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  1. Lored1

    Faction balancing

    tried to attach meme from Adams Family..
  2. Lored1

    Faction balancing

    We dont avoid good players. But since you are doing it, I will propose it as inspiration Or jump into one line defence and then just enjoy seal clubing attackers.
  3. Lored1

    Faction balancing

    You unfortunately do not know what you are talking about in regards of equipment. I am officer in GE clan and we win battles even without equipment. The equipment itself is controlled by generals, so if you dont have enough, go and blame your generals. But believe me, I would really love to give you a bunch of german randoms. Even dozen of bunches. Lovely people, you will like them. And yes there is should be equal number on each side, but how you want achieve that?
  4. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Thats I wrote that its my personal opinion. And believe it or not, for some of your clanmates, it will be straight compliment. However in internal clan communication we keep a decorum and really the worst cases of macro scripting are commented like "huh, thats a good player". Since people are switching to GE from time to time I would not be really surprised to find either known names or some alts playing GE and cheating. Never claimed that GE is pure - you can after all play any faction.
  5. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    We dont allow such thing, i even remember asking about macros of our finest shooters. He said he is not using it and its low cheat. Red scare is in my personal opinion full macro. But they are fine and pleasant opponents to fight against. You need to learn to play against macro, at least with balanced k/d, because you will simply face it and there is no choice. We have beaten red scare number of times and they have won battles against us too. But from the perspective of german faction. Jagers are really the one clan that stands and plays purely GE and helps GE the most. And is the pretty much only active GE clan (I am not counting the faction switching clans).
  6. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    I got it. We did not queue against US for so long, now when we kick your butt you must be so angry. About the specialist, I have no idea wtf you are talking about.
  7. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Yeah yeah of course. You know that because you were not even there. Every day there is at least one game that we loose. Its normal. I remember fighting against the guys from your screenshot either yesterday or day before yesterday and we have beaten them hard. In the end, we dont win always. Neither do you.
  8. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    I saw screenshot from a single game, that you did not even play and you are not even sure who won it. Congratulations. Your group is better than some of the recruits with the K/D ratio on US ping. Thats a huge reason to be proud of your team.
  9. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    You actually seemed normal. Well I was wrong. 1 st jagers is pretty much what pushes the German faction as a whole, the best clan germany can offer. Beating even that US/SU "good players" toe to toe. I am quite certain that you got pwned so many times that you became bitter. Well continue on.
  10. I would say the worst is SU/ruski clanies in this case. But the thing is, clans are switching factions from time to time, even their members do that. It could be very well next war with US. And obviously, even GE. I dont know how the k/d ratio translated for people that I see in games. But if some "good players" plays with macro&Maxim Tokarev/MG42/AVS and get 90 kills and 10 deaths - they really should not be able to queue against randoms in first place. Other people barely get positive k/d but these "good players" are dominating k/d score board every random game. SU matches are misery, unless some of these players joins in and then carry entire game. US randoms project feeling that there are more "veterans" so matches against them are more balanced. Skill based matchmaking is probably a fairy tale. Or very expensive feature that will not even work for various reasons. In my opinion, reducing the GE player base and distributing all those lovely people amongts the other factions would help. Obviously it will not help in couple of matches which will be held by the SU/US clans, but there would be higher pool of players so you get chance to play even against regular people, battles will be popping everywhere, not just where SU/US clanies decides to queue.
  11. There are certain SU/US individuals who really sucks at action game. So what they do instead, is just sit on map/Strategy Game and constantly reblock or make skirmish of whatever is in their reach. They retreat troops or use any other exploits or bugs to start a battle or cut off para blocks. And they can do that while they work, just having HNG on second monitor. Can we blame them? No, not really. Blame the game. Not the player. If you cannot go and win the battle that you have ATs in, ie with team of people, I really advise to avoid stacking any higher number of ATS anywhere. Your are just a big red target for creating a pocket. Its really not worth of sending more than 900 footies in the war match - with three lost battles in row they are gonna die of lack motivation anyway. And if you really need to move huge amount of troops, dont act alone, go with friends or with clan. Help each other with para blocks..
  12. Seeing amounts of clans within SU/US, if you play as german random - you likely go through living hell. There is a minority of good randoms and like one regular clan that plays only the GE faction. But with all the respect, what you propose is simply dreadful and bad idea. Imagine a situation, you are squad leader with a number of ATs. You carefuly plan and place the ATs so you have all the battles covered for you and your mates. But now the system of queue is not here, and you really cannot play or absolutely change anything that happens within your ATs. That is really a torture. Even with careful planning and hours of game time you will end up broken and all your resources depleted. I would suggest a different thing. Go play with the squad of friends - cooperate, especially in staged you can learn alot. When you grow some skill, go and join a clan or play war with the same friends. Dont relly on randoms and work on yourself, ally with other people.
  13. Lored1

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    we all live with biases. Some are known to us, some are not. You are not exception. I saw the famous SU hacker joined GE couple wars back. So even GE players can be some shady characters - biased or not biased. You would be surprised how much respect is for the opponents we have in Jagers. Albeit some of SU are the worst macro abusers that I have ever seen in my entire life and the comment that is going on Team Speak is: That player is good. My argument still stands, if the captured FG42 is macro proof for whatever faction, I will be most happy for our adversaries to have it. Its really useless weapon anyway.
  14. Lored1

    Alts popping battles

    It is very unfortunate, there are some alt accounts always accompanying certain SU individuals and/or clans. They queue on battles, use spot instead of regular player and report positions of APCs so its next to impossible to play. And then some very obvious macro abuser informs you, that he was reading GE ingame chat and saw everything, and he does that publicly on this forum. Although rest assured - there were some reports done on suspected alt accounts via reto ticketing system - I did not receive any response from Reto, but I did not see at least one of the Alt accounts we reported playing again. This gives me little hope that, maybe, at the end of the day, someone is doing something. Its completely unnecesary, SU has some people which are playing fair and GE is so overpopulated that you do not really need alt accounts to pop or destroy battle. Its like the certain individuals are trying to push/test as of how far they can go with violation of fair play and game rules. P.S. saw SU players driving APCs to GE spawns, probably ALT as well - it was a shock for me, but at the same time, iif you sow wind you reap whirlwind...