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    M1 carbine, it's guff

    Does it get any worse for the US, oh yes it does in the form of the M1 Carbine... You'd just as well take a pistol into battle, I mean it's a joke, isn't it? Ok, first up, it's solid on the recoil scene, shoots straight, but a 15 round magazine and you have Russians running around with 70 round sewing machines, sorry it's no contesto. Secondly the RPM sucks and so does the impact damage, at least give the weapon some kick, like I said what's the point otherwise? Give it some impact damage at least. sault rifle
  2. SGTRock007

    Why does M1919 suck?

    I totally agree here; Thompson should be better, a bit more impact damage, especially against the ridiculous Russian PPSH-41 with a 70 round magazine. This weapon is like an MG42 on speed! I've gone close range against this PPSH with the Thompson every time it's the PPSH that kills first. No wonder all budding noobs go over to the Russian sides! RETO if your reading this, how about a bit more damage on the Thomson to even out things, please.
  3. SGTRock007

    Low Ping players on speed

    AHA, just reloaded the game and now operating on full Ping and the enemy movements are less erratic and slightly slower, so all good. The Ping has a lot to do with player movements.
  4. SGTRock007

    Low Ping players on speed

    Hi all in the world of H&G, I can't help noticing that when I have a low Ping during a battle the enemy players appear to dart about as though they are on speed! It's strange, they seem to move from side to side much faster and it's really hard to get a shot on target. If I have a full Ping then all seems normal, the player movements are more fluid and less erratic. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens? In the real world of warfare no one dances back and fourth while jumping in the air to avoid bullets, it looks stupid in H&G, it's a Fornite thing. And last question, what do you think if RETO allowed us to paste text into the chat during a game, we could translate from English into other languages...just a thought. Yours truly, SGT Rock, PS Tip of the day: If you see enemy BOTS coming from the same direction towards the Cap location, it's guaranteed there's a spawn vehicle...SO GO GET IT and press that E key!
  5. SGTRock007

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    It barely has any real recoil, but maybe included aimbot would satisfy you? fatal-is now that's using naughty words, aimbot, how dare you use such language, I'm rather shocked. Me, use aimbot, how ungentlemanly of you to suggest such a thing. I'm writing to my commander. ✍
  6. SGTRock007

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    Only thing I'd like if possible is less recoil, but hey perhaps I'm asking too much.
  7. SGTRock007

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    Hi all in the world of H&G, Wow, just finished one of the quick battles and I'm impressed with the upgrade of the M1/M2, please, please RETO don't change a thing! it really kicks butt. For capping it really comes into it's own now. The sound of the weapon is awesome and the RPM is just right. Firing from the hip while moving is really spot on for me, like I said great assault weapon. I know it won't please all, but for me it's a great piece of kit. Well done RETO a very pleased recipient. Yours truly, SGT Rock, PS Tip of the day: If you see enemy BOTS coming from the same direction towards the Cap location, it's guaranteed there's a spawn vehicle...SO GO GET IT and press that E key!
  8. Hi all, Can someone shed some light on what all this is about, seems unfair to penalize a player who when driving a tank and has players running alongside the tank tracks and get injured or killed, whose fault is that? I have people jump out of my spawn trucks and go under the wheels, so that's my fault? And the Bots, don't start me on about Bots, they run around like chickens with their heads cut off and get hit by my tank! So, do you loose these points or do you get a ban when they arrive a the max limit. Seems rather unfair to get points for other peoples / Bots mistakes.
  9. SGTRock007

    M1 carbine RPM and other changes

    So, has RETO reduced the RPM on the M1, yes they have, anyone know why? What have they done for this weapon, nothing? Still the Russians have large weapon mags and we have our RPM reduced. What are the changes if any? We have lost the power in our anti-tank weapons, the speed of our vehicles and they decided to put rocks all over the place, a very unrealistic terrain to say the least. I cannot understand why they implement changes that only frustrate the player? Here's a change I would like to be introduced, how about when you unlock an enemy spawn vehicle your team can start spawning into it.