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  1. smikkelbeer901

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    When you have max soldiers and you purchase a DLC, the soldier will be added to the soldier list in the main menu, but will only be visible on the ingame list when you queue as said soldier.
  2. smikkelbeer901

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    this is the answer i got from Umbra about that a few weeks ago
  3. smikkelbeer901

    Is there a group for finding a squad?

    I most of the times just get invited at random by people on my friends list, you could do the same but other way around and invite people on your friendslist
  4. smikkelbeer901

    Asian RTS Glitch

    well, if the front is only fun 3 towns deep and the rest is softcap, what do you expect to happen?
  5. smikkelbeer901

    AT not getting xp after battle

    Im aware of that aswell, and as i said before. After that first win that should have leveled it, it did get xp for a few losses, untill it reached the point where a loss would level it aswell, and it didnt get xp for that either.
  6. smikkelbeer901

    AT not getting xp after battle

    nah, if it was serverlag it should have gotten the xp after some time, but even after a day it didnt get it
  7. smikkelbeer901

    AT not getting xp after battle

    so one of my walking guards who is close to leveling up, has now not gotten xp 3 times. every time it didnt get xp it would have been enough to level that AT up. all 3 battles were defences, 2 were wins, and was a loss. inbetween those 2 wins and the last battle it didnt get xp from, it did get xp from other losses, just not the last one that would have leveled that AT up.
  8. smikkelbeer901

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    No problem, just trying to be helpful
  9. smikkelbeer901

    Existing recons didn't receive rank 7 scopes

    Im fairly certain i can still equipm the 2,8x with german #1 retical on my US recon garand..
  10. smikkelbeer901

    "no more then 6 specialist can join a match via matchmaking"

    well, half the enemy spend the entire match in a plane, and the other half was either loving around in a tank or a 222 and occasionaly would go and be a bushwookie. I spend the entire match just running around and annoying tanker with my bazooka, was expensive but really fun.
  11. This was a fun match.... 38 infantry used in a 44 minute match, so less then 1 per minute. one of many examples of matches played after the hotfix. but GE doesnt spam specialist classes, only looks like it.
  12. smikkelbeer901

    Community Hotfix

    If thats the case, then the way they have limited specialist is utterly useless, as can be seen by the screenshot i provided. It should not put in more specialist if there are already 6 in specialist squads in that game.
  13. smikkelbeer901

    Community Hotfix

    no more then 6 specialist could join a match right? then WTF is THIS shirt!!!
  14. smikkelbeer901

    xp bonus question

    There are these things called squad upgrade points. Each one gives 2,5% bonus xp. Either your soldier has a few of these