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  1. raptorjesus1st

    what's the best anti plane gun?

    I recently acquired the PTRS with my US soldier, but was a bit disapointed it's very inacurate, and doesn't deal this much damage to plane, I think it got nerfed because it was really op before and pretty accurate so what's the best anti plane gun rn?
  2. raptorjesus1st

    the tank update makes US even worst

    aint any proof but that's how OP zooka are, even the tiger 2 fear those zooka with fast reload and iron fist can get a tiger in 4-5 rocket and about 10sec but yes most of the time half my rocket "bounce" on the tiger 2 and he just summons the whole wermacht engineer army to repair him I didn't notice about the zooka reticle... still an accurate and deadly weapon to me, the hitreg bug are a pain indeed but they happen 10x more with a tank
  3. raptorjesus1st

    the tank update makes US even worst

    I have a maxed tanker on both GE and US side I tried the update in tank vs tank with GE first, my tiger seems to perform better, also I think SU are better too with this update, I feeled like they hited harder that what they used to then I played US, and lol what the hell a single tiger I, nearly defeated 2 easy8 and a hellcat because of the plot armor, I was the hellcat, and couldnt pierce his armor at all, he was at 20m, straight line, no angled or anything, was hitting in the right spot, no ricochet or anything, just 76mm APCR doesnt pierce tiger I for some reason, pierce it after switching target to his turel and did some damage I found the GE tank to be on average all stronger, it takes me 5-6 APCR shell now, from 4, and since I mainly play hellcat, I flank like a madlad, and always hit at 10m-20m in the rear, so I should have the highest damage possible for a hellcat actually I am not sure if its US that suck even more, or just APCR that got nerfed extremely hard, because I tried AP, and I did a little better also the tiger I is definitely stronger, I manage to flank a damaged tiger that was repairing, I arrive in his back, the man get in his tank, 1 shell, he turns, 1 shell, I turn around him, after 2 other shell he manages to hit me and destroy my motor, I put another 2 more shells before dying, a damaged, getting hit at point blank by a 76mm, survived 6 APCR shell, I got into this type of fight a lot with my hellcat, and clearly 6 hit at point blank range, in the rear, should always a kill as anyone experienced tank vs tank bs since the new update? or am I just extremely unlucky
  4. raptorjesus1st

    the tank update makes US even worst

    I've played a bit more tank, my personal observation : APCR are now worst than AP, but it's kinda random actually, so not by a big margin US tank are def worst, I tried easy8 hellcat pershing and M36, I do less damage that what I used to, or every enemy is playing with flack jacket, also my armor is still crapy as shirt the only good medium tank of the US, the hellcat, is even more useless, with the new damage system every tank 2shot you most of the time, so you have to cheese and do dumb shirt like flip tank or naruto run in their back, only work in 1v1 against a vegetable obviously, any skilled tanker will just get a free kill against a hellcat only exception would be the chaffee, I think it's a lot more deadly now, maybe better than the stuart GE tank are still good, didn't really notice a difference, except against US, actually it's hard to play against US in tank vs tank because they have all understood they would get robbed SU tank actually feel better, specially SU 100 and IS 2, those high caliber were already very good, but the slow rate of fire was also painfull, now they really do a shirt tons of damage a thing that I have noticed is random bounce happens even more often, not sure if it's because of the stability glitch (when your tank isn't perfectly still, sometime your shell will glitch) I am a bit sad seriously, I was hyped when they anounced tank vs tank would finally be great, it feels like tank do even less damage that before, while I can still down a tiger2 in 10sec with a zooka also HE clicking is only good with heavy tank now, I don't mind aiming anyway, it's just that getting camper out will be harder with a tank now
  5. raptorjesus1st

    I still don't have my war ribbon

    I did a ticket with the issue : US won the war, I play with every soldier even in the RTS, and got zero war victor point RETO response: restart the game, or unlog relog, I already did it, I did it again just in case still zero victor point what now?
  6. raptorjesus1st

