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  1. khanemir

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Ran a short test. Can still spray people at good ranges, with the MG42, standing up, no TGG....😆
  2. khanemir

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    The new recoil pushing for short bursts breaks the balance between various weapon types. Spent 2 days testing, couldn't log in to give my opinions on the prototype. Now tested all GE guns again. The same problem from the prototype still plagues everything. The update makes MGs overperform in every aspect. Sure, OP Mg13 was nerfed and Mg34 (previusly useless) was buffed, that's good. BAR was also buffed, also good. But the problem is that the new system that pushes for short bursts is a huge buff to ALL MGs. Explanation TTK is not linear. How TTK works: 1hk weapons need 1 shot 2hk weapons need 2-3 shots (some might miss) 3hk weapons need 4-8 shots (some WILL miss) 4hk weapons need even more... That's why Heavy set is in it's own league as far as badges go. That's why MG's always dominate the meta, they have higher damage. The new recoil system pushes all of this to a new level. TTK shortens more than before for high damage weapons and becomes longer for lower damage weapons. Heavy set is now considerably better than before, because the difference between 3hk and 4 hk is significantly bigger in terms of TTK. MGs that are 3hk against HSG like MT and M1919 got a huge boost from this. All other MG's also did, as they're 3hk against the other players, and can become 3hk even against HSG with bullets. Rof is a meaningless stat now compared to damage. Stg got a bit of a Rof nerf. It doesn't matter, what matters is that ALL MGs got a huge boost in accuracy for the first few bullets they shoot, and those few bullets are strong and accurate enough now to kill a player at medium ranges, the Stg would probably take 2-3 times as much. MG13 got a bigger rof nerf, but despite having stats significantly nerfed, is not weaker than before, it's stronger, but all other MGs got an even better boost, that's why it appears as nerfed. Sure all factions are now more balanced, because MG's rule all possible encounters at all possible ranges, and all factions now have good MGs. This comes with lower pool of choosable weapons and with the badge meta becoming even more stale. All loadouts are now MG 8pts + heal 2pts (some might have 1 heal and also add a handgun), HSG+TGG.
  3. khanemir


    War should not be available for newbies, like before. At least not specialist classes. Infantry newbs in war is bad but acceptable, tanks, planes, recons, JUST NO.
  4. khanemir

    Sturmgeschütz School - Choose the StuG Life ...

    No. The Hetzer would become useless. It's better to have to compromise when choosing between the 2 and playing different styles, this is a game after all.
  5. khanemir

    why should i Join Germany again?

    You shouldn't join Germany. Switching from Germany after you unlocked most stuff over a period of a few years, I'm not going to do that.
  6. Meh, back to being better at everything that the other types of weapon. I prefer how they are now when deployed but... undeployed they should have stayed like in the previous build. Now it's OP shirt all around, all over again, that can also be deployed for long range. Great! 😢
  7. khanemir

    A new soviet Gun, No its not the FA

    Having a diverse selection of weapons. In reality MG34 was better but more expensive than MG42, the T34 owned all german tanks in the first years of the war and so on...
  8. khanemir

    A new soviet Gun, No its not the FA

    AVS is already great. Altering or replacing it would result in either a nerf or a OP gun, so I must say: don't change it! AVS should stay exactly how it is now. If AVT is just automatic SVT, then its recoil should be greater or equal to the recoil SVT has. Also 7ep because it is in the assault rifle class. This would result in a weapon that is very hard to control on auto (probably MG42 style but no bipod), which also has high damage and a really accurate first shot, but no hip fire accuracy at all. This could be interesting, as there is no other weapon with a similar role.
  9. khanemir

    Heavy set replaced with "body armor"

    If HS is removed all weapons and mods should get -15% damage.
  10. Nope. And remove scopes from infantry or make them max 2x.
  11. This is not the kind of game that has: high skill ceiling (with few exceptions), ranked matches etc. So you can have matches with absolute beginners and the best players playing together. Also, most players don't have a very competitive attitude, they either play for fun or for grind. I don't support this.
  12. khanemir

    GE = Spam based faction (Air combat)

    I think this pretty much sums up my argument and the main cause from which all problems stem, when it comes to planes. P.S. Also the only benefit of going against tanks (queuing in assault that is not inf only) is tank hunting to grind the AT ribbon for better equipment that you'll later need in war. This is at the base of H&G. Infantry is the main class and if you play infantry (like 100% of the player base), you really have no reason to want to fight against any other classes (nobody likes getting sniped, so recon is out too).
  13. khanemir

    GE = Spam based faction (Air combat)

    I say the current system proves once again you can't give everyone what they want. In H&G, infantry is the most played class, followed by recon, tank, para... pilot comes last. Everyone had demands, devs implemented them (they shouldn't have) and this is the result. People wanted staged without tanks, planes etc. - they got it. People wanted tank only mode - they got it. People hate planes in war, because usually only one side has them and the match sucks for both teams - it's very hard to deploy planes in war. Right now, playing pilot is mostly a staged adventure. Most people that play staged choose the inf only mode because it's better if you are inf. Tankers choose either tank v tank or normal game (assault / capture & hold), but tank v tank has lower queue. Pilots can only choose assault, but only a small fraction of the other players goes for that mode. The result is very long queues (because there is no inf for those games) and finally, when a few inf actually choose to play assault (usually less than 10 for both sides combined), all pilots that have been waiting for 10-15 min are shoved into that game. So you queue for 10 - 15 mins, matchmaker puts you in a absurdly unbalanced game and you suggest on top of that, you should also not be able to spawn. This can't be a solution. The only real solution for the problem discussed is forcing everyone to play against planes and tanks, i.e. no more inf only and tank only modes. This way there would be much lower queues because all matches would have planes in them, so you'd get 1-2 pilots per game. On the other hand, most players (including me), prefer playing inf only and tank only, there will never be an answer that satisfies everybody. Conclusion: we can't have it all.
  14. Try the BAR for the purpose Stg and AVS are for. It's not the same but it's not bad either.