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  1. vKoii


    Whats the actual point of ranking battles using stars (1-5) ?
  2. Aren't the GE fighters OP right now? Especially your Fantasy Wulf? US' P51 was supposed to have rockets, but of course it would come with big wave of tears. Of course, Stuka had 2x 37mm cannons but its ROF was like 1 round per 2 seconds and the plane had NO BOMBS. So you assume that other factions would be OP with rocket planes, but dont you see the truth about GE rn?
  3. The GE spam is getting bigger and bigger. The games are overflood with special classes, escpecially on staged (and recon spam on the wars) The FW is still broken. Just stall has been changed but no changes for damage and turn speed, really? What's the point of giving a faction plane where you just need to hold Shift, D/A for a while and then S to catch your opponent's back with no time? After this fighter balance, matches are still unplayable because of GE plane spam, damn. US is getting worse and worse at its state, no changes have been made for this faction recently. GE and SU got a new toys, what about the US? Maybe some buffs? And what about this "special classes limitations"? What happened to it? Was it just a late April Fools? Dark times above the US....
  4. Another bait threat?
  5. vKoii

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    The point of this joke is that the 0.5 cals have so much problems with hit registry and 50-60% of shots sometimes dont connect. Other case are wing-mounted machine guns which make hitting target a lot harder, because you re hitting target's wings and when you re encountering this GE flying-joke (FW190) its so frustrating and hard because of its small wings. 0.5 cals barely do damage and destroying a plane's modules is a total RNG here. Fw has cannons nose-mounted and THAT makes a lot easier for hitting the targets... And yeah .. Of course .... 350 APCR rounds in a medium plane xd... Very funny joke. This still makes me to say that GE is an Ez mode faction or just a spam faction when I see at staged... Always outnumbering enemies for example with pilots, because why not to farm with ez mode plane? US gets something OP ? >>Hotfix comes this weekend GE gets something OP? >>We are working on the hotfix and it will be live in no time (8 months later - stall speed reduced) Reto please. At least do something that playing as a pilot should require a skill! Not a plane's parameters that allows it to turn 3x better than the other ones...
  6. vKoii

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    Oh cmon, guys ... As @Juggernaut9631 said - this is not about the stall, but the turn rate ... Whats the point of working on stall things insead of turn rates, when 90% of air fights are being pushed into circle arena? In that case of course FW190 is always winning... Yeah, the balance is a little bit better but this is not what i ve expected. German plane is still outgunning, outturning every other plane and this is the most painful thing here.. Also the 20 mm cannons are really broken in this game since there are problems with hit registry, so you even might get all your modules down in one second by invisible rounds and 0.5 cals are sometimes barely hit anything by that issue. I wont say, I would like to see US medium plane with cannons, not just 0.5 cal with many bugs. FW has 350 APCR rounds for its cannons when P-38 has only 150? Its literally like you drop your bomb as FW and you even dont need to care about your APCR rounds, because it will replenish so fast you wont even notice that. And this is MEDIUM plane. I would like to see a really balanced air combats, where skill should be the only reason to keep you alive ... Not the power of your plane's guns and turn rate... Also the GE pilot spam is still the problem at staged. There is still lack of pilots that are willing to play against nazi swarm in the air. I am waiting for those main GE players (mainly pilots) as they write something like "git gud", "l2p", "GE ez mode" etc. Be creative, people!
  7. vKoii


    FW190 is still broken.
  8. vKoii


    No worries, bro! I gotch'ya and corrected it for you!
  9. vKoii

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    Buff to the FW190? Shouldnt it get nerfed to the ground?
  10. vKoii

    The stupid thing is...

    It all started when this arcade plane (FW190) was released. Pilot data base just decreased so hard in US and SU faction and increased in GE, because they got new OP toy. Yeah, thats the truth. This plane is not balanced. Even this "special classes limit" hotfix is completly a bs, it doesnt change ANYTHING. US and SU players know that there is no way to play against GE plane swarm and especially where half of them have FW190, which can pretty east oneshot you even when you have golden flack jacket (this bagde seems useless btw). To be honest - the 20mm cannons for planes are OP in this game comparing it to the 0.5 cals of US sided planes. Pretty much, for example, GE has every medium plane with cannons and US has only p38 with 1 cannon and 150 AP rounds. Other hand - FW190 has 2 cannons and 350 AP ROUNDS. Wtf? Pretty much - no1 wants to play against GE pilot swarm and their arcade plane. We want just balance air combats with FAIR amount of pilots on each side and balanced fighters where there is no plane which has much more positive statistics, so it allows it to turn faster, accelerate faster and has a much more dmg than the others. In that case there is no skill, just a machine which is doing all the job for you. Lucky for us - FW190 is getting nerfed in the Fighter Balance Patch.
  11. You have the broken, arcade and unrealistic plane - FW190 (free XP farm and it does require NO SKILL to play with it) We have M2 Oof, boi.
  12. vKoii


    First lets balance the factions that are currently in game
  13. Dont forget the broken GE plane, which makes the air combats unplayable against GE
  14. German faction is nothing more than spam faction. If they dont have planes avaliavle in the game resources - they spam tanks If they dont have tanks avaliable - they spam planes. I guess it doesnt surprise all of us, we ve already made our mind about GE faction and actually in my opinion those spam causes US/SU pilots/tankers to Alt+F4 from the game. No1 wants to play against nazi spam machine, I wonder why Reto didnt do ANYTHING about it.