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  1. Sometimes the same thing happens to me, I can give you advice for it, it is in your hand take it or let it pass; Join as inf by selecting the maps, once you are inside you can change to soldiers and select tanker (as long as you have purchased and equipped the one you are looking for). What are the drawbacs? That the line is closed and you lose acces to the tanks. Soluction to your AT soldier? Make an AT soldier for when there are tanks, if there aren't, you can use any soldier, it works for me.
  2. Mr_Muerte

    Gun names!

    I like most armies (especially Astartes of chaos as the death guard), but mine army is of the crimson fists
  3. Mr_Muerte

    Gun names!

    but the suomi is the best XD i dont see anymore, except u
  4. Mr_Muerte

    Gun names!

    U like loyal or traitors?
  5. Mr_Muerte

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    valentine's day has passed long time
  6. Mr_Muerte

    event suggestion

    long time without events...thats see really nice
  7. Mr_Muerte

    Very Minor Shell Loading Change

    its easy, and i like this
  8. Mr_Muerte

    New update not cool

    A lot of captured vehicle, a lot of captured weapon, a lot of ''improvement'' aesthetics of the M1/M2 carbine, but...where is my loving Fedorov Avtomat? love it Reto, you say that people have been asking for that ''update'' of captured things for a long time but... How long have we been asking for more important things (new maps, new weapons, new cammos...), which players have you asked? Of course you have not asked me and i doubt that many forum friends, so stop apologizing for a dictatorship and start to really count the opinion of the playes !!!
  9. Mr_Muerte

    Captured Mods

    of course, this game losting the magic...
  10. Mr_Muerte

    Captured Mods

  11. Mr_Muerte

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    I quit the game for a few months and come back and they get on with this... for heaven's sake, don't add mods to captured weapons and much less captured vehicles.
  12. Mr_Muerte

    Any tips to remove/see through bush?

  13. Mr_Muerte

    ''La Nueve'' 9ª División Mecanizada.

    Ayer estuve jugando un poco con tus compañeros de Tercios, lo mismo me paso más a menudo por ahí, como tu dices, en este grupo actualmente somos cuatro gatos XD, pero te lo paso igualmente por privado.
  14. Mr_Muerte


    they are very similar weapons, the has more bullets than another