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  1. The Singapore servers were only added mid 2019 ish from memory and are most certainly still there. I have a action server IP list from early this year but it has not been updated in quite some time so it's outdated. But most of the servers listed are still used. Definitely more recent than the IP list you showed. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n9UpPI4r-yob_EjYC15q7xknzph8bM4l-GeRmNb7ZoA/edit?usp=sharing CarpetFibre & I still get 90 - 100ms ping so there are for sure Singapore servers around and that can be proven with an ip trace. This is a problem but the problem lies with internet providers in Australia. Most of them just have shirty routing overseas, often going through Hong Kong before going to the Singapore servers. It's a shame because people then put the blame on retos shirty servers. Most providers go through the USA to get to Japan giving it huge ping! One thing you can try is a VPN in Perth, there's a pretty good bet that that will be the key to decent ping to the Singapore servers. But try other locations nearest to you first because its possible they can yield better results. This works because the VPN has good routing to the overseas server and you have good routing to the domestic VPN server. So even though you're adding an extra step it still works out to be better than what your ISP can provide. I use Windscribe since it's only $2 a month and gives many locations around Australia. It's not ideal because it costs money and it's more likely to give you lag spikes, but it does give you better ping if used correctly. If you are able to switch internet providers use AussieBB since they give the best overseas ping and connection reliability in Australia that I know of. OOFT I just noticed this post if from early 2019 (what a waste of time on my part)
  2. Beng_

    NEW car skins

    Makes me wonder why this and the American motorbike skins aren't implemented still.
  3. Beng_

    HnG weapon calculator

    I've had this up for a few months now, but haven't yet shared it on the forums. So here I am sharing it on the forums! http://hng.dudwire.com/#!weaponcalculator It's not pretty by any means, but it works I suppose. Some people may find it handy. I am slowly working on making it a little better looking and adding more features such as vehicle and ribbon stats. Some people also have issues with it on low res monitors so just zoom out if you have issues or zoom in if you have a high res monitor.
  4. I think the constant weapon changes is really starting to tick people off. The idea I have for weapon re balance is to change the way the entire weapon modding works such that modifications do not change the performance of the weapons as much as they do now. So that the base weapon is closer to the current fully modded counterpart. So you'd still keep the weapons as they perform at the moment along with the changes listed when fully modded, but have it so the base weapon can actually be used more effectively. In my eyes this would solve a couple of issues. Especially with new players. There's no way a stock SA rifle can compete with a fully modded SA rifle or even any other fully modded weapon for that matter, added on top the people starting out are likely not to have heals. It would also solve the issue of most captured weapons being virtually useless (only a handful of weapons are actually worth getting captured). An issue I have always had with the weapon system is that the weapons aren't really balanced to be an alternative. As an example: PPD-40 and PPS-43. Once you have the PPS-43 there is virtually no reason to go back and use the PPD again. The PPD even costs more than the PPS, so there's not even that reason. The PPS is just a better weapon all around. This not only makes it a stupid grind just to get the best weapon just so you can be the best but it also makes it harder for the people grinding for the weapon.
  5. Would it be possible to change the hitbox of the head? It seems (to me at least) a lot of random headshots come from neck shots or next to the head.
  6. I think I have posted this before, but this issue really bothers me because you can effectively deny someone from playing a game. This can be especially annoying when clans are playing since they like to kick non clan members. The bug goes when you join a battle being played by others and you get in another squad. If the squad leader kicks you as soon as that message appears in game and kicks you quick enough, it will deny you from playing that game. You can't even join it after it happens if a friend is in the battle. Just had this happen again, mission ID /M 7360885185346145776
  7. The P51 got a bit of a buff in the plane rebalance update in 1.16. This last update saw a tiny buff for the M1/M2 but I guess it's not a 2019 update. I don't reckon you'd call it a buff but they made it a bit easier for USA when they balanced all the scopes to be the same, rather than GE and SU getting high zoom levels for their infantry rifles when USA was stuck with 2.2x
  8. Bug: If you are loading the game and get dismissed from the squad you will be unable to play the game and you will have to re matchmake. It is fine once you load into the game, you will be able to continue playing.
  9. Back a few weeks the Singapore servers were being tested. Will they be brought in for good soon? I live in Australia and it was great for getting games quickly, especially for War games. War games in OCE appear rarely. The ping wasnt the best but it was very playable, so i'd hope to see the server come in sometime. Thanks.
  10. Beng_

    Vehicles Completely Screwed Up

    I have a Ryzen CPU with NVIDIA GPU, so does a friend. We both have the issue of vehicles being uncontrollable. Whilst another one has Intel and NVIDIA with no problems. Hmmm
  11. Yeah they come in around 1.12/1.13 and they flip your tank/vehicle when spawning sometimes, nasty things.
  12. It's called a reto hole, been around a while and you can find them on almost every map.