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    bugs on maps

    scr1 scr2 Stuck, only f11 to get out
  2. German121314

    Will there be a PRRS fix ?

    scr1 scr2 Stuck, only f11 to get out
  3. German121314

    bugs on maps

    Stuck (again) img location
  4. German121314

    bugs on maps

    AGAIN, but other place CLICK location
  5. Такая же тема, каждый раз перепроверять. После одного-двух раз проверок все работает.
  6. German121314

    Crosshair jumps on tanks!

    So, when i play on some tanks (100% sure - on su100 and jag) crosshair actually jumps a lot and i cant aim the enemy. Actually point where the shell goes - CLICK Tried to explain the amout of "jumping" - CLICK So no, it`s not that i am noob. it jumps randomly, so one (or more) shell goes in the center, then the crosshair shakes and the next shell goes low, then it shakes again randomly to the center.
  7. German121314

    bugs on maps

  8. German121314

    Will there be a PRRS fix ?

    По сути, контрить птрс можно просто набрав высоту на самолете, танки она не убивает, вот и осталось ее только против машин применять да рожалок. Если ты про маленькие развед самолетики - то их с обычного пулемета косить можно, что логично
  9. German121314

    bugs on maps

    stuck screenshot
  10. German121314

    Tank-vs-Tank bug

    Fix terrain pls, i stuck here too often SCR
  11. German121314

    matchmaker issues

    Smth is broken, i can`t find a match as inf for 5 minutes, air and tanks are almost impossible (but i have all 3 tiers), better in non-war mode, but still.
  12. Такой вопрос: вот играю уже 400 часов, все окей. После обновы с ботами в обычных играх ушел в войну. опыта валом, только ждать очень долго. Отсюда вопрос: а как быстрее искать игры, если даже за обычную пехоту ждать 5 минут в поиске, а про пилотов просто можно забыть (пилот с 3 самолетами) И зачем вообще нужны шг? Ну высадил я войска на карте, ну отправил. А дальше что? Где профит?
  13. German121314

    Tank vs Tank

    Ok, i know, you may read this thread so, my opinion (in case you need me - Steam profile - ~200h in h&g) So, the mode is good bcs of: huge maps. Really huge. That makes you feel like on a real battlefield. Besides, you may also ride a lot, hide a lot, unlocking ribbons much faster. Also, almost every battle lasts the maximum time possible. That means, that you make more credits, more rank exp, more exp for the vehicles and so on (damn, thats the first time i`ve made around 140 shots on konig and refield my ammo twice) But, the mode needs significant changes. I mean - physics of the trees. There are some trees on the map, that already fall when you ride on them. But you really need to do it for every bush. That will change the gameplay bcs every tank will have 2 options. 1 - ride on the field, but no cover from vision. 2 - try to hide in the bushes, but can be seen by enemy even before shoot. This mode sometimes is boring because lack of the vision. No, you may say that during the real war tanks were hidden with some camonetting and they were almost invisible before the shoot. But, this is the game and you may influence on that in some way. Firstly, you need to do smth with the marks. Because of the trees and bushes sometimes you will shoot on mark. But, the tank can be behind the hill, so mark is .transparent..?? Pls, change that, if the target is behind some obstacle - mark can has stripes or smth like that. Or you can spawn a recoon squads (that`s their mission, to give us vision, right?) But, you have to prohibit them to use mines or grenades (wow, i just thought about adding some minefields (with the signs, ofcourse)). But thay have to get points when the enemy is spotted, or when he is damaged by allies (basing on your marking), so that means you have to rework point system as well. I`m sure, recoons in this mode will do their role perfectly. Besides that, there is another note, that i have to say. Armor. I know, in real battle armor is given once, but the battles here are much longer, than in other modes. And when you get hit around 10 times - every hit will damage a lot, even if you have full hp. What about making repair hangars? Special buildings, where all tanks are repaired to starting quality? (also, i think, that resupply of the ammo can go without the driver inside) Bots. If you drive inside the town - you are dead.Their AI is good, but i think, that was a mistake giving them a\t weapons. You can simply place some boxes with the panzerfaust, so if you drive inside - you have to controll that box in order to stay alive. The boxes have to be almost on every corner, so you have to controll at least 2-3 boxes in your vision field. Capturing the point... Well, if your team won (what depends exclusively on bots, bcs tanks, that drive inside die too fast) you will get more credits. If you lost - well, not your day. So, either you have to.. equalize the reward (depending on time and points). Or, somehow, change the rules so win really matter and depends on you. I also want to add, that i like that mode, maybe i can give it an 6,5\10. Try to improve it, i believe that you can make it almost perfect! p.s. why when i kill an enemy his name in logs is green, like it`s a person from my squad? What about classical red colour? Thank you for your attention.