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  1. maVann

    Uniform updates...

    Guess you never get to 1% tank life and have to bail out, lol.... You must be sooooo talented
  2. maVann

    Uniform updates...

    The Russian tankers need camo uniform choices... right now we stand out like a stink beetle on a cement walkway... maVann
  3. maVann

    Player hosted maps...

    Will H&G ever develop the ability for players to host games the way Novalogic did in the 90s and early 2000s..? We choose the maps, settings and number of players. Also allowing us to host password protected maps for clan wars... HAMMER/Mavann
  4. The latest update did NOT dumb down the bots. They are actually more accurate and deadly than before... thanks for nothing.
  5. maVann

    Pathetic Balance...

    This is how cheesy this game is... No tiger 2 in real life could take 8 hits in the butt from an M10, but in this game that Tiger 2 does and kills me with 3 hits head on. Then, I panzerfaust a hellcat 5x to kill it, but the enemy bots kill mine in 2 hits, lol. And then you have those amazing warriors who always know where you're hiding, and can get killed and come all the way back to you in 10 secs with no squad spawn assistance... right WAFDI...? lmao Incredible game lol... Thank you for the vent hahaha
  6. maVann

    Tanker badges..?

    Groovy man, thank you....
  7. maVann

    Tanker badges..?

    I'm fairly new to game. I like tanking. What are best 2 combat badges for tanker? Iron Fist, Gunner, Ghillie, what...? Does iron Fist work as a tanker now? Is it based on what armor you're facing in a fight? Thank you for the opportunity to ask, maV
  8. maVann

    Game has become a spawn-raping fiesta...

    Lol... they're doing it right now, wish i could post screenshots lol I'ts a shame that there are people who can't enjoy the game (or any game most likely) without such selfish and immature behavior. Oh well... poor game designing to say the least.
  9. maVann

    Game has become a spawn-raping fiesta...

    Yes, could help. Spawns are down in open areas and enemy sit up on edges and shoot in as soon as you move or shoot out. If the visibility area was 10x the size you'd have a chance to escape being raped. Or or the circle of diminishing health was installed and it was very large. Right now it's players exploiting map and game design. If they added more spawn areas instead of just two, and made it impossible for enemy to exploit design, and had bots spawning all around the areas where enemy tanks just camp spawns, that is another soluton.
  10. Who else feels this game has become a spawn-raping fiesta..? The, Pershing, IS-2 and Tiger 2 are so strong that we now get six heavy tanks, 3 at each spawn base, just sitting and piling up kills. And with a 4 min wait time to re-spawn my heavy tank, there is no chance. I have watched more people leave mid-game during a base rape, than ever before. You would think that the game designers were good enough to prevent that, but sadly no. Even I know how to... You design a large, very wide circle around each spawn area, and when entered eats up the enemy soldier's and tank's health. It starts far enough out that they can't see you well enough, eating up 5% tank and soldier health per second, and the closer they get to the spawn, the faster their tank's health and soldier's health disappears so they cannot spawn camp, 25% per second... it really isn't a new idea. Too bad, because I was really into this game, until this garbage... I'm curious if anyone else feels this way. Thanks for the opportunity to ask
  11. So who likes the idea of being able to sell back equipment..? Once you find out that something is not what it should be, or realize that it was a terrible buy, we could sell it back for a lesser price. Maybe sell it back for 33% of value so we could use those credits to enjoy the game even more. It sucks having many tanks, only can use 4, and half take 2-4 mins to re-spawn then game is over. I have tried many tanks and I wish I hadn't bought half of them, but I would love to be able to upgrade, camouflage, outfit them better. Even buy some new weapons or skins for other soldiers. I'm curious if anyone else feels this way. Thanks for the opportunity to ask maVann aka: HAMMER.XR1 of Armored Fist 3
  12. maVann

    More appropriate tank maps...

    I agree, snipers and tankers are a waste if time in most maps... all you need to do is run around with an LMG and tank nades... not really like WW2
  13. maVann

    More appropriate tank maps...

    Believe me, I have played that map 100s of times. I know every inch of it and am losing interest 😴. Just seems like a map could be made that was bigger, wide open tanking, maybe has three skirmish areas from right tot left that can be held by the greater numbered force of bots and tanks, parallel front lines, and made it difficult for enemy tanks to get to close to spawn bases. Hell, give me the map editor and I'll make the best tank maps you've ever seen.
  14. maVann

    More appropriate tank maps...

    The game rocks, hands down. But as an ex-Armored Fist 3 tanker, it seems the map choices here don't really suit the medium & heavy tanks. On the roads you're a moving target, and in the forests you're, well, easy prey for anyone with tank nades or anti-tank rifles. Plus you can't manuver so owning a Pershing, Tiger, IS-2 or tank destroyers is kind of a waste of money. You don't really get to use them properly. The maps I built for AF3 were mostly wide open, tank battle grounds, w/ some patchy wooded areas, shallow rolling hills, canyons, trenches and subtle impressions (tank holes) that offered defilade: What are the chances of a couple tank maps being created? Front lines for each army, with 1000m no-mans land in the middle. Soldiers and tanks trying to cross in low gullies amidst barbed-wire tank jacks, logs, short walls, destroyed farm houses, etc... Even if just 2 maps... like Africa and Kursk. I'm curious if anyone else feels this way. Thanks for the opportunity to ask ;) HAMMER.XR1