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  1. ÐEM㊉NIC

    How is the game now?

    then try a usb logitech headset works with this game like a charm can hear cars like 100m away apcs across the map can tell where the shots and footsteps come from but none of this is possible on "windows plug" (for me usb headset makes the sound work)
  2. ÐEM㊉NIC

    How is the game now?

    wired thing is that sound works fine for me with a usb headset but on the normal sound plug soung is horribly broken.
  3. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Honest conversation about farming.

    you mean like selling lest say heavy set bootser for real money in their shop and then banning the guy who activates the booster and does what the booster sayes he has to do in order to lvl it ? thats bannable ? wow
  4. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Possible to get 240 fps in Hng?

    yes https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html you need a Singel Thread beast for this game. dunno what gpu can deliver 240fps locked in h&G especially when planes and tanks are in game the lags that occur are almost all missig pakets or server overload witch makes the game laggy more than you hardware really dunno
  5. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Honest conversation about farming.

    Wait, so i cant use unmodded weapons to farm credits ? i have to use fully modded gear or else i get banned ? and killing ppl over and over again is that farming ? do i have to stop shooting them ? wtf is this rule ? in a free to play grind fest like h&G "farming in any game-mode is against the rules." please redefine farming for me killing inf with a plane is farming or HE tank spam in a war battle where enemy has no vehicels is farming all bannable ?
  6. yo, most of the game budget in H6g goes on stones and how dare you compare gta5 to h&G h&g has way more different player models h&g has way bigger maps h&g has way more vehicel models h&g has way more weapon models h&g has way more bushes h&g has way more stones h&g has way more accounts h&g has way better sound system h&g has way more assets h&g has way better gfx over all than GTA5 buh thats why h&g needes more computing than any ot the curent AAA titel from RocksTar the market right now real reason is shirt servers witch leave your pc to simiulate frames in advance and bad coding over all, and the canceld support form nvidia to this guy how has his reasons on monday and on friday anything goes
  7. the moving penelty to aim precision is way to high benefits static firing too much = no strafing just stand and shoot too much of advantage especialy when you crouch you get 100% a headshot during animations like exiting vehicel = result headshot dont move just spam, is the current meta
  8. ÐEM㊉NIC

    now even more headshots

    i dont know who programmed this hitreg code but your a genius. h&G now with even more headshots how about the community manager logs into game and kicks or bans all the ss axis teams and the heil hitler´s ? insted of playing with red toy pistols ? nooo ?
  9. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Lost Assets

    improving ? your joking right ? this is from 2012
  10. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Lost Assets

    maybe some of the "investors" should take a look at the gfx from 4 years ago. other companys actually work on improving the gfx. how much time does reto actually invest to fake this steam screenshots of the game ? witch version of this game has leaning ? how about release the server code from like 2015 so ppl can open private servers and have actually fun and not eye cancer
  11. actually investors are very much intrested in "30 million accounts" thats whats keeps the banks giving moneyyyyyyyyy$$$$$ steam has changed it´s review policy thats why you see more positive reviews than before, thats allready know but you guys dont just lack in gfx ,sound ,netcode and hitreg behind. and ofc reto is milking it. fun fact main economy in denemark is rasing and killing pigs, so nothing really changed since the viking times where captured slaves did the most work
  12. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Why they WILL do captured vehicles

    reto has created an insigna maker long ago. https://heroesandgenerals.com/2012/04/assault-team-insignia/ https://www.heroesandgenerals.com/media/UnitSymbolDemo/UnitSymbolDemo.html like a 2nd tank vs tank map and so on. bots are in staged since the beta. EXAMPLE- they just release their stuff done due to ceo implemented strategies each year or half a year. they just milk this game. VR version of H&g is done since years replay tool done since the beginning, they just dont realese it coz they save the replays on the gameserver and it´s "too much traffic" to copy them where ppl could dl the replays. and ofc you would see how broken he game is. even the guy who has to check the replays @Reto.Gargamel does not understand the hitreg, but he has to decide who hacks or not - just see the picmip desater for years. and the guy who leaked it to reto got baned, not the players unsing it
  13. do you guys realese the server files ? so we can fix the game and run private servers ? yes ? we all know it´s over this year
  14. ÐEM㊉NIC

    New player bonus - Invitation links

    this is nothing new, this game has the worst churn rate in gaming history. = 2017 allready 10 Million Accounts later they added a lazy ceo who burns faster thru money than any trashcan fire can. this greeedy Jimmi implemeted live ops and dev ops. = 20-50% gold sles, outsourced asset production to a 3rd world country, cheap one click events., recycling. and imagine how many actual devs you could pay for his salery ^.^ they just keep the impression that they are working on this game, since noone is playing or paying for a "ded gam" this game is like 4.99€ if you sell it standalone maybe on realsese first month 9.99€ now compare this to the gold and vet priceses, they montise you addicts so hard. ppl can see this what dev creates a progress based game on experience points,/ribbons then just to sell exp booster to "skip" the contet the dev just did ? this is a cash grab only-add waiting ques and times so smart dev ops best ceo ever. noone who cares about his friends or family would try anything to keep their loved once away from this game.( even if its just to protect their eyes ) no this is only for the farmers who are still playing this game on multiple accounts. they are going to create fake accounts to grab the skin you get for 5 invited friends. this is too bad. fail ceo @Reto.JM
  15. ÐEM㊉NIC

    Please Remove Bots

    im soo curious to see when the first bot farmers realize that bot kills dont improve your k/d , since they dont caount as kills in the players individual statistiks. bUt on the other hand when you get killed by a bot it counts as a deaTh in your statistics. in short for the bot farmers, killing bots will not raise your kd but any death to a bot will lower it. reto i love what your doing here insted of adding 8 more player slots per game you added 8 bots wich will at some point bug and spawn like 20 active bots at a time. you are great developers, insded of more players per match you added bots. i see where you guys come from, singelplayer games , no women developers or ppl of color. only privilged white angry males. no diversity no sucess.