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  1. KS702

    Failed kill count on character stat

    Please use your native language (not a translator.)
  2. KS702

    Veteran Explaination.

    Hi, The battle report is right; you earned 9125 credits, and got an extra 1825 credits (+25%) for having Veteran. This means the total you earned was 10950. To clarify, the credits shown in the battle report on the left side are the amount of credits earned without Veteran membership, and the credits on the right hand side are the amount extra you get for having Veteran. Neither of them is the total; total credits are only shown when you click the battle report list icon (at the top right) in the main menu.
  3. Underwater mines have existed forever, I don't think this has particularly ever been looked at. You can use grenades to clear the way though, they will destroy any mines within the explosion radius. The US grenade has the largest explosion radius.
  4. KS702

    Ingame chat problem

    Perhaps you don't have the H&G window selected. If you're sure this is a game problem, then I'm not sure, I've never encountered this problem before. Perhaps a video or GIF would help.
  5. KS702

    Can we purchase other faction's guns?

    Before the Soviet faction was introduced into the game, some of the Soviet weapons were available to be purchased as captured weapons by US and Germany. These weapons were mainly the PPSh-41 and the DP-28, I can't remember if the SVT-40 and Mosin-Nagant were available. At the time, these guns also had no repair costs, but didn't have mods. After the Soviet faction was introduced, the weapons were made available to purchase only by the Soviet faction, but people who purchased them as captured weapons got to keep them. Hence rarely you see Soviet weapons in US vs. GE matches and US/GE players spawning with Soviet weapons.
  6. KS702

    lean left and right

    I have moved this thread to Action Game Feedback & Suggestions (from General) since this section is more fitting for the topic.
  7. KS702

    Very simple ->

    I don't recommend changing career paths. Get separate characters so you can have different loadouts, badges etc and switch between them in-game. Don't do it all on one character. Career switching was removed for, I believe (not entirely sure), due to people getting badges like camouflage then switching to tanker and vice versa. This change was made a while ago, but characters purchased before that period can still switch careers ("legacy characters"). As far as getting all ribbons gold, there's zero point, and you're just wasting time and credits.
  8. KS702

    How is this a thing ?

    The border on the map is not 100% accurate, it extends slightly outside of the red area.
  9. KS702

    Scope mess Update 1.16

    If you are having scope issues since 1.16, it's best if you make a support ticket. https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/
  10. KS702


    Moved to Bug Hunters.
  11. Refunds will not be given to players who purchased soldiers previously in this current point in time.
  12. This existed back in beta, although it was discontinued.
  13. This topic does not belong in Questions & Answers. Since this thread mainly revolves around the action game, I've moved it to Action Game Feedback & Suggestions.
  14. KS702

    Equipment Bug?

    This appears to be a bug from what I can tell from your description. If you cannot remove equipment from the soldier, and you're certain that this is in error, submit a ticket to support explaining the issue so they can fix the equipment on said soldier: https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/ I'll ensure that the appropriate people are informed of this in case this is a bug; it sounds like it is considering you can't change equipment.
  15. KS702

    Account Name

    If your account name contains sensitive information (like your last name) or you have a good reason for it to be changed that isn't just "because I want to change it," then it can be changed if you contact support. Otherwise, your account name is permanent.