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  1. BuffaloVince

    Final new capital city vote

    Can someone explain to me why option 3 is so popular?? I really hate that option xd
  2. I would really like the ZF4 back on the infantry G43. The scope is more known to be on the G43 than the ZF41 - which was more used on K98 to not use a full sniper scope. Ofc the ZF4 will become a bit smaller and will have the current zoom, 1.9x. So just the old scope but with current zoom. SVT and Garand got their more known scopes while G43 gets a lesser known scope, so for me its just a principle. I know this isnt a big suggestion or a very usefull suggestion but i'd like some opinions about it because i think im one of the only ones with this idea actually. But i would really like the zf4 back for inf with small zoom!
  3. BuffaloVince

    unlock 2 badges

    Thanks to all for the interesting comments.
  4. Hi, Small suggestion for Reto. With the cameracontrol for plane there isnt an option to control your tail with a keybinding, u can but only with the classic or mouse controls. ( idk which one ) Is there a possibility to add this to the cameracontrol of the plane? Like if u press 'w' your tail goes up, when u press 'x' your tail goes down. ( i think u can do that with an other control like I said, but i always play with the cameracontrol and that doesnt have the tailcontrol ) thanks in advance. and like i asked in a previous suggestion: how to remove the white background from the text?
  5. I think i have a quite good suggestion. Shouldn't it be a good idea to add a second badge without owning veteran membership. My idea was, when u reach rank 15 with your soldier u unlock the second badge, but only on that specific soldier. So you dont need VM to actually unlock the second badge. In my opinion its a bit p2w, u need to pay for veteran memb to have a second badge, and the badges better your gameplay. So adding a mechanism so u can unlock it, but u kinda need to be at high rank makes it a bit better i think. Someone at Reddit also had a good idea, a ribbon u have to grind to unlock the second badge which is in my opinion very interesting. U also need to compensate the fact u lose a benefit with the VM. I was thinking just add more xp and credit booster like now its 50% i think, make it 75%,... Or maybe a discount, like if u have VM u get 20% discount on everything,... Adding a third badge with VM is a bit unnecessary and makes the person a little too powerfull i think. Let me now what u think about this Conclusion => unlockable second badge VM=veteran membership How to remove white background?
  6. BuffaloVince

    problem squad name

    pfff ur kidding right? because of a name u angry? because of history u angry? sorry but this reaction is really childish in my opinion. Ok if u dont agree, if u feel attacked, i can understand it but just ignore it. SS was part of ww2 and so is HnG. So its stupid to report or in the name of Reto forbid the name from the game. Removing history because it happened, because it had not the view we have today is just stupid. ww2 game -> SS and nazis were part of it so live with it
  7. BuffaloVince

    Germany winning war

    good interesting but probably hard for the attacker interesting but a lot of players will hate that how do u operationalise/ decide what 'noob' is? good and bad points lol nope dude this isn't school, it's just a game but i get your point => too many noobs play war. and that's a fact but I don't like your solutions. i don't think kicking noobs out of it will help, just because how to u decide what a noob is + the faction with an underpopulation will have a very little players fighting in war so the matchmaker will have trouble,...
  8. BuffaloVince


    Isn't there a way to remove mist of the rocks but decrease the speed drastically when not driving on the street. So people will choose the road because of speed but when they want to avoid something they dont need to drive over those rocks, but they just dont loose a lot of speed.
  9. BuffaloVince

    Germany winning war

    I like the idea, i once saw your idea on reddit. Like the map factory will make inf weapons... Map town will make tanks... So the faction with the most towns on the rts will have the best production,... I should have add this idea to the poll :)
  10. Hi, I play this game since 2015 and always as germany. during the year - i think- 2017 germany has won +-3 wars. now we win every wars, I can understand why a lot of us and ussr players are angry about this. but even I as a loyal germany player hate this fact. it isn't fun to play war. u already know the result, and it only takes like a day to finish the war. war definitely needs a change so it becomes balanced. The war really needs to become a long and fair war, so every faction has a fair chance to win the war. How? maybe decrease garmanys production or increase it of usa, ussr. let ussr, usa become allies so it's 2v1 ( will be hard) give usa, ussr 2 capitals while germany only get 1 (berlin or something) ... u have a lot of possibilities. I don't want that germany wins every war but also not that usa/ussr wins it every time just a fair war with all factions have a same chance of succes. sorry for my English, not a native
  11. BuffaloVince

    2x Veteran membership

    thx for the quick answer
  12. BuffaloVince

    2x Veteran membership

    Hello, a few days ago i bought 30 days veteran membership. now u get a redeem voucher with 14 days. are they both active? so they just overlap each other Or will the 14 days be active when the 30days stops? Thank you in advance
  13. BuffaloVince

    Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    Best suggestion i've seen in a while! hopefully something like this is going to be add.
  14. BuffaloVince

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    AVS had a standard mag of 15 STG had a standard mag of 30 - no need to increase or its historically inaccurate. - AVS is already better than the STG so when AVS should have 30 it would be op and after all getting nerfed.
  15. BuffaloVince

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Captured weapons destroys the concept of this game. Before, HnG was a game where each faction was unique: its own weapons, cars, etc. After, I see a lot of players running with weapons of the enemy faction, way more than before. For me the captured weapons update really sucks, it destroyes the whole concept of HnG. So i can automatically conclude, that the captured vehicules update will be a fail too for me.