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    THEME: "Girls Und Panzer". OBJECTIVE: Get 15-25 tank kills (assists are counted too) when using Panzer IV Ausf. H, T-34/76, T-34/85, Tiger I and Tiger II, M3 Lee, StuG III Ausf. G, Hetzer, IS-2. DURATION: 5 days to a week. AFFECTED PLAYER: All. AFFECTED AREA: All. POTENTIAL REWARD: Camo for tanks (Panzer IV, T-34, Tiger I and Tiger II). - Ooarai High School: + Panzer IV Ausf. H. + M3 Lee. + StuG III Ausf. G. + Hetzer 38(t). - Kuromorimine High School: + Tiger I (217 or 212). + Tiger II. - Pravda High School: + T-34/76. + T-34/85. + IS-2. - Girls Und Panzer is a anime about girls driving tanks that collab with Wargaming few years ago.
  2. Hi I'm 1st Lieutenant Randall Astley, normal US tanker. Well, we all know that tankers are important to this game beside infantry is the most important class here, tankers can decide that match will win or lose, protect teammates from enemies tanks, but some newbies don't know that and they just spam and get destroyed and do it over again, and in war that's suck because deploy 1 tank division cost 3-5k WF so I'll post a guide on how to play as a tanker. *Note: 1. This's based on my experience. 2. Some of these are be outdated when new updates come. I. Tank Classification *Note: M24 Chaffee and M18 Hellcat, Panzer IIC, Luchs, BT-7 in my classification are different from the game. Light Armor - Consist of M2A2, Panzer IA and T-38 (Tankette); M5A1, Panzer 38(t), T-26, T-70 (Cannon). - First class you meet, weak armor (some of them are pretty good of being a light armor), low firepower, easy to play as these tanks are have more weakspots than other classes. Assault Tanks - Consist of Panzer IIC, Luchs and BT-7. - These tanks have high mobility, armor is a bit of weak but your speed can help with that, firepower too but these tanks can flanking on enemies tanks. Medium Armor - Consist of M3 Lee, M4A1 Sherman, M4A3E8 Sherman, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panther, T-34/76 and T-34/85. - This class is like "Jack-of-all-trades", with armor ranging from thin to thick armor, firepower from decent to high, mobility is decent. Heavy Armor - Consist of M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo", M26 Pershing, Tiger I, Tiger II, KV-85 and IS-2. - Have thick armor, high firepower but slow mobility but that's normal with heavies, hard to play since these tanks haven't much weakspots but if you have experience on this, it'll much easier. Light Tank Destroyer - Consist of M24 Chaffee and M18 Hellcat. - These tank have weak armor but high mobility, high firepower, those can flank enemies. Medium Tank Destroyer - Consist of M10, Panzer 38(t) Hetzer, Stug III, SU-76M and SU-85. - Except of M10, the rest have no turret so a bit hard to play, if you want to turn the gun you have to turn the tank. Decent armor, good firepower, slow to decent mobility. Heavy Tank Destroyer - Consist of M36, Panzerjager and SU-100. - The last class of the game, high firepower while keeping decent mobility and armor. II. Guides Buying tanks - "Armor Assault" badge is required to buy tanks, if your badge level isn't at the level recommended, you can't buy it even you have enough money to buy. - You have to think carefully when buying tanks, you can play on the Prototype server to test which tank fit your playstyle. Avoid AT Rambos - AT Rambos are annoying to tankers so this guide will show some of ways to avoid these guys. - Avoid any routes that infantry goes by (ex. roads from points to points) or points. - Relocating your tanks (depend on which class) to confuse these. - "Clank" is the sound H3 place to vehicles, the sound of AT-Grenade hit like sound of SA when firing. - Camo is your best friend, use that. - Avoid going in areas that have no trees. - Hearing vehicle sounds, that maybe a AT Rambo coming, run now ! - Don't hop up when hearing whistle, that's a trap, btw that's the most effective AT weapon. Dueling tanks - Know enemy tank's modules, aim for that to more damage (btw a heavily damage tank still has modules at green HP). - Turn your tank to front to have less damage, if the front is heavily damaged, show the area that haven't damaged yet. - About the modules, I'll guide that in another part of this guide. - Cover your weakspots, that will leave enemies hard time to damage your armor. - If you find 2 or more tanks on the line, destroy the one that have vision of the rest. - If you can't penetrate it, retreat and find another spot to destroy them. Avoid planes - Don't go open places, you'll be the target of planes. - You can destroy them with HE (HE work better than AP/APCR), remember enemies planes are faster than you so firing at spots you know they will fly into. General Guides - Don't hop up too long. - Always go with friendly tankers and infantry. - J and K for manual ranging, Space for auto. - Repair if your tanks is damages, go find some places that are safe to do that. - If you tank have damaged engine, tracks or transmission and you're on open area, just fix 3 of them and retreat to fix the rest. - Best equipment is Binoculars (spotting tanks), AT-Grenades (to finish enemy tanks), Pistol (lightweight weapon). - Combat badges: Mechanic (faster fixing time), Gunner (faster reload time). - Don't spot tanks by firing coaxial MGs, lock them by pressing 4. III. Modules Tracks - Destroying 1 will only drive in circle while 2 make it slow than normal. Gun Breech/ Gun Barrel - Located: the barrel, the area that stick to the barrel - Destroying Gun Breech take longer to reload, Gun Barrel make shots land shorter. Transmission/ Engine - Located: lower front or rear. - Destroying Transmission and Engine make tanks run slower. Turret Ring - Some tanks don't have this. - Located: between the turret and the chassis. - Destroying will make hard to turn turret. Ammo Compartment/ Fuel Tank - Located: side and rear. - Destroying these cause much damage.
  3. Hi, I just bought the M18 Hellcat, that was fun to play and I need some guide to learn how to use this tank effectively.
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    Dammit Reto ! Now we can't play as a tanker, just driving meters from the spawn and get killed by AT Rambo.
  5. miku4love

