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  1. raptorjesus1st


    they are indeed cheaters on HnG, but not that much, it's rare to see some about the 2.5k point out of thin air, only thing I can think of is repair, but then how did this guy repaired the whole game? good question
  2. raptorjesus1st

    Should War be pay-to-play?

    I thought about this to prevent noob from joining war and wasting ressource, but there are some problems -some good player aren't vet, I am a decent player and am not vet because I don't play enough to be worth it -war battle will take even longer to pop I think the real deal would be to prevent people below rank 12 to join war, and maybe do a little tuto so they bought their first AT to realise that war isn't just random ressource coming from the sky
  3. raptorjesus1st

    Careful with these griefers

    yeah I have encountered some in staged as well, the fun fact is that you can do nothing against them and they can get you banned RETO doesn't give a damn about those dudes, they already add rocks to grief ressource without anyone doing it, so of course they will not ban people spending time doing it
  4. raptorjesus1st

    Why I dont pay for this Game since 4 years

    in 4 years you never realised that you had the best faction? I hope your wife is loyal, else she will bring you black/white kids and you wouldn't be surprised, even if the USP guy come a lot to your house without you ordering anything just try to play other faction, or even simplier, pick their weapon when you kill one of them, you will immediatly see the difference
  5. if you play war with fighter you deserve to wait 10hours for being such a scrub PTRS is extremely good against plane, but if you want a nerf you probably never meet the ace pilote that destroy each AA at their respawn and can snipe any inf at 10miles away, PTRS is our only weapon against those annoying planes
  6. raptorjesus1st

    SdKfz 234/2 "Puma" Recon Vehicle is ridiculous

    Puma is OP, except if you know its weakness... flamethrower!!! the fire goes mgically into the little window and burn the driver, you have to get close though do like me: flamethrower + fast car capture, kill the driver, then cap the puma in 5sec, and shirt on the GE try hard with their own weapons
  7. raptorjesus1st

    Game has a problem

    the article was not that bad actually funny line I found was "Overestimate your audience and you'll be paying for servers that serve no purpose" it's true, but hearing RETO say this made me smile
  8. raptorjesus1st

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    it depends, this morning I got a game against SU, we had every ressource and they were at feet only, all lanes open we lost, how? russian smurf, literaly spawning ressource just to rush into enemy line without shooting at all, I even saw a fighter trying to give its plane to a russian... just lol, they have no shame and don't care anymore they never get banned and I got tired of reporting them, an issue that I don't encounter against GE for some reason I don't like trashtalking faction as a whole, I think it's actually some scum that keep doing that and never get banned, SU are fun to play against otherwise I would like a faction filter, but RETO aren't dumb and know that GE will have to play against GE if that was added
  9. raptorjesus1st

    Game needs balance

    HERESY! EN TARO TASSADAR!!! german are better but maybe not "op", but yes definitely better and that's annoying indeed gl with all the GE crybaby that will post thesis about why GE being better is due to the player and not the weapons/vehicule
  10. raptorjesus1st

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    I found thompson weak compared to PPS, less bullet and an iron sight so bad that I will be more accurate by aiming with the cross I personnaly love the DT28, and find the iron sight very clean, 47bullets is a bit annoying but reload time is fast so it's ok DT29 is very bad indeed, I don't know how they nerf it so bad since it was bs op at its release I don't like new AVS, but neither do I like new M1M2, which is basically an AVS with +15bullets and huge fireburst, it used to be a PPSH41 with a pistol hipfire... good memory difference between DT and M1919 isn't that big I think, definitely not like the difference between M1919 and MG42
  11. raptorjesus1st

    I freaking love the PTRS

    trying to kill plane with zooka is incredibly hard and not cost efficiency at all and I would like to see you hit a full speed fighter plane with a zooka, not possible in my opinion
  12. raptorjesus1st

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    I disagree with SU being weaker, I think SU and US are pretty balanced together in my mind, only GE is a bit better I member AVS hitting at 50 when modded, but the recoil was kinda insane, it's not that good now indeed for the other weapon, you have good smg, PPSH43 is a good mix between PPSH41 and AVS, and DT28 is a formidable LMG, MT seems slightly weaker than M1919 though why do you think US is better? and that US is as good as GE? for the population, SU seem to be at a disadvantage but it's not permanent, sometime it's the US the underpopulate one, but SU is more frequent indeed
  13. raptorjesus1st

    Update 1.21.1

    GE complaining about allied bias and asking for buff will always make me laugh where is the ally bias? hidden in the zooka or the PTRS? the GE bias on a counterpart, is very visible if you just try to play as a US or SU, but no GE main can think outside of their faction or switch side I guess
  14. raptorjesus1st

    I freaking love the PTRS

    it's easier if you are on a mountain or something, but hellcat can't get his barrel very high, and tend to be the target of planes more than the hunter also for some reason a 76mm shell does as much damage as a bullet fired from a PTRS, not joking, you need 2-3 shell to destroy a plane, same number for PTRS with some practice, I swear you can destroy planes with PTRS in little time, and at a ridiculous price my tip are to try to see the trajectory of the bullet and its speed to predict it against an enemy plane, then you can destroy any planes, at any speed or altitude
  15. raptorjesus1st

    Urgent Request! - All Factions Affected

    yes about first one, already been requested a lot wtf about second one?! killing inf with APCR xD, did you ever tried to play tank, or even plane other that recon? tank HE explosion has a short range so it's not just "click click ez", but since it's the most accurate weapon, yes it's good, but I mean... you are a tank, it's supposed to be good against inf planes are advantaged in the game thanks to the 3° view that allow you to spot lil' inf running behind bushes, so yes HE on planes are a pain, on the other I play planes with APCR and you can't hit shirt with it, literally need to unload whole 200bullets to kill a guy because of the inacuracy of the shoots this is a feature on some WW2 game, but really doesn't fit HnG, and do you even imagine the disadvantage in CQC? where do you put your bipod when the dude is at 2m? on his face?