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  1. Jonas010

    MG34 In New Update

    The MG42 nerfed to the ground ? Not yet but soonTM... ( even with 5HK it'll be an amazing gun, but im willing to read comments when the rounding error gets fixed ^^ )
  2. Jonas010

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Guns aren't the issue but with who and against who you're playing as you know. I suggest them to join Clans and nowadays due to low playerbase the requirments are for sure lower.
  3. Jonas010

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    I don't care about the costs that much and there are alot fellow AT Rambos which also don't care. The Tanker... ummmm.. HE clicker also doesnt care and every Tanker should be T-Bagged.
  4. Jonas010

    Next round of weapon balancing

    Keep in mind that the PPSh lost Range due to RoF buff.
  5. This game died long ago, but captured mods gonna happen sooner or later. You know well that Reto needs the money.
  6. Jonas010

    Want to buy Sturmgewehr 44 as a Soviet Infantry

    I bet you bought just couple Ribbons for the captured STG, which is to say is honest not worth it. With a friend and a STG Booster you could have unlocked it fast. Back to Topic: Just pick an STG again up and the Ribbon gonna return. Its a known issue, which never got fixed.
  7. Jonas010

    RTS Tickets being mixed

    Yeah, this Topic has been discussed here several times and nothing happened in Years. I mean that chances are low for that to be fixed. I wish they'd , but RTS fixes in general doesn't happen. There were only some production rate, stockpile and Capitals changes.
  8. Jonas010

    RTS Tickets being mixed

    What "Joe" is doing is called Leeching. This is possible because of Retos Idea of an shared Pool. It's completely Random. The proof you just posted where you earned 50k exp in the first Match & in the next one only 10k exp. The Pilot ( Character ) earns no matter if he uses a Plane or not. He could for example jump out, pick up a Panzerfaust and destroy a Tank, Kill enemies etc.. Try to send later next time. Wait 5 Minutes and if someone sends Recon Planes don't send your Planes in.
  9. Jonas010

    We always lose.

    Very true, Sir. Everytime I peak my Head out of my Tiger I get Headshotted. This must be some kind of Macro/ESP/etc Hack. This happens everywhere and im a pro Tanker. If not the best.
  10. Jonas010

    in-game voice talk

    I'd restrict voice chat to Squads only and a option to disable it.
  11. Don't forget the "Silent Majority". 🤣
  12. Jonas010

    Gold promotion

    Next Sale is probably on Black Friday and the Christmas Sale gonna happen for sure. But nobody can assure you if there gonna be Gold or just Item discounts. And don't forget that you can get everything with credits too.
  13. Jonas010

    3 ww2 TANK movies you should see

  14. Jonas010

    Starter Packs.

    I've bought all Starter Packs and its true that it doesnt include a new Soldier. Just buy a new Soldier for the Faction you want to buy the Starter Pack and redeem the DLC later. And the Medic DLC can be given to any Infantry Soldier.