    Tanker Badge

    actually a video pointed out that this badge was useless, literally it doesnt start your engine faster it doesnt reduce your respawn time it actually does nothing, welcome to HnG
  7. raptorjesus1st

    the tank experience

    be me always matching against GE sweatlord, and their tiger of course defence A line on city the team is fantastique, and we push the GE back to A1 GE get angry GE spawn 3 tiger I GE nuke the whole map with HE from their spawn the fantastique team renforce with medium tank I am confident in my tanker skill I flank left near the river with an E8 see one tiger, take a sneaky angle and kill it I see another tiger, shot 10 APCR in his left side (I wish I had recorded this, but I swear I really did counted them and it was literally 10, no clue why the tank didn't react sooner) tiger not happy, he turns and starts blasting the fantastique team bring some gear with medal and repair me tiger angry, calls Bismark to the rescue Bismark kisses the tiger's shell I am at 50% HP and being repaired thanks to Bismark's magic kiss the shell does a super crit and insta kill me an AT rambo avenges me no assist because the lil' inf that shoot 3 MG1 bullets on the armor deserved it more I had to make this post because I have actually never fired this much shell into another tank, except maybe the time I destroyed a tiger 2 with a stuart, but I am not even sure at this point in total, 3 shells completly bounced, 5 didn't pen, 6 pen, I was always shooting at his left side in his engine, I guess he was being repaired too, I dunno actually but still, with any other tank, after 8-10 shells you completly lose your armor and take full hit, but the tiger is just... invicible? and yes it was a tiger 1 !!! I wouldn't have made this post with a tiger 2
  8. raptorjesus1st

    easter egg reward not working

    I have spent 2 hours in staged, chasing the noob with my egg, against sweatlord with moded MG34 yet when I got the fifth kill I get no reward, I though it was because I made them on different game, but guess what, I actually got them all on the same game and I did it on real player, not bots
  9. raptorjesus1st

    easter egg reward not working

    this is so dumb, I am working after the 6th, nice one RETO, I won't bother next time
  10. raptorjesus1st


    thr hitreg is just random one time I was walking over a recon, aim his head at point blank range, blast his skull, but no HS, he didnt even die, I had to put more bullet another time I was jumping like a kangoroo to doge bullet and my opponent at 5 metter HS me when I was in the air, even if he was clearly not aiming up at all defecates like this happens all the time, for the tank I would say it's the lag, some time I played tank with high ping, it's the world of Narnia, anything can happen, even destroying breach while shooting at the tracks
  11. raptorjesus1st

    Infantry Badge Tier list and Build Analysis

    fast vehicule capture is S tier hands down, capturing an APC in 5 sec is absurdly OP, I literally rush at the APC with enemy near it and they generally can't punish me for doing dumb shirt and lose their APC, also against recon vehicule it's extremely good too, I have a build with flamethrower + fast capture and it's really the bane of APC and recon vehicule
  12. raptorjesus1st

    Alternative Armor Tier list and Vehicle Analysis

    I would have put Puma in S tier among the sdfkz222 yes it's less efficient against infantery, but it's extremely tough, pratically unexposed, and the 37mm cannon is a bless to one tap jeep also you forgot that flamethrower would obliterate the sdfkz, whenever I see one I just rush at it, flame it from 5 metter, then capture it with fast capture I would have put the komsomlet higher, sure it's not very tough when inf bring zooka, but it's so annoying when SU spam it and you can't go near obj at all
  13. what I mean by traitors, is alt accounts that join war to fill the other team with useless member to get faster win I don't play that much, actually I only play once per day for the daily reward, and almost each day it's the same bs I join a game, we have better ressource and they have no APC, easy win? NO!!! because half my team is either AFK or dying on purpose today it was ridiculous, one of our squad... has the same fcking name as the enemy squad!!! They are not even trying to hide it wtf they all went 0/10 in 4min, which is very impressive and completly impossible for any normal player I am astonished by the dedication and try hard of some people, try harding with a full team against ranboms, zero fun but at least you win something playing as a traitor for your friends, zero fun and... you don't even get anything? is your time that worthless? their job are probably to be coat rack in a dirty factory, else I don't see how humans can waste their time like that it's really running rampant recently, even doing my daily game is becoming annoying
  14. raptorjesus1st

