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  1. Sgt_Fallout

    Clan/Guild System Suggestions and Ideas

    Great Idea!
  2. Sgt_Fallout

    Heroes & Physical Exercise

    Now Billiam, how am I, a 540lb man stuck in his chair for the past 4 years gonna exercise? I love this idea but how are some of us gonna be able to do this? Maybe if we add an option to pay to skip this process that would be great.
  3. Sgt_Fallout

    Infantry is too OP

    This is kind of the reason I posted this garbage. DUDE I KNOW!!! Its so stupid that we have to suffer!
  4. Sgt_Fallout

    Infantry is too OP

    Infantry is just too OP, they can kill my Tank and that's not OK. I just want to sit in my metal box and spam HE at the enemy spawn to inflate my KD. Im so tried of after I kill the same dude 5 times out of spawn he comes and AT Rambos me! ITS SO ANNOYING! They need to remove AT. Its to broken. Its not fair to anyone!!! FIX YOUR GAME RETO!!!!