    Questions about H3 and Panzerwurfmine Lang

    Mp40 + H3 + Panzerwurfmine Lang with Dynamite Lover Sliver
  6. miku4love

    Questions about H3 and Panzerwurfmine Lang

    https://imgur.com/gallery/1NbXUWf My AT Rambo Guy, it's ok ?
  7. miku4love

    Mods for Mp34 + mp40?

    That's the Field Trigger Job
  8. I have some questions that I still confuse about H3s and Panzerwurfmine Lang 1/ How much H3s to kill a Light/Medium/Heavy and TD/Heavy TD tanks ? 2/ Where're tank's weakspots ? 3/ And how much credits lost if I throw once ?
  9. miku4love

    First episode of tutorial

    Good guide
  10. miku4love

    Mods for Mp34 + mp40?

    MP40 is good without mods, but if you want you can mod it to max ROF
  11. Tired of grinding money ? Are you mod too much that your repair cost is expensive ? Well, no more tired grind. This's HnG guide about how to get money. 1. Stop overmodding - Mod is good but too much is bad so for starter SA, you should mod it with barrel mod (Scout II-S) or ammo mod (M72, 7N1, Anschusspatrone s.S) and the rest weapons, don't mod it. => Less repair cost => More money. 2. Buy an APC - Why ? Simple, just drive and park near the cap point so your APC will become spawnpoint for your team and you get XP (a lot of) for helping them. But be careful if enemies destroy them, that spawnpoint will be gone so smart decision is advised. => More money, less tired grind. 3. Buy a Wrench - Why ? That's simple, drive to any tank or cars of your team and fix, you'll help them because less tank or cars destroy, less res will be used and you'll get XP too. - Badges: Mechanic for faster fixing. => More money again. 4. Cap points as much as possible - Cap points will help your team and you'll get XP (a lot of). 5. Buy Veteran - That'll take some money but it's worth investment (+25% of credit you get). 6. Don't buy BA - BA isn't good as you think. Same damage compare to starter SA and low ROF, low Mag size and to make them OHK you'll grind and buy some mods, that's not worth to use. 7. Do anything to have 1000+ xp - Xp <1000: 2 credits/xp. - Xp >1000: 3 credits/xp. 8. Buy SMG - The game have 25k credits first so grind some into 50k and you can buy SMG tier 1, they're decent and won't take so much money to repair so that's a good choice but you have to remember tier 1 SMG is low on ROF so evade any enemies with high ROF weapons (SMG tier 2 with max ROF, MG42, M1919, DP28, AVS-36, M1/M2 Carbine, StG 44, Johnson M1941) and use your teammate as your meatshield to kill enemies and after some grind, you'll have 158k credit to buy tier 2 SMG or wait until discount on weapons to buy, tier 2 SMG is high on ROF so those're good. Btw I forget saying that your money get from battles are based on your rank (higher rank mean higher salary), xp you get (less xp mean less money).
  12. miku4love

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    This update is so suck that I think I don't want to play this anymore. - Sounds: now the SA's sound like someone knock the wood. - Bipods: it's ok nothing to say about it but it's suck because it won't change the recoil of the MG when deploy. - Terrain: shirty terrain that make me angry about driving through them and get stuck and more of that, the cap point I want to cap are hundred meters away from that place. - MG: it's more real because MG are defensive weapons, not offensive weapons, so no more US players Rambo with Johnson. - Performance: SO much lag that I have to lower the graphic just to get 60fps+ to play (My PC is G4560, GTX 1050Ti, 8GB RAM).