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  1. TomeleRola

    Game runs substantially better

    No difference, the game is still poorly optimized and doesn't deliver to me more than my 15/20 fps per match, even with a GT730 (it's old but it should be enough after all with an i3 it's possible to run until the GTA V for what I could notice).
  2. If I'm not wrong in a previous post about this subject, someone important ended up confessing, so they are already aware of the problem, they are not interested in solving these issues, they are more interested in adding useless things to the game, like by examples more expensive grenades that almost nobody will want to use. Everybody already knows that it's true and that the problem is real, who uses it will say no, will deny it, but we all know that they are using macros for mouse, aimbots, no recoil and auto trigger and so on. Everyone here in this community is already aware that any programmer with a minimum of knowledge can make a macro like this very easily. Besides the macros there are the usual hackers. Uninstall the game and wait enlisted to be released. Gaijin is a company with more resources and much more responsible than RETO.
  3. In a few moments the moderator closes the post! It's no use complaining about it, what you can do is hope to launch a new game from a developer that takes these cheating problems more seriously.
  4. These mines are useless because they are expensive, their allies are dumb and blind or else they destroy their mines causing you damage, there is the problem of the bots who are dumber than their allied players. The current mine warning system is very bad. In order to solve the allies should not be able to explode the mines by stepping on them and neither their grenades and weapons should be able to destroy them, the mines should affect only the enemies, that is, limit the interaction of mines only with enemies.
  5. RETO needs to improve its identity verification system to avoid the introduction of alt accounts and improve the accuracy of its statistics system.
  6. TomeleRola

    LMG for cars Rework

    You only forgot to ask for more head and body protection for the support shooters, because currently they are very vulnerable which renders their function and reason for their existence useless.
  7. Yes, it's enough that the developer invested in Machine Learning at the beginning of the development of the game! But as the commitment seems more focused on making money than providing real entertainment, they ended up forgetting this important detail.
  8. I don't need to add or prove anything else about this to you, because here on this topic, several other people besides me, have CONFESSED with all the letters that THE PROBLEM EXISTS. INCLUDING IMPORTANT PEOPLE HAVE DECLARED IT TO BE TRUE! It has nothing to do with computer or internet performance, this you are mentioning is another subject that is totally irrelevant to the subject, since as I said, I'm not the only one saying that this is happening, unless you are blind or lazy and have not read all the answers that were left here on this same topic, you need to follow from the beginning and not come from the end talking as if you understood everything from the beginning. About ping, the farther away from your country is the server, the worse your ping will be in the game. And the game has more than one server which allows a large variation of ping in matches. To improve my fps in this game, I would need to buy a new computer, an expense of a few hundred dollars and I'm not an barista to buy a new machine just to have 120 fps, this game does not deserve all this expense. My computer is not enough for it, but it's enough for the others games (that is, it wouldn't compensate the expense in function of ONE GAME, an old game), the problem as others specified here, is that the game is badly optimized. Note: About the Amazon, I LIVE IN IT! I did military service for nearly eight years AND I HAVE TRAVELLED FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, EAST TO WEST, by land, water and by air, I know MY PEOPLE well, I am descendant of Brazilian Indians and I have already visited the various villages of amazon indians. This is irrelevant to the proposed subject and you are running away from it.
  9. You can do it, like infantry sometimes. I will repeat again, I am not saying or affirming that this is the only factor, since the beginning I have cited only as an example among many others. I'm also not denying that there are excellent players, in very small amount in H&G, since it is a game very little known and explored by gamers. But what really matters is that you admitted that there are cheaters in this game, you even mentioned that you have faced some, besides here something about cheaters sites was mentioned. For me this is proof enough to prove my point. We don't even need to continue in this, my point has already been verified here. As I said before, complaints exist because of cheaters and these complaints increase or decrease according to the number of cases.
  10. That is why I have said only ONE EXAMPLE, at no time have I write that this is the only factor. In the matches I play where I know that a HS count is legitimate, they are usually long matches of 15 or more min, in these matches I've actually seen veteran players do 20, 30 and even more, but these same ones in the vast majority of cases are with a k/d count around 120, 150 or more. The cases we start to suspect are in matches with less than 10 minutes and with the k/d count still below 100. How can it be an accusation if no one's name has been mentioned? How can it be an accusation if you yourself are confirming that there are cheaters? It's not an accusation! It is also not speculation or conjecture, it is a fact, confirmed by yourself in your own writing.
  11. Yes, I can play recon in one match, make a screenshot of the score, then, in another match, change to infantry, change the name of the squad, take another screenshot of the squad and say that I played infantry when in fact I was playing recon.
  12. Can I print things from different parts in different matches?
  13. You say one thing, but the name of the squad on the screenshot says another. No, this has no connection, I'm not the only one saying this, many others are saying it too. If I were the only one maybe it would be the case, but I'm not the only one. Many others who don't manifest, don't do it just because every time someone manifests himself to say something in this sense he is called a crybaby, a noob or anything else by the defenders of cheaters. As I said, cheats are quite recurrent in FPS games. The older the game, the easier it will be for you to cheat without being detected by anti cheat. Hasn't it already been said here that officially there are two cheating sites? I don't know if the guy was trolling, but as he said I will understand that he meant it. Come on, there's no child here, the truth is that Reto knows about the cheaters and won't ban anyone in order not to lose even more audience and money.
  14. Playing recon, when I said that I meant infantry, recon players don't need any cheating but they can do 30 head shots, much more, now infantry is not common so many HS in a single match. Try playing infantry this way, with an average of 15 fps and 90 ping per match. There in the screenshot shows 24, but the average is 15 because it is not a fixed fps, because it varies between 15 and 30 depending on the map(in most cases is 15 fps). I won't spend almost a thousand dollars on a new computer just to improve my fps just to play this game, it would be very stupid on my part to do such a thing, if I were to do this it would be to play more modern games and with much more quality than this, I'm quite satisfied with my performance with this pc in this game. The curious thing is that with the same PC, I can run very well games more modern than H&G, example of this: Warthunder, World of warships among others. Running these games around 50/60 fps with medium graphics. The graphics are at the minimum possible resolution and even so my pc can't deliver more fps than that in this specific game(H&G).
  15. You mean that now when we see something wrong in a match, where several others are also seeing and saying the same thing besides you, it makes you a noob? I assure you dude, I am as good a player as anyone here, what I don't have is a NASA PC to run this game that is ridiculously badly optimized that can guarantee me a satisfactory fps rate. Even running this game almost in slow motion I manage to do well in most of the games, always being among the 5 best scores. It's not because I'm complaining about something THAT IS A REALITY that I'll be called noob by an straw man that defends the maintenance of hacks and cheats. Usually cheaters defenders are cheaters too, I don't know if it's your case, even because it wouldn't be possible to check. You're there on the other side of your PC and you can talk any crap, you can say you make your 30 HS in every match fairly and with pure skill, but no one will ever know what is really you behind this mask you are wearing. Saying that people are noob is no argument, get a better one, get proof of what you are talking about and stop talking useless things. Be useful to the community and stop supporting cheaters, if you really aren't one.