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  1. You had me there until you said: so we can waste toys more easily
  2. Nurthis

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    Does that figure include unknown lifeforms which hate steam so much that only 2189 on average have used it to launch Heroes and Generals in last 30 days?
  3. Nurthis

    more slots for non vets

    Uninstall, wait for news about reto going under, nothing will change. Nobody will pay money for HG in its current state (i saw more content being done by 1 man indie studios and graphics in this one isn't most appealing) Veteran is cheap aff (and unlike SWTOR or WoW you can opt for non real money option if you wish to have this "subscription" of sorts) and I doubt it's going anywhere or is going to be modified, regardless of your views.
  4. Nurthis

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    Can't wait for more random nerfs to badges because RETO has no resources, no will/passion and no ideas for this game beyond this, thinking that it will do.
  5. Nurthis


    Amazing insight, that's a very detailed post with a very reasonable conclusion. One of the very few that I can support fully. Reto, help ASAP, you must do something because I love spamming HE and I am too slow to move around.or my team won't cover me. /s
  6. Nurthis

    New faces for soldiers...

    Memes aside, closest to your question has been them making some faces for soldiers (face samples were on the dashboard) which they have left on hold a loooonger while ago, so I would take the risk of saying that anything along those lines is unlikely.
  7. Hopefully not, these were killing my eyes (Even though i appreciate that they at least tried to do something) Unlikely It would be good if you would be able to unequip snowballs. Unless you could mod them with corona cough for dmg i don't see a reason to make ppl equip those
  8. What's the point of doing that?
  9. Nurthis

    has how to optimize the graphics?

  10. Nurthis

    How to bring all the vets back (in my opinion)

    As nice as it sounds, it's mostly a wish list containing certain ideas that may have already been mentioned and ignored or outright rejected citing various reasons. RETO lacks will and resources for most of it and for all we know new title is likely their priority (as far as the annual report for 2019 goes)
  11. Nurthis

    Nowday War is Ruin (I had Suggestion)

    From perspective of a player unable to join his "default" faction, why would you do it? From my perspective, I have very little on US and SU lvl wise, AT wise as well as equipment wise, why would I bother? If anything it would encourage me to dump it and find another game to play. PS: Merging SU and US isn't an option either since replacing code would take them an eternity (same as pretty much adding any content with their resources)
  12. Nurthis

    The problem of the German army chat

    There's some game attached to this chat?