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  1. I know this might sound silly, but some of us care about the smallest details. US M8 and APC have a siren. SU APC has a siren. I believe it will be great if we get a siren on our Halftrack and Puma so that we can troll in style. Otherwise it can get really boring. (I see sarcastic replies coming, but well! If style didn't matter we wouldn't have had custom gun names, soldier names.. etc! :P) @Reto.Hades
  2. Since recons can drive stuff like the BA-11, M8 and Puma. Then why not give them the Recon planes too? Reconnaissance planes will help recons secure very high positions. For instance, spawning in your plane, flying to a very high building or mountain (that's hard to reach by infantry), then parachuting over it. It will fit more in there. @Reto.Hades
  3. Some of the ideas that can restore faction uniqueness gradually.. Make camos that are only usable on captured guns. For example, a captured PPSH-41 painted in grey with an iron cross on it. A green US camo for captured MG42. A red camo for USSR captured M2 Carbine... etc Make these "captured" camos exclusive to the capturing faction.. and make multiple ones. I myself would love a dark grey camo for my PPSH-41 and would be eager to buy it, given it is well-made. @Reto.Hades
  4. Make stolen APC's function as friendly APC's where teammates can spawn on it as if it was the faction's native APC. Since you already gave it a captured camo, then perhaps give it captured functionality too.
  5. Raubkatzenbaby

    Team Vote Kick

    Team vote kicking will open a door for clan abuse so NO.
  6. Raubkatzenbaby

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    I agree on the neutrality of the captured mods! I didn't yet try the M2 but excited to :'P
  7. Raubkatzenbaby

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    PLEASE FIX: 1) Advanced filter is now reset after each match. (Bug I guess?) 2) QUICK BATTLE - CURRENTLY SELECTED SOLDIER -> It joins battles with other soldiers too. (Bug) 3) Old problem, soldiers cannot get into vehicle in spawn area giving a "Can't enter protected vehicle" error. (This problem has been there for a long time now, fix please)
  8. I think it is a bug (not intentional by them). Did anyone report it to RETO yet?
  9. Raubkatzenbaby

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Alright, so before bashing me for the title, read this post first and understand my rationale. Of course, it is not one of the "BEST" updates since H&G has been going downhill for a long time now. However, when I say "BEST", I mean in the "right direction" in comparison to most recent major updates. 1) Captured Modifications Many of you are bothered that captured weapons are fully modifiable now, right? But remember, many of you complained for years on how "OP" the German faction is. So? Here you are! Take it all! You can now mod your STG44, MG42, MP40... guess now you will understand that German faction is not OP, it is just the clans and spammy game design that makes a certain faction seem "OP". I'm now using a modded PPSH-41 on my GE main and I'm REALLY happy with it. Finally, a 1000ROF SMG for Germany!!!! Thank you RETO, my money didn't go wasted :') Any person that spent the money on a captured weapon, or spent the efforts to capture a weapon, deserves to be able to use it to its full potential. Also remember, capturing weapons is still a tedious and expensive process in comparison to acquiring a faction's native weapons, so no, the game didn't lose its uniqueness! 2) Captured Vehicles Camos It gives a distinctive look to captured vehicles and makes the "stealing an enemy vehicle" process more rewarding. I love how these camos look and I appreciate the efforts RETO put into it. 3) More Graphics Options - More Customization! The more options players get, the better. I hope RETO extend this even further. *This post is focused on the FPS side of the game. I don't have enough experience or knowledge on the RTS side so I cannot comment on that.
  10. Well, yeah. It is really not something of a huge priority right now but if it will be easy to implement like one of those "hot fixes" then I wouldn't mind.
  11. We need to be able to see the effect of using different adjustable sights values in the client - exactly as we can see the effect of mods. We also need to be able to set a default sights value for each gun instead of having to manually adjust it on each respawn. For example, I find some weapons to perform better at all ranges when set to 200-300m than to 100m. It is not convenient to keep changing that on each respawn especially for rushing. Not everyone has the mental capacity to keep clicking space while rushing too, so giving us the option to use a fixed pre-set value will be better.
  12. Raubkatzenbaby

    Urgent Request! - All Factions Affected

    I get your point but this doesn't make sense in a fast-paced small-maps game like H&G. Maybe it would work out well in those WW2 games with huge maps, just not here.
  13. Raubkatzenbaby

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Yes, that's correct. But don't deny that it was a painful match, and getting the positive K/D you got was not an easy task. Most of my matches are above 100 ping with some of them in the 200-300 so we are in the same boat. Matchmaking and bad servers is the issue, not OP weapons or factions.
  14. Raubkatzenbaby

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    I remember it, didn't get the chance to take a screenshot sadly. It was a Cap&Hold in Colmar Hamlet map. That was a few days ago.
  15. Raubkatzenbaby

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Hi Bibor, my final conclusion is neither of us is a bad player. And no faction has OP weapons. The reason you guys lose instantly, and the reason I lost intantly TONS of times... is CLANS. Having a team full of randoms vs a team with a pro clan. Or having a team with weak clans against a team full of pro clans. Whenever I get into a match against some of these clans, we literally get crushed in a few minutes most of the time. Whenever I get into one with good German clans, we win in a few minutes too. RETO doesn't need to balance weapons, but matchmaking. We played a match together against 2 US. Sam bros. clan and both of us struggled to achieve a good K/D. You got bothered in that match and accused our team of being at fault saying "get on point monkeys", it wasn't our mistake though, we were trying hard to keep the point. It was the tryhard clans that ruined the team's morale. So no, it is not about the STG, it is about WHO you played with and WHO you played against.