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  1. To whom it may concern, I've been sitting on this idea for an extended period of time. The logistics class . The logistics class focuses primarily on support rather than on-the-front game-play. The logistics class contains game mechanics surrounding things like buffing team mates and building fortifications. The logistics class can help other classes like infantry and paratroopers. They can assist them with items such as cigarettes and rations. These rations could be soups or sandwiches. The cigarettes would serve as small med-kit, resupplying health up to 75%. Rations can do anything from raising a player's maximum health to increasing their stamina recovery rate. The strength of these effects would be determined by the Culinary Artist badge. Players can unlock more advanced rations as they level up and select the ones they wish to use with the "cook-book" item. The badge to decrease ration preparation time would be called "Ready set chef." It would start at 10% and increase by an additional 10% per badge level. The logistics class would also be able to construct fortifications such as foxholes, artillery and rail guns ( the kind on a railroad not an actual rail gun). I think the logistics class would revive the long dead teamwork aspect of the game. The Logistics Class would set a new standard in team and squad-based game-play. Forever yours, -Winston