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  1. Sahuco

    ribbon war victory

    Yo diria como dicen arriba que tu pc no es el mejor,el mio anterior tenia 10 años y me lo movia a graficos minimos y 30fps,lo cambié hace 6 meses y ahora a ultra y 120 fps y sobretodo las partidas se me cargan muy pronto,con el anterior me pasaba como a ti.
  2. Waiting to see how this changes implement in the game,I like the idea of an m2 carbine more like an assault rifle due to is cartridge and ballistics compare against the thompson.
  3. Sahuco

    Linea B4, me crashea de 100 100.

    A mi nunca me ha pasado,igual solo te pasa a ti,prueba a desinstalar y reinstalar y si no funciona es el ordenador entonces.
  4. Sahuco

    Player numbers dwindling

    I think this game is more or less done. No maps,no new mods or guns....It can be very good in some aspects but you still have to give always things... If there´s a new ww2 MMO F2P game coming up for the end of this year or the next would be at 99% the end of this.
  5. Sahuco

    Bring STG rpm back

    For me the STG still really good,is not the best at close range,not the best at long range,is a good overall weapon. I only use it with bullet and still rocking it
  6. Sahuco

    So is anyone gonna talk about the M2

    For me the M2 is ok right now. I use it with trigger and goes well for me,maybe should have a little more range,but otherwise now the US has something apart the m1919 or M1 garand.
  7. Sahuco


    Before the update I used the mg13 without mods,now cause the lower rpm I use with trigger and I personally like it,I use HS and that its,obviously is not as good as before but for me still acceptable.
  8. Sahuco

    mira roja

    Que estas fatigado y por ende a la hora de apuntar tendrás mas Sway/movimiento del arma ,sera mas dificil.
  9. Sahuco

    Next GE Anti-Tank Weapon

    As said before,some uniforms selected for the GE faction where used by the SS so I think weapons is not a part of controversive as would be maybe some knives,or helmets camo with runes for example
  10. Sahuco

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    So far I like this new update,brings finally to the US an AR,and GE and SU still having really good weapons.
  11. Sahuco

    Mark my words

    Hopefully something similar to the avs and stg thx reto,finally
  12. Sahuco

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    More things For example in the m2 carbine you said more damage per shot,thats doesnt have implemented yet?Beacause I saw the same,less than 20 per shot..
  13. Sahuco

    Prototype test: Weapon balance

    Tried the m2 carbine,I was hoping something controllable finaly with the reduction of rof as the stg or avs but still awfull. Shooting machinguns now is almost imposible SMGs still ok IMO bad update
  14. Any info about when will be open the proto server for this ??
  15. The m2 carbine fix is a really step up,and would become a real AR for US faction,thats what needed. The recoil is awfull(like a hmg) and the damage is less than a pistol so good change here RETO