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  1. Not all give 75%, it's for hip fire accuracy from what I know and most ppl don't use it and rather go for damage reduction and tight grip or increased dmg for anti tank ... fast reload ... Hades knows better but I guess the balancing is build around those benefits. It's a huge impact on balance and the option to mod and badge a soldier to your personal playstyle It's part of the grind fest that keeps h&g running, would you grind a badge for an benefitt that is not significant?
  2. @Reto.Hades Talking about myself only. My badges are gold, no need for 25% and I consider it temporarily benefitt. Similar to credits,I think once you grinded classes and gear you swim in credits ... I have 12 mil credits Only continuous benefitt is badges, if you nerv them to 1/3rd of their efficiency I think I would not see the benefitt anymore because I would not "feel" them anymore. Again, just talking for my little self ... Dont get me wrong, I dont mind as all players lose the benefitt but the need for vet membership would go down ... Anyhow, I think it's good if shooting becomes more difficult again, hitting became to easy for my liking.
  3. @hades If you lower the badges what's the point in using a vet membership? Credits is for exp players not an issue, only key benefitt is the double badge. I generally think weapons became to easy in handling, in the old days it took some time getting used ... now it feels quite casual.
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  5. j_f_k

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    *bump up* hey guys, we still recruite motivated virtual germanz ...