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  1. "Planes don't really help win battles " Try to give something useful to Pilots. Dont need other role just rename ... just an idea.
  2. changing the name Fight Pilot to Aircraft Pilot solve the problem
  3. Increase the negative effect of damaged components on vehicles. (Using something like War Thunder damage modules effect, more realistic . Track destroyed can only mode the good track, transmission damage/destroyed became slower/stoped, turret ring destroyed cant move the ring ....). Hope this helps
  4. sventhefree

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    Obrigado, mas estou a jogar de Americano
  5. is time to have bombers? Bombers against a big concentrations of soldiers or citys .... escort Bombers , fighters against bombers ...
  6. sventhefree

    Is the game dead?

    This game is unique, the idea of rts with fps is brilliant and unique in the world of online gaming. And is not dead, new games are out, it is natural for the player base to split. Problems to solve? yes all game have.
  7. sventhefree

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    Existe algum clan Português (PT) que jogue no servidor europeu?