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  1. _VALTER__

    1.15 War Update ...

    thanks for the info, I'll try it later as well, i hope they fixed it
  2. _VALTER__

    1.15 War Update ...

    i have the amd x4 and my friend has the intel i3 i think
  3. _VALTER__

    1.15 War Update ...

    I have an AMD card and my friend has Nvidia, we both have the driving problem...
  4. I have the same problem, i cant drive at all, wtf is this?????
  5. _VALTER__

    Second bipod test!

    Can't you just open the prototype server on the weekend, not everyone can play during this time..
  6. _VALTER__

    Second bipod test!

  7. _VALTER__

    We are getting back bois!!

    Well yes...I can't remember that anyone said that the game was not "realistic" I didn't have a problem with it, there were times when you could drive the sidecar with no problems, now you cant even go uphill, that's why i had to buy the kettenkrad...and i remember when you couldn't go uphill on Hill 60 after the update, and they thought that lowering it was the solution, that's just silly if you ask me.
  8. Like it says in the title, when you start playing with inf and then mid game change to recon for an example, and then the resources run out while you're playing it, when you die you can't change back to inf or any other class...the only thing you can do is to quit the game Anyone else having this problem as well? I know the explanation is off..but hear me out 😕
  9. _VALTER__

    Did you know??!

    New from reto? HA! good joke 😐
  10. I actually don't mind the silencers...I mean, look at BF V, they have historically inaccurate guns with stupid mods on them, yet people like the game...
  11. _VALTER__


    and repair price? 20k? Nah reto is anti german...
  12. _VALTER__

    Gun names!

    "RecordingforBrazzers" MP-40...yeah i know you've seen it IG
  13. _VALTER__

    We are getting back bois!!

    People leave this game because it's not fun anymore..even my friend and me who play all the time think that. And we have played this game for over 4 years now They basically ruined the game. Remember when you could drive on terrain normally? or when the repair of the guns didn't cost like more than a half of what you get in te game? or maybe even when you could destroy a tank with the AT bombs...yeah i now its boring but now you can't even play because the enemies spawn like 10 tanks and spawnkill you...and reto thinks they can fix this by adding more AT guns in this game...that's just funny, or maybe even sad. The matchmaking is sh*t and doesn't work properly..and so on, i could go for hours but that's not the point... The game just doesn't have the appeal anymore, imagine what the new player thinks when he doesn't even know how to upgrade his m1g or whatever...
  14. _VALTER__

    German War Resources

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em eh? 😅 I haven't played with the russians for some time, might just think about it...but i still like the challenge when playing with the GE
  15. _VALTER__

    MG42: 3 Hit Kill? (Modifications)

    Just use gold tight grip and max rpm and you will be fine