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  1. Mr_Bezzer

    The Team Player

    So who is the team player? 1. The team player is the player who ignores the first available capture point. Instead he gives up those points to move a spawn vehicle (APC) to a diguised area near a winning objective. 2. He's the medic who runs to your aid. 3. The infantryman who looks out for his armoured team mates, picking of any anti tank soldier sneaking up behind a tank. 4. He stops to give you a ride. 5. He checks when the enemy has tanks and where they come from. He's often seen racing to place mines in pinch points, because if he can stop armour in it's tracks, he can save lives. 6. He flanks around the enemy and hunts down their spawn vehicles, trucks and apc's, he'll capture or destroy them. (It's often a game winner) 7. He'll drive vehicles and park them on crossing points and bridges to make road blocks, at risk of being shot. 8. If he has a decent weapon, he'll leave an enemy weapon on the floor if it's better than the one you have, so you can have it. 9. HE FLANKS AWAY FROM OUR SPAWN VEHICLES so he doesn't give it's position away !!!! Especially when it's concealed. 10. (fill in the gaps guys and add your own reason, you're a team player See you on the beach.
  2. Mr_Bezzer

    British Contingency

    Why not?
  3. Hi Reto, Will we see any new factions in the game? ie: British, Paras, Commando? etc Weapons such as: Sten gun Lee Enfield Bren Gun P.I.A.T Webley Revolver Just a thought, perhaps some new maps to keep the drive alive?
  4. Hi Reto, It's such a shame that some of these recon vehices are not available to infantry. It's great to see these vehicles in the game. But they are few and far between and rarely get seen in a game. Such brilliantly modelled vehicles don't often grace the field. Also it's a shame only a few vehicles can carry supplies? Surely amphibian vehicles could carry ammo, or a medic pack? SDKfz 250 SDKfz 234 SDKfz222 BA 64B BA 6 BA11 M8 Greyhound T8E1 Syuart Recce M20 Armoured Utility Car See you on the beach
  5. Hi Reto, On the advanced filter for type of map you want to play. You can click staged or war. This keeps reverting back to staged, even if you select war. Then when you enter the game it's against Bots. Go back to select war and its already defaulted to staged again. Hope this helps.
  6. Mr_Bezzer

    Tips, Info and Amphibious Vehicles

    Thanks guys, its a damn good game, authentic modelling is beautifully done. I just wish some would learn "what is what" before piling in and making a pigs ear out of game play. I'm waiting to see if Reto later start to add buildings that get damaged by bombs and gun fire. That would be something eh
  7. Mr_Bezzer

