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    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    TAW on Soviet faction? Wanna URRAAH a point with a group of fun people? we got you! Wanna tank with some minions protecting you? we got you! Need experience driving a lot of people to up your Uber skills? We got you! Wanna have people angerly yell at you for sucking? look somewhere else! Wanna feel comfy with positive vibes? WE GOT YOU (and cookies ) 10/10; would URRAAH with cookies again.

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Can easy mode get any easier? Join TAW.NET to find out!

    Jointjedraaien [NL]

    Ik kan alleen maar zeggen dat dit een van de beste clan namen is die ik ben tegengekomen haha. SO naar Biertje? trouwens, ben hem een een aantal keer tegen het lijf gelopen in het spel.

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Tired of being a lone wolf? Tired of trying to communicate with random people? Join TAW! You'll never be a lone wolf again! We have Teamspeak, we have communication, we have skill! And most importantly: we have cookies! If you've read this: join taw.net or tea bag/ whistle at my corpse (in game) to let me know!

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Whether youre Competitive or Casual, Young (16+ though) or Old, everyone is welcome in TAW. For the new players of Heroes and Generals there will be tips and tricks from our members, veteran players will find a mature community that has the talents and tactics to win. And if this isn't convincing enough, we've got cookies! Whether youll join us or not, i'll see you on the battlefield. -Crabby