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    I too have noticed that lots of SU vets/clans are doing this, and it kinda annoys me to say this because I feel like western propaganda, but SU are really doing this more than other faction lately GE too has joined the toxic hole because it was GE that did this shirt to me lately, maybe US are doing it too but I have no clue the main difference is it was more blatent with GE, because GE actually plays with their alt account to shirt on the other team, while SU just storms with AFK alt and suicide them once in a while to avoid an AFK kick I am not sure if this is addressed to me, but if it is you are a total clown, I don't remember saying anything against mod weapon, since I actually am for it and I don't care about player switching side... have you actually read my post? I point out people playing on alt to sabotage the enemy team, do you think it's fair? I too thought that, that randoms had just found new way of being terrible, but some stuff happened that was obviously evil scheme and not just innocent ignorance 1) randoms don't name their squad after the enemy squad, this one really had me laughing btw 2) I member going 5/20 when I was a little noob with a shirty PC, yet I wasn't constantly running in enemy line like a kamikaze, I doubt a random can achieve 0/15 in 5 minutes, it's one death each 20 seconde, taking respawn in consideration it's really a fast rate I would say 3) randoms doesn't deploy APC/tank/plane to send them at the enemy spawn, best one I've seen was a guy trying to give a mustang to the enemy team, we lost before he could use it but it would have been funny
  15. raptorjesus1st

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    apparently I wasn't clear enough, I am not mad about newbs and AFK, they are annoying but it's not the worst issue the worst issue is people joining to screw up their own team, blocking roads, wasting ressource on purpose, destroy own APC, suicide attack...etc their entire purpose is to ruin the game for their team and make the enemy team win, it's the definition of treason I have seen scrubs doing this in staged, but in war it's generally enemy team asking some of their member to join the enemy team to do this indeed, this is why this astonishes me, I am playing this game for fun, winning can be fun but it's not necessary, so I don't mind that much people doing birdpoop even if it's annoying on the other hand, people ruining the fun for the other, it's unacceptable, no matter the game, and are they really people that enjoy screwing their own team? how is that fun? RETO does nothing to fix that, the report button ingame is a placebo and the manual report wasn't working at all last time I tried, and I am pretty sure it's a placebo too and the mail goes nowhere
  16. raptorjesus1st

    greetings everyone :D

    Hello, you may have seen me in war with the same name, or don't know me at all since I mainly play east european server I just wanted to join the community since I reach the 500h cap, don't espect me to be very active though I have 500 hours, 150 with tanks I am generally top 5, almost always top 1 if there is tank because I am an absolute tank slayer contrary to the allies, I have a strict migration policy, so I don't give a VISA to the first tank hunter that get into our spawn to find a job, sorry buddy I find planes terribly frustating, and will pray for a viable AA weapon I dropshot a lot, never camp, like to use my camo by sneaking from bushes to bushes I am not incredibly good, you will probably not never me going 150/20 like some M42 player, but I still do a good job I don't understand why US weapons are so bad, except the 1919 that is a sniper with 100 bullets, else it's just... bad I am doing well in RTS, but whenever I go to sleep my AT get attacked even in the deepest spot, retreat in a choke point, and get surrounded by 5 lane, also I am not always a vet so I can't always play RTS I only have one main soldier : 1919 , knife because it's fun, big healing kit heavy set, dead eye and my tank slayer revolver, zooka M9A1 with 9 round iron fist, fast reload the rest are special soldier, like my repair guy, mine guy, inf sniper I have maxed recon, without invisible killcam badge though maxed plane, but I HATE planes 2 maxed tanker, one for light and one for the rest I have a general, and won't get any other because I was kinda frustate to lose my last main for this crap I really enjoy tank, and am kinda good at it actually, but I still don't understand why my opponent seems to do more damage that I do even if I switch faction my tank achievements : 50 killstreak with a hellcat, could be more if resuplying wasn't taking 3min 17 tank killstreak, could be more if I didn't missclick and scroll out, got insta HS by gobatchov cheatallthetime, aka a SU player with a tokyarev at 100 metter destroying a tiger 2 with a stuart, was the other tanker a monkey? I dunno. maybe he had Parkinson ? if you want to insult me because you got killed by one of my weapon and found the name stupid, feel free to do if you have any friendly message for me, like "thank you for saving my life that one time at Jindřichův Hradec" well I will be glad :D
  17. raptorjesus1st


