them
  3. hullrocks


    The swapped citties are a joke. RU has a massive front and GE take all the Ru randoms so the RU vs US battles pop after 20 mins of queuing. US and GE is always tiny. The swapped cities is a good idea but maybe a change will make the RU vs US be easier to play.
  4. recently when ever i zoom with a tank it crashes the game, anyone else had this problem ans if so you fixed it
  5. hullrocks

    main menu crashing

    hi, my main menu will crash at least once and hour and i was wondering if anyone has a fix for it thanks in advance