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  1. JustWeekendWar

    Damaged files detected

    Damaged files were detected but I don't know what to do. Pls, send help!
  2. JustWeekendWar

    I can't unequip my vehicle

    I can't umequip my vehicle Why? Is dam weird Or is it meant to be like this in this game
  3. JustWeekendWar

    Thinking of buying vet membership

    Thinking of buying vet membership Is it worth buying? What do i gain nor lost?
  4. JustWeekendWar

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    More update pls
  5. JustWeekendWar

    How to join a clan?

    Finding a clan but i don't know how to join one From Asia Don't have a mic ☹️
  6. JustWeekendWar

    H&G Asia [Germany]

    Can i join???