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  1. XOttomanX

    More Random maps and Outfits

    Just drop the free but buy this and that Ponzi scheme and make the game an actually buyable game, generate revenue get more players to fix the game, it has potential.
  2. Now that those two are completely useless should one change and add speed to the bearer or actually be useful in another matter. Personally, the exhaustion penalty for aim doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  3. XOttomanX


    Yes i completely agree on that Look there are lots of vehicles and Apc mechanic in the game.No one sprints 250 meters and just die. This is not that kind of game. Old system gotta be back
  4. XOttomanX


    I meant that spray after running for too long is not a good system. It doesn't matter if a person runs too much or none. At least in the old system, it was trade-off equipment vs mobility. Which made more sense
  5. XOttomanX


    Not if you equip yourself with 40-50 kg equipment it isn't. there are many transport vehicles and APCs. This stamina system is broken. marathon man was created for that purpose. Not it is trash[any veteran that claims it is difficult because there is "spread and sway in sights" is just fu*** with us. All veteran players run to position and headshot me instantly
  6. XOttomanX


    I am still thinking that the old stamina system is better. You can always reconsider and reupload it.
  7. XOttomanX

    Flame Thrower Review

    Yeah, what is the deal with that? Over-heat in engine should definitely cause damage
  8. XOttomanX

    Flame Thrower Review

    It is pretty easy to counter. Keep your distance and just shoot. That's it really. Untill you are in range you are conpletly unarmed. They can easily kill you but you can shoot back to dude with flamethrower. If it is close range. SMG', Assasult Rifles and even HMGs' can counter it easily.
  9. XOttomanX

    Flame Thrower Review

    As all of you know a new weapon has been added to the game, so I wanted to do a review for those who are still making their minds about buying or not. The flamethrower weapon is absolutely beast in close quarters. If you are in range and fire enemy they will die without even retaliating. If your enemy is tightly packed you can burn them all together and have multiple kills in mere seconds. This weapon is extremely useful for offensive and inside the buildings. Its downsides are; If you are not in range. Consider yourself unarmed until you get in range. You gotta rush to get close of course but the enemy won't be just doing anything. That's when you will die most of the time. While trying to get in range. And one of its other perks is that you can raid vehicles with holes with this. If the fire gets to driver and passengers from any small opening consider all of the dead or 1-3 health bar. You can use it to raid enemy vehicles. Be careful while using it as you can burn yourself from it too. Last thing; Although this weapon is 320k (expensive) it has good maintenance: Income ratio. If you don't absolutely screw up the game on average you should earn 8k while 1-2k is your fixed expense. My personal opinion is that although this weapon is extremely powerful other aspects of it limit its capability and make it okay in terms of in-game experience. 7/10 For the new weapon, would be 8 if it burned the tank's engines
  10. XOttomanX

    Stamina System

    No, Not to annoy anyone. In the old system, you could pull some maneuvers and out-run tactics when people run out of breath. They couldn't chase you forever and if you armed yourself lightly you could choose when to engage and when to break off. Now with everyone with the same speed and infinite stamina you just can't make same old smart tactics. The old system was amazing. No We Haven't had that.
  11. Make character slow down as they get close to getting out of breath point. Lots of people say running forever is okay. I say let's add slowing down as you get close to end of stamina.
  12. XOttomanX

    Stabs that don't count

    That was just a joke i enjoy playing H&G. Although it changed negatively over the past years for many players that so many old veterans left. I still get an enjoyable aesthetics from it
  13. Let's assume that i have enough money to but general.I buy one general. Now being able to purchase any assault team which one should I buy to make most of warfund ? I heard light tank AT were a good cashcows but if anyone know any better please do guide.
  14. XOttomanX

    Stabs that don't count

    Well... hope they fix it in the upcoming updates and hopefully it doesn't become flying corpses bug of its own