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    Lest's compare the "OP" weapons

    Johnson has 20 bullets which is almost 7 kills (21 bullets) STG has 30 bullets which is 7.5 kills (30 bullets). Sure mate. i was not talking about the number of bullet alone, i mainly focus the time to reload (more than 4s) and number of bullet is just an additional element here.
  2. GoldenKiyoshi


    I come up with this idea when i look into the population in 3 faction, and i notice that GE always outweigh other 2 faction (due to many reasons) THEME: Lend Lease. During the event, the US and SU faction will become one [faction], face against the German. SU and US can't match/ fight each other in stages or war. OBJECTIVES: Win as much battle as possible DURATION: 1 month AFFECTED PLAYERS: NEWCOMERS / EXPERIENCED / VETERANS AFFECTED GAME AREA: ACTION GAME / RTS / STAGED / WAR POTENTIAL REWARD(S): Lend Lease related skin (gun/vehicle)- which is usable, valuable but not broke the current game. Reto also will have data to analyse the player base to come up with a new idea or solution for the player base issue (like adding new faction or merging faction)
  3. GoldenKiyoshi

    Lest's compare the "OP" weapons

    you overlook other stats, those basic stats is not enough to judge a weapon. Let's me explain more: The m1919 is an LMG, which mean your stamina will consume much faster, and when you fire without aim, your movement also is slowed down, not like the STG - which is an Assault Rifle. The Johnson is also an LMG, but it is a light LMG so the mobility still good, but the problem is the number of bullets in the magazine and the time to reload. Due to the reload, you have to consider using the Fast reload, meanwhile STG doesn't need any requirement badge to use it. What next? the animation, being an LMG make you screen shaking when firing a weapon, which is uncomfortable to use. Anything else? Oh, a scope, yeah, STG have a 4x scope, but I don't see this as an advantage of STG, because I can spot a player at 300m. So if you say to me or any player that the GE is not OP, just because you don't main other 2 factions, so fck off. Before the nerf, and even previous nerf for SU, both of them have something to compare to the STG, but now gone. Enjoy the game that your people ruin, GE faction.
  4. GoldenKiyoshi

    Advance filter menu bug

    when you click the filter, then press the "esc" key, you will stuck into this bug. One way to bring the "to battle" button back is by clicking to the general class, then switch back to your soldier.
  5. GoldenKiyoshi

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    the problem is, we are human, we cannot just sit in front of the laptop and wait for the war end to deploy. The Ger faction know that they only need 4 more cities to end the war (at the beginning, they have 11), so their plan is just pushed as fast as possible before 2 other factions wake up and deploy (early advantage). The stockpile used to prevent them from doing that, but not anymore for this event. My suggested solution is => there should be a "ready phase" after a war end, like everyone is allowed to deploy, but not push to the front line. I also see some comment about why SU and US don't deploy, don't give it a try ? My answer is: Reto care about their income, so do we, we care about our Warfund, our Gold, our money. You know you have a fail event when you have the first 2 war of the event last in 1 or 2 days.