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  1. rui_troia

    A way to merge the soviets and US

    Absolutely yes, it would fix and make Heroes & Generals better in every way. with all respect RETO, if you're hesitating because it might fail (which it wont) - you could do 2 things: 1. Axis VS Allies testing in 10 wars. 2. In-game poll (all the forum ones are majority positive for it) no downsides.
  2. rui_troia

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    hey hey people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o97TXaQWnrU
  3. rui_troia

    The US and the Soviet Union cannot compete with Germany

    I agree with you. But Italy more historical accurancy + good equipment (infantry) from what I've seen from history documentaries, Japan didn't fight in mainland Europe. Probably in the future EU campaign could be US+GB+SU VS GE + ITA. And then Pacific theatre could be SU+US VS JPN (they could even include battleships / PT Boats for pacific theatre) but for such there are 2 things needed: Axis vs Allies + 3x more in-game population
  4. rui_troia


    Somewhere in the future we could have a war event based of Veterancy all factions allowed in a side, both stars and the cross. XII - XV (2012 - 2015) Veterans would start from western part of Europe. XVI - XVIII+ (2016 - 2018+) Veterans / new players would start from eastern part of Europe. First one to have 20 capitals would win
  5. rui_troia

    The US and the Soviet Union cannot compete with Germany

    Axis vs Allies when? It's a win-win for everyone (plus Italy and GB sub-factions could be added, playerbase greatly increases)
  6. I am well aware the Teamspeak is good (never visited the Axis TS), but a forum thread with a complete list would be better. Thank you. Players can just scroll through and join the clans they like most - that's the point of this thread.
  7. rui_troia

    [Suggestion] Attacker planes in Heroes & Generals

    More ammo for AA, and possible next-tier AA which can easily deal with heavy fighters / Attackers
  8. Axis, its more than time that we must regroup our players and coordinate our war efforts! We have the biggest number of players and side loyalists in the game. Even in dire times we stood strong, but barely coordinated. With H&G making great changes and the possibility of the game of growing bigger in the near future (steamcharts confirms), we must be prepared to face the increasing number of Allied players that may rise in the future, and secure what we got. Since the clan system is still not a thing and wont be for the next months, we must offer a way to let new players, regulars and veterans to coordinate against future threats - the only way for doing that is their participation in Axis clans, not secret clans but public ones - where everyone may participate and coordinate. If we manage to get atleast half of the GE playerbase to participate in GE/Axis-only clans, we will stand taller than the opposing forces and against possible unbalanced updates. The objective of this thread is, if you know any active GE clan, post it's details in this thread - later me or someone may create a thread with updated active GE/AXIS clanlist. This will be easy for every player to search, join and support the Axis side. To victory, men.
  9. rui_troia

    [Suggestion] Attacker planes in Heroes & Generals

    Since I see it's almost impossible to include heavy bombers, atleast RETO may give us attacker-cannon planes. The difference is that instead of using bombs and low-calibre to destroy inf and armor, you get a historically accurate vehicle type to do such. Not to mention they are very effective at destroying tanks if the shots land.
  10. rui_troia

