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  1. ShinichiLoli


    "US Army" Chat actually looks like: upd: Power of the bomb thread starts there.
  2. ShinichiLoli


    Speak english, if you want be heared there. (Используй английский, если хочешь, чтобы тебя здесь поняли). Now me. When are you going to change the "banana" carbine magazine to straight 15-rounds? I mean, weapon model. And maybe, it's time to give the M1 Carbine to infantry?
  3. ShinichiLoli

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    When I was played with bolt-action rifles, I notice that sway depend of precision, not stability, so I think it's good idea to take a match for BAR(And it's was a good idea). And now... I am do same with M1919. And I am did it with Johnson, but it was REALLY BAD idea, I am feel, I made mistake About 3HK - I think, lots of players use a heavy set. I am use it on 4 of 7 of my inf. soldiers
  4. ShinichiLoli

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    Don't know, I am increase my chances to kill everyone I meet. Thank to extra accuracy, my MG don't draws an eigthes in air when I am aiming to the long distance, but have not time to use bipod. Chotto more damage, so I often kill SMG or AR users. It's not so expensive to me, when I gets 10-16k to the battle and repairing for 2-4k
  5. ShinichiLoli

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    Eeh, why? It's so unfair?
  6. ShinichiLoli

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    k, just try to play with chrome lined barrel. I don't know, maybe, it's because I am played vs MG13-players, maybe I am restarted, or Johnson is bad weapon now - thats how looks my results of playing at Castle with BAR and Johnson. Change that ugly sight and increase Johnson's characteristics? I have better idea - let's replace M1918 and M1941? We just did it with M1941 and M1919
  7. ShinichiLoli

    Sacral sense of Johnson LMG

    Третьего дня, по совету проверенных камрадов, just bought a Johnson LMG. Why it's so disappointing? I am used a BAR with M72 and feels good, I am used M1919 with M72 and feels good too. Why last(not last now) mg so ugly and... uncomfortable? Maybe, I should buy a lot of mods, for unlocking a real power of M1941? It's better to buy a mods, or use Brownings model with Match M72? Maybe, Johnson completely trash gun now? Maybe, someday, ПивоMoto rebalanse MGs and make a Johnson a good alternative for MG13 and DP... Well, what I should to do with that mad child of bipods update? Keep in safety in inventory? Modding? For what? Can it become better than modificated brownings?
  8. ShinichiLoli

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    Real war log: One week. Everyday, we stray further from the god. Everyday, US capture towns one by one. They won wars one by one. Someday this event's gonna end...