    they are indeed cheaters on HnG, but not that much, it's rare to see some about the 2.5k point out of thin air, only thing I can think of is repair, but then how did this guy repaired the whole game? good question
  18. raptorjesus1st

    Should War be pay-to-play?

    I thought about this to prevent noob from joining war and wasting ressource, but there are some problems -some good player aren't vet, I am a decent player and am not vet because I don't play enough to be worth it -war battle will take even longer to pop I think the real deal would be to prevent people below rank 12 to join war, and maybe do a little tuto so they bought their first AT to realise that war isn't just random ressource coming from the sky
  19. raptorjesus1st

    Careful with these griefers

    yeah I have encountered some in staged as well, the fun fact is that you can do nothing against them and they can get you banned RETO doesn't give a damn about those dudes, they already add rocks to grief ressource without anyone doing it, so of course they will not ban people spending time doing it
  20. raptorjesus1st

    Why I dont pay for this Game since 4 years

    in 4 years you never realised that you had the best faction? I hope your wife is loyal, else she will bring you black/white kids and you wouldn't be surprised, even if the USP guy come a lot to your house without you ordering anything just try to play other faction, or even simplier, pick their weapon when you kill one of them, you will immediatly see the difference
  21. if you play war with fighter you deserve to wait 10hours for being such a scrub PTRS is extremely good against plane, but if you want a nerf you probably never meet the ace pilote that destroy each AA at their respawn and can snipe any inf at 10miles away, PTRS is our only weapon against those annoying planes
  22. raptorjesus1st

    SdKfz 234/2 "Puma" Recon Vehicle is ridiculous

    Puma is OP, except if you know its weakness... flamethrower!!! the fire goes mgically into the little window and burn the driver, you have to get close though do like me: flamethrower + fast car capture, kill the driver, then cap the puma in 5sec, and shirt on the GE try hard with their own weapons
  23. raptorjesus1st

    Game has a problem

    the article was not that bad actually funny line I found was "Overestimate your audience and you'll be paying for servers that serve no purpose" it's true, but hearing RETO say this made me smile
  24. raptorjesus1st

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    it depends, this morning I got a game against SU, we had every ressource and they were at feet only, all lanes open we lost, how? russian smurf, literaly spawning ressource just to rush into enemy line without shooting at all, I even saw a fighter trying to give its plane to a russian... just lol, they have no shame and don't care anymore they never get banned and I got tired of reporting them, an issue that I don't encounter against GE for some reason I don't like trashtalking faction as a whole, I think it's actually some scum that keep doing that and never get banned, SU are fun to play against otherwise I would like a faction filter, but RETO aren't dumb and know that GE will have to play against GE if that was added
  25. raptorjesus1st

    Game needs balance

    HERESY! EN TARO TASSADAR!!! german are better but maybe not "op", but yes definitely better and that's annoying indeed gl with all the GE crybaby that will post thesis about why GE being better is due to the player and not the weapons/vehicule