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  1. @Reto.Hades How about to decrease the rpm on the m1m2 further, a bit more accurate and finally an AR. Its still an SMG Hybrid.
  2. Jonas010

    fix the game

    I played recently with the SVT SU War and went for example with 68/28 out and had no problem vs Automatics. I do alot better with the new SVT than M1 Garand/G43. And no the SVT is pretty accurate and only the Custom Bullets add upwards recoil. Its simply the best SA as of now.
  3. Jonas010

    fix the game

    The SVT is currently the best SA. Just don't use custom bullets. They all add recoil which goes up.
  4. @Reto.Hades I think its time to close this Thread and make a decision.
  5. @Reto.Hades Why you nerfed especially infantry first gold? Because of why not and lets play with Numbers ? You're screwing our Builds by each update and this is a masterpiece of trolling. I can understand couple tweaks here & there but this one is baseball. But keep trolling us more and I won't buy more Vet with Gold. You're doing it fine by making the 2nd slot useless.
  6. I guess they consider to put LMGs on one Ribbon. Would be better tbh... Or the DT-29 gonna be on infantry assault ribbon.
  7. Don't, the DP-28 is way easier to use while many struggle with the DT-29 due to their sights and the nerf it got. The DP-28 should stay T1 & DT-29 T2. I played recently couple Wars SU and used my 4 AVS Riffles and the Range buff is useless. I can do the same with my 2 STGs. And I saw more US & GE Vets running around with the AVS. The SVT is by the way surprsingly great now.
  8. Jonas010

    US armies with MG42

    Aww, yes OP!!!!!! GE: Yes we want to buy your Guns, but you shouldnt get ours. I've bought like many other the captured PTRS, AVS, STG & MG42 on US. ( with gold ) According to your logic Reto shouldn't sell them and have less income. It's by the way to late. Most US Vets own captured Guns. Those Vets refuse by the way to play GE and the stock STG & MG42 is pretty good. And I see to be honest more US & GE Vets running around with the AVS than Soviets, but we don't hear anything from them.
  9. SU Basic Camo is the best one for Bushwookies. Change my mind.
  10. Jonas010

    We Have Come a Long Way

    Clans are avoiding each other nowadays most of the time. Its Clans vs Randoms and I play with US clans, but now im taking Holidays in the Gulag with friends.
  11. The MG42 is pretty easy and accurate and offers actually the fastest TTK. You just need to Burstfire and to crouch or going prone helps too. In the last GE War Match I went out with 77/24 without even trying. GE has already most Vets and is the easiest Faction to play. The 2.0, 2.5 or even 2.75 Multiplier won't hurt most of them that much. I tried several Builds of it and the low modded rpm Build with Tight Grip Gold is my favorite.
  12. Jonas010

    Link755US seeking US clan

    Add me on Discord and ill pm you invite Links to US Clans. My Discord Nick: Jonas010#1951
  13. You do by checking corners or letting a Teammate run first in. Funnily M1919 Users seems also to do that, but less than MG42 Users. And I switched yesterday to SU to test the Guns and a friend & me gonna stay probably longer on SU. ( Well, we're 3 now. Another GE Main joined us./switched ) The new SVT is nice. Even fully modded its great. And my reply to him was about corner camper and not 2.0. You see that I've put an @lads there for 2.0 ?
  14. Its already happening. There are alot MG42 user sitting in corners. Its to be honest pretty easy nowdays to get it with a booster in Krepost and picking up any LMG. It simply means that it isn't more only a Vet Gun. @Lads Come on, we are close to win. Vote 2.0. We could still talk with Hades to go for 2.5. Its just that 50% wins the voting, but Reto decides it in the End.
  15. Jonas010

    unequity in LMGs

    Okay, I gonna try out that Build later but have only TG Silver unlocked on this Soldier and I'd keep the RPGs for enemy APCs. Well, if it doesn't suit me I have 3 other AVS Soldiers on SU.