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    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    "Everything for the new players" should be Hades' motto,
  2. Lets see what we have: Cockpit view AI fix Heavy set nerf that will promote even more headshots (Thank you Hades) great idea! Terrain fixes 1st: When i look at the Trello it says "community feedback based tweaks" and "weekly bugfixes" Aren't bugfixes supposed to be unimportant and shouldn't even be advertised?? Ive never seen a game that advertises bugfixes on Trello, maybe they just ran out of stuff to put there. 2nd: Cockpit view, while this was "Requested by many" I'd bet this is mostly by people who don't fly that much, because no one wants to have a million instruments and glass frames obstructing the target. Nose view is waay better. So this is wasted effort in my opinion. Then the best one: Heavy set nerf, this will change it so theres even more headshots, i don't think i will need to explain why that is a bad thing. Cheers -Spurdo

    Cockpit view optionality

    If you nerf plane tryhards even more, there wont be enough to hunt with the PzB39.

    Question on the H&G summer sale

    Update and no changes to the sale... Every year reto does camos, weapons, vehicles etc. This is the lamest summer sale ever.

    Question on the H&G summer sale

    I have the same feels when it comes to buying vet membership...

    Question on the H&G summer sale

    I guess the forum really is dead. Before people would rage about not being able to buy woth credits. Now Reto does a really bad summer sale and no one bats an eye

    1st Cav Division

    My review: I played against 2 squads of 1st Cav + 1 RyA Squad. It was a defense for us (I was playing GE) I had a 3 man squad + dumb randoms We lost 01 in MT after being attacked from both E and D, Me and @Georgian_Empire couldn't hold alone with those randoms against 3 squads despite our best efforts. There was multiple APCs. We spent 20 mins defending 02, and i managed to sneak an APC under D3-01 bridge, I asked our randoms to F11, they actually listened, we flooded the point and won. 4/10, You guys need to work better on APC coordination. When capping 01, have an APC already inside 02 so you can flood the point.

    Question on the H&G summer sale

    Exactly my thoughts
  9. Antitank is for players who have do deal with idiots spamming tanks in war. Sometimes on foot, vs like 5 tanks.

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    R e m o v e A d a m s C o m p l e t e l y
  11. @FTG_Bayonetta and @flakpanzer Only want 1 thing: God Mode
  12. Is the summer sale going to be only DLC????? Last years we had weapon, camo, vehicle discounts. I don't mind gold only. I only want to buy PTRS for GE. @Reto.Hades DLC only is very lame, those DLCs include nothing significant and are pretty much for new players only

    MashineGuns and Antitamk rifls

    da, many intressant