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  1. I think buffing the MG34 made enough of US tears. But AVS? Common. Notouchit.
  2. Lored1

    AT Warfund Profit

    Yes, you can expect the profit. It depends on soldiers who spawned under your ATs in action game, how many kills they have, points taking, planes and tanks destroyed etc. It was mentioned in this guidde i think as well:
  3. Lored1

    Assault Team Basics and Badges

    I recommended this around in clan, nice guide.
  4. Lored1

    New update not cool

    I am happy with the new update. Although I understand why some people are not. M2 ❤️
  5. Lored1

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    Ooh lookie who is ranting here. I am not going to fight over use or not use here. I merely mentioned your so called "skill". Thanks for the tip young man!
  6. Lored1

    Mod captured weapons...

    ❤️ PTRS, shoot dat plane!
  7. Lored1

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    thats a son of gun.
  8. Lored1

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    My aim is crap and still the gun rolls over and kill everything. I am getting it everywhere where I can get my hands on it. Probably will buy even more of them on gold discount. I see at least two or three viable configurations.
  9. Lored1

    Team Vote Kick

    At one hand I would love to kick griefers, snipers and other useless characters out of war game, but this can get outa hand really quickly. I tend to run to points blindly and untill mid of the game my K/D is barelly positive. I cant aim and only spray. I would be a really good example to kick by vote. It was I think in DOTA years back, when some people kicked the best players on purpose so they could use or sell their items - when it was clear that opponent cannot recover and will inevitably loose the game. Kick by vote can be abused by all means imaginable and some people can be really inventive when it comes to abusing "features".
  10. Lored1

    Team Vote Kick

    Well you dont play, so what are you preaching here?
  11. Lored1

    event suggestion

    does not sound bad at all.
  12. Lored1

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    M2 can be very deadly. Random headshots, spray no aim, recoil equal to zero or easily manageable by "skill" as nomission from dirty dozen claims in his video, I can give the link. It feels abit worse recently though. Cant really explain why, perhaps not used to all the mods - that is probably the problem. But stg is the same, people who got the new mods on captured stg recently feel the weapon is different. I saw people who were having triple K/D to go barely positive with all the mods on STG. Dust will settle and people will get used to it.
  13. you are right. I must say its interesting idea, but Geezer has a bigger point.