    Tips, Info and Amphibious Vehicles

    Hi Guys, Just some observations and personal tactics. 1. Can't understand why Amphibious vehicles can't carry ANY crates? A minimum of one crate should be allowed. 2. Stop shooting your own teams mines, its not big and it's not clever. YOU ARE AIDING THE ENEMY and YOU should be shot. 3. Mines often destroy enemy APC's which are crucial to the enemy progress and our own. Knock out or capture all the enemy APC's you can. 4. Personally if you have mines I capture an enemy APC and leave it parked on double yellows with a mine under it. Ya know in case the enemy want it back 5. I also MINE my own APC's just in case Mr Enemy tries to drive off in it.. Ho Ho Ho 6. Rush in numbers !!! When trying to take an objective, rush in sufficient numbers. One soldier isn't going to take an objective when the enemy spawn is 50 metres away. 7. Stopping the rush !!! Anything that can create a road block USE IT. This includes Civilian Trucks, captured enemy vehicles, busted tank tracks on a bridge or shallow crossing. Stop the enemy rushing through in motorcycles, cars and APC's. Block the bridge or crossing point with vehicles of any type. Yes the vehicles disappear after a while so replace them. If they can't rush past, they are stuck have to dismount and that makes them an easy target. 8. IMPORTANT and I grow ever more angry at IDIOTS. When you spawn on an APC that someone has taken the time to try and conceal. DO NOT: (a) Wave flags, hold an illegal rave or set up a bring and buy stall. (b) Run around shooting and whistling from the APC location (c) Run in a straight line to the enemy, they'll follow your line back and steal or destroy the APC 9. Kill Zones !!! Any crossing point is a killing zone. Steel Bridge, Broken Bridge, Stone Bridge or shallow crossing point ALL funnel the enemy into your sights. If they can't fire whie swimming ITS A BONUS. 10. Take out the Parachute Transports ASAP. Having enemy drop behind you is not nice, and in sufficient numbers they can take an objective in minutes. APC's are key, they reduce your running time to the objective and they assist capturing objectives quicker. PROTECT THEM ! Hope this helps, and my final rant is "IF A MINE HAS A SKULL AND CROSSBONES ON IT...... PIRATES DIDNT ******** PUT IT THERE OKAY !!! Its ONE OF OURS !!
  8. Keep going Reto, I'd love to be able to design some maps, nothing silly. Just authentic looking maps.
  9. I used to make maps for DOOM ( the original game) it was okay, and we had a lot of fun. It would be great if people could design maps actually as close to the town they live in. 😀
  10. Yes you definately hit him, regardless of how many times, you don't set any hit markers off his life. I experience this all the time, even when the guy FILLS your gun sight at point blank range and you fire 4 shots. M1 Garand Bertie Clay Ammo Heavy Spring Scout Barrel One hit on me DEADED
  11. Dear Reto, I'm steadily watching the number of players dwindle and wars being won constantly and quickly. This is by far the best WWII game ever. Graphically suberb, I think the majority of players are getting bored with the same maps. Please come up with a map editor so the players can design you new maps. Its a shame to see this going down. :(
  12. Its bollocks... too many able to snipe with a mchine gun? Its not suppressive fire, these dudes are sniping. And most of the time its ooooogh Head Shot ! Cheat aresholes, Reto need to up their game and stop the cheating. Graphically its the best WWII game out there. Just combat the arsehole cheaters and its there !
  13. 1 leg shot kill? And were seeing people sniping with an MG42... did it really have an auto/single fire mode?
  14. What is going on with this game? 1. M1 Garande 2. Scout Barrel 3. Bertie Clay Ammo 4. Heavy Spring 5. Two shots over 100% hit damage, blood splatter on both hits, kills me with a single leg shot from and Mg42????? 6. Shows no hits on him. I can accept lag... what I can't accept is dying from a single leg shot, whens he's had two full body hits from close range. HitBox? Pants !!
  15. Dear Reto, 1. Just a little gripe about mines, could you possibly change the icon for mines from a "skull and crossbones" to the flag of the faction that laid them. ie: US flag on a mine laid by a US soldier. This may stop idiots destroying their own mines. 2. It would be nice to be able to enter ALL buildings. Reto, you've taken the time to make some very authentic and detailed buildings. It would be awesome to be able to enter them ALL. Even make some city style multiple floor buildings. 3. Quite annoying that you have to drop a picked up weapon when you switch to Wrench, Mine, or anything else. Surely you be able to sling the captured weapon? Even better if you could still pick up the weapon when laid in the prone position. Not good when you're concealed but have to stand or crouch up (excessive movement) just to use a weapon you found. 4. Strategy, to win the game you only need to hold the strategic points ie: Church, Airfield, Police Station Etc. So why does everyone just decide to jolly off across the rivers to capture a points that are virtually worthless? (except capture points) All you need do is block the river crossing points with vehicles, park them sideways or mine the crossings to stop the inevitable rush by vehicles. A good sniper, MG'er or tank can hold off an army at a bridge or shallow crossing. 5. Map Editor, this would be awesome and you could give veteran points for players who design, very authentic looking maps. Open this up to the guys. And if you like the maps, give prizes, Gold, Assault points or Veteran Status's for a few days for the maps you decide could be used. Anyway, love the game.. keep this going and the good work rolling.