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    100% agree. I've made multiple posts defending the stance that it's time to unite factions and make the game Axis vs Allies. Here are the benefits I can forsee: 1. Major nations (such as Italy, Great Britain, Japan) may finally be playable sub-factions of a side-faction (Axis / Allies) 2. War will be more balanced, almost even number of players per side. 3. Balancing will become easy 4, Realism is still preserved, since its true that SU, US and GB were fighting against GE, ITA, JP in WW2. (US vs USSR was a thing that came after) - Although the war game should change to western front vs eastern front (IMO - Axis start on west-south, Allies on East-north). 5. More variation possibilites in a side of war. 6. Playercount will eventually rise.
  11. A suggestion by https://steamcommunity.com/id/rui_troia/ I belive sometime in the future H&G may finally put the Attacker aircraft for GE; US; SU . Attacker planes have many variants, but the variants I'm talking about are the mid-war CANNON attacker aircraft. The cannons may equip AP or HE. The AP (Armor Piercing) shots on these cannons can do great damage to enemy armor. The HE shots can destroy infantry in a large zone, due to the calibre. If you're skilled enough, you can easily destroy enemy planes with these cannons. GERMANY - Stuka G2 (37mm) The Stuka G2 armament are two 37mm's, with 16 shots each (32 total ammo) + Excellent turn-rate. + Excellent armor VS small-arms. + OK support gunner. + Landing wheels always active. - Weak acceleration and speed. - Can be catched by every plane, speed wise. Compared to other attacker-planes, it is the slowest speed-wise. But if used right, it's a great support vehicle. Turn-rate allows it to survive VS enemy medium fighters. Video showing Stuka G2's effectiveness (Game: BFV) USA - Hurricane MK.IV (40mm) The Hurricane MK IV armament are two 40mm's, with 10 shots each (20 total ammo) + Highest attacker-plane speed. + Strongest attacker-plane weapon. - Weakest resistance of the attacker-planes. - No support gunner. - Low ammo count. Compared to other attacker-planes, it is the fastest and the one with biggest damage. Should avoid getting damaged, and make every shot count. Hit and run tatics are a must. Can easily chase enemy medium planes, and destroy tanks from any side. Video showing Hurricane MK.IV's performance (Game: War Thunder) SU - IL2 Sturmovik (37mm + MG) The IL-2 Sturmovik armament is composed of 2 37mm's with 25 shots each (50 total ammo). It also has MG's. (1500 ammo) + The only attacker plane with MG's (secondary). + Excellent armor VS MG weapons. + OK support gunner. + OK turn-rate and speed. + Great ammo capacity. - Easily loses energy/speed on turns. - Big size allows to be easily damaged and spotted. Compared to other attacker-planes, it is a versatile flying machine. The size makes it easy to get damaged by anything, so don't be greedy. The MGs can be used to fend off aircraft or infantry, if you're out of cannon ammo. Video showing IL-2 Sturmoviks in action (Game: War Thunder) START AT 11:30! What do you guys think? In a later time may RETO add these attackers to H&G?
  12. Silenced SMG's are in development, but I agree with you. Remember that this game isn't supposed to be 100% realistic, but I see what you mean and its valid. Recon could have access to silenced pistols aswell. The main idea is having the "STEALTH MODE" a thing for Recon (explained in Zone Recon section) - which allows Recons to have a specific ability for storming enemy positions if they are wielding the silenced weapon. Not too much gamebreaking if the following marks only last for 7 seconds, considering there's a badge which counters that. But your solution is wise too, and it would be more realistic.
  13. A suggestion by https://steamcommunity.com/id/rui_troia/ To start off, I've never played recon and dont intend to do so. I'd rather play with infantry and be effective on the objectives, or hunt down enemy armor. Sure you can one-hit-kill with Recon class, but KDR isn't the main point of the game, and such can also be achieved by playing smart with what you got. But I think it's time to give the Recon class some buffs that may make the entire difference - therefore I will list some ideas I've had to give more strenght to the Recon class. ADVANCED SPOTTING 1. Enemies spotted by recons will make the spotted mark follow the enemy, always giving detailed positioning of the enemy. It will instantly fade away when the target is dead/destroyed. (normal spotting just marks the position where it has been spotted). 2. Spotted enemies will show their distance in meters, for the entire team. 3. Spotted enemies killed will give a small reward for both the spotter and the one who killed it (Spotting assist). SCOREBOARD SIGHT 1. By opening the scoreboard you can see exactly what type of class and vehicle every enemy is wearing, without having to click the name. (You must be alive as Recon in order for it to work). 2. You can see if they're inside a vehicle or not, and indicates their vehicle type (Car / APC / Tank / Fighter). 3. You can also see how damaged their vehicle is in the scoreboard. ZONE RECON 1. You can see how many enemies are inside a point, without being near it. 2. Recons wont show up in the number of people inside a point when capturing/defending, but the capturing effect will remain. If there is recon presence there will be a "?" after the number. 3. Using silenced weapons (which should be avaliable some months from now on) will let the Recon toggle "STEALTH MODE" on or off. STEALTH MODE allows the Recon player to not count as a capturing presence in enemy control zones. This will allow smart Recons to play agressively and clear the point without the enemy knowing of their presence. CONCLUSION These 3 abilities are passive and lets the Recons be more useful for playing the action game, in staged or in WAR. Skilled recons could play a support role by effectively showing the position of the enemy to their team, aswell as spotting and communicating with the rest.
  14. rui_troia

    RTS needs a dev talk

    Absolutely important topic, if Devs can see here's my questions: 1. Can "Utility XP" be implemented? See THIS THREAD 2. Will there be more badges regarding the RTS game? 3. Will there be more rewards for doing well in RTS, rather than earning XP/WF? 4. Will something be done about softcapping? - A period where most players are offline, and people take advantage to push hard. 5. What are your future plans regarding the RTS game? - as in - new fatures / balancing. 6. Can there be a bonus for being loyal to your side? 7. Will you merge factions to make the game Axis vs Allies? / Will the wargame ever be Axis vs Allies? / Can it be tested?
  15. rui_troia

    It's kind of funny

    100% agree. Axis vs Allies: Where Axis and Allies would have sub-factions that can be leveled up. Simple and solves thousands of problems in a single stroke. In staged it's sub-faction vs sub-faction, in war its faction vs faction, would be perfect.