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  1. PIOSK3

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    I dont min you having 12 Capitals on start i want you even have 15 at start why not ?
  2. PIOSK3

    suggestion of Capitals shift

    As German nation take "only" 12 capitals on start of each game without firing 1 single bullet, I suggest RETO to take action and change starting position so they can cap 15 so it speed up game.
  3. PIOSK3

    your connection to the server seems slow

    depends on which server I get connected : 1) i got current WF count and units on map, 2) i got WF and ATs state on early morning if i get connected to 2nd server it helps to close game and run it back - but definitly some of servers have bad data state cause situation repeats.
  4. I'd like to direct Reto attention to problem with alternative accounts used to pop battles or/and spying opposite team or even destroying valuable resources like planes, tank or support vehicles. that problem arises to point where normal game is impossible anymore. I have 2 answers to that problem : 1) ranking based on KD from -5-10 last battles needed to be above some value (like 0.25 - 0,5 - value to agreed) - to be able to enter War Missions. - that would cause using Alt accounts to be more difficult . 2) remove possibility to que for specific battles for people who doesnt have troops in that battle (eventually require that anyone from squad have ATs in battle to be able to que in battle.
  5. PIOSK3

    Shooting Bots

    I am beginning to think that RETO has some modifiers which changed/applied to faction or peculiar weapon so it get malus/bonus for example sometime my MG42 shoots and kills in 1,5 -2 sec and it is very funny that time. Next day it behave like half of my bullets go HKW (Hell Knows Where) and I need 3-4 sec serie to kill anyone.
  6. PIOSK3

    I want to share my bad experience with HG staff

    Main reason I post here is that I dont feel i did somthing wrong and nobody told me what exactly i did wrong to get banned.
  7. PIOSK3

    I want to share my bad experience with HG staff

    is something wrong in farming bots ? isnt't that game about killing opponents ? anyway after reading rules i think that killing players comming out of APC or even shooting enemy apc is against rules.
  8. I want you to know how it looks to be banned in that game. 1 week ago i get banned. It looked really funny. I got disconnected than i couldn't reconnect. Only after few minutes I noticed reason - "message stated your account is locked" Wtf I thougt ? Why ? after moment of disbelief i noticed reason "stats padding" wtf ? i had to google out what does it mean!!. Noone contacted me, no single piece of information what I did wrong or when (not saying about evidence) - all explanation was 2 words "Stats padding". I written inquiry at handg.kayako.com and got answer : " Please be aware that stats padding (farming XP without playing by the rules) is treated the same as cheating. It constitutes a circumvention of the game mechanics, and that is explicitly prohibited in our Terms & Conditions. Stats padding destroys the team effort and ruins gameplay. Our players demand the most severe punishment for this kind of behavior. Here are the relevant passages of the Rules of Engagement: "The Rules of Engagement is a guideline of what is acceptable behavior or not. If you are guilty of any of the violations listed below you may be temporarily or permanently (with or without prior warning) suspended from the game depending on the severity of your actions. [...] 7. Stats-padding, a.k.a. farming, by means of exploiting actions that give you experience or rewards without actually participating in the action. You are expected to play as a team, and play to win the game!" You can read the full Rules of Engagement here: https://heroesandgenerals.com/terms-and-conditions/rules-of-engagement/ The full Terms of Service are found here: https://account.heroesandgenerals.com/termsofservice.aspx We will not discuss the matter further. Not single mention when or how I did broke rules. I feel innocent and after week I found out that my WF and Credits are cleared. I feel like in Frantz Kafkas "Process" reality. I dont agree to be treated like that by small people which take their training somewhere in North Korea probably. Definitly will not support that game with my real mony any more.
  9. PIOSK3

    Cant switch to gun in German Tank Aus C

    OK probably thats not bug but intention - now we can shoot MG from RMC
  10. PIOSK3

    Shooting Bots

    hmm - i dont have tht problem on first encounter usually kill 50+ bots with G43 without problem at any range. You need to shoot where bot will be in fragment of sec not in bot cause they are moving .
  11. I just tried playin on Capture and Hold Tanks with my Light Ausf C tank - it didnt react on switching to weapon 3 (gun) - i double checked may key mappings and it was OK
  12. PIOSK3

    No recoil for H&G

    -snip- can any one check if it works ? funny thing is pricing
  13. PIOSK3

    unequity in LMGs

    .... still get to the subject point - what russian MT get in last update please state. when MG42 get +50 rounds and rpm upgrade, M1919 get +50 rounds and dont know what else, what get MT ? game is very unbalanced - and what can pull new soldiers to russian side ? PPD or PPSh1 which can do nothing no more than 20 m ? AVS which you cant often kill 2 guys with 1 clip ? - and Reto plan to substract damage on it ?, DT and DP with side fire goes every where but not where you aim and wast ads time ? and stand in front of MG42 now with such weapons I have to say most times i play SVT though i have all weapons unlocked on Russian side ( and other sides too)
  14. I notice that after Last patch german and american top LMGs were buffed with higher RPM and +50 rounds, while soviet Maxim Tokariev remained as it was. it is unequity and I would Reto to buf SU top LMG also - it doesnt have to be RPM and it shouldnt be next +50 rounds obviously but i would accept doing in 2 shot killer on stock. What do you think about it? I know most players would be againts cause they choose to have easy targets on SU side.
  15. I would like you to consider halving all damages on gamę so killing wasnt do easy. A other sugestiom would be note terminate antitank riffle bulets on first hit but go through and hit next person on line or bounce, also can apply it LMG. Also direct hit grom bazooka should kill od AT riffle 1 shots