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  1. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Captured Mods

    Discount Neubaufahrzeug be like
  2. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Polls about <Captured Weapon's Modification>

    Of course, GE bad, alt accounts everywhere, blah blah blah Maybe accept the fact that other people might disagree with you and not everybody who opposes something is automatically an alt account, GE main or whatever. There is bias, true. Is everything that doesn't match you opinion a result of bias? F*cking NO! Thinking like this is was ultimately kills the community, because HnG itself has already died, but is kept alive and suffering for money or whatever
  3. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Modded captured weapons (Trello, FEB 2021)

    I don't want to derail this thread too much, but could you elaborate that? What other project are they working on? And is that something official or just rumors?
  4. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    RPzB vs M9A1

    Often when I play tank against GE I get attacked by rambos with M9A1 bazookas. I was confused why germans prefer the M9 (400k+) over the much cheaper (97k) Panzerschreck and asked a few mates. M9A1 Bazooka - RPzB 54 Panzerschreck Better Penetration: bazooka wins Damage: no difference Price per rocket: bazooka is cheaper Why is a captured tier 2 weapon better than the tier 3 launcher? Shouldn't tier 3 equipment be the pinnacle of available items? I suggest buffing Panzerschreck damage or penetration to encourage german players to actually use their own weapons instead Bring back at least a bit of historical accuracy
  5. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Release unreleased maps

    This map looks like it could be used for the Recon vs Recon mode. Elevated terrain, nice sniping positions and long ranges. Forget about tanks, release this maps for Recon only!
  6. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Kriegsmittel (Warfunds) effektiv verdienen im RTS?

    Hallo, wie schaffe ich es, dass meine ATs langfristig mehr Warfunds einbringen als zum Deploy kosten? Ich habe wegen dem Event 170k WF in meine ersten 6 Guards investiert aber die machen meist nur je 800 WF bis sie verbraucht sind und das deckt nicht mal deren Spawnkosten. Wie soll ich die Guards einsetzen, dass ich mit einem Plus rausgehe (also mehr als die Spawnkosten von 1.440 WF einnehme) und nicht in dieser Schleife aus Verlusten gefangen bin? Oder hilft da nur selbst den FPS-Teil im Krieg spielen um das zu kompensieren? PS: spiele SU im Krieg und habe keine Mitgliedschaft (also keine +75% WF ). Freue mich über Tipps! Vielen Dank
  7. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Fragen und Antworten Thread

    Ich meine, der Schaden bei Anti-Panzer-Waffen ist nie exakt gleich, sondern hat einen Minimal- und einen Maximalwert und das Spiel bestimmt dann einen zufälligen Wert dazwischen. So kann es sein, dass manchmal vier Minen einen Panzer hochjagen (alle hoher Schadenswert) und manchmal nicht (alle geringer Schadenswert). Kommt natürlich auch auf die Komponenten an, der T-34 hat zum Beispiel seine Munition im Bodenbereich und ist deshalb besonders anfällig und leicht zu sprengen. Generell sollen Minen ihr Ziel aber auch nur behindern, sprich immobilisieren oder anderweitig schwächen, damit es zur leichten Beute wird. Anders ist das natürlich bei APCs, die kann man gut damit hochjagen und völlig zerstören.
  8. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    How do Generals earn their combat badges?

    Wow, that sounds like a major issue and needs to be corrected. Literally locking 66% of badges you can use as a General behind a paywall and two of the most expensive ribbons. GJ
  9. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    How do Generals earn their combat badges?

    The activities of a General are limited to the RTS part of the game, so how does a General earn XP on ribbons to unlock combat badges like Logistics Expert, Charismatic Leader and Battlefield Commander?
  10. Clan queues with 18 peoples, pops battle against randoms, wins within 8 minutes. DEFENDERS OP!
  11. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    Giving the FG42 to other faction's infantry is not the right way. As a paratrooper weapon it should stay locked to paratroopers only. The fact that German infantry can "capture" it is simply because it's a german weapon and a part of their arsenal. And providing the German infantry with this weapon was one of the most requested things for this game in a long time, so Reto was so kind to make it come true when adding captured weapons. It's just a nice present to give a paratrooper gun to infantry of the same faction. The most logical way to go is give each faction their paratrooper weapon for infantry too. So M1 and M1A1 Carbine for US infantry and - sadly - nothing for the SU. Damn, SU needs a paratrooper-exclusive gun ASAP... "But US tank men can capture StG!" Well, this because of a weak movie and does leave the other faction's tank men in a slight disadvantage, because they don't get access to an Assault weapon of any faction. So if you complain about no FG for other faction's infantry, why not about StG for all tank men?
  12. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Prototype test: Flamethrowers!

    Lol Captured PPsh will be pretty common I guess? 800rpm stock and 71 rounds in a mag - that's a CQC monster. At least the long reload times will stop them from dominating everything else Also the belts of MG42 and M1919 only have 50 rounds visible. Please adjust the weapon model before release to show 100 rounds @Reto.Hades Thx
  13. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    There are a few weapons that need this badge to be used with maximum effect. Most of them seem to be SU weapons, like PTRS, AVS and PPSh. But Johnson, Bar and PzB profit too from FR. So no, it doesn't a nerf!
  14. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    German name for captured M9 Bazooka

    Sorry for my late response. Thank you for your input and the information about the naming policy. I'll check further sources for a confirmation but I might go with the 789(a) ending
  15. LeiterKundenzufriedenheit

    Best AT launcher?

    The soviet AT weapons are ineffective on range so I decided to get my hands on one of those captured launchers. I'm currently thinking about Panzerscherck, M9 Bazooka and M18 recoilless rifle. Which of them would be the best all-round launcher for distances of 70m - 250m against stationary and moving targets? M18 (+) precision and fast rockets / (-) late unlock, weak, expensive, low penetration Schreck (+) flat trajectory, precision, high penetration? / (-) medium damage, blocks your FoV M9 (+) high(est) damage and penetration / (-) kinda difficult to aim with from my point of view Which do YOU prefer/recommend? Btw, a faction shouldn't be forced to rely on captured stuff to be effective, just sayin. The Ampulomet is a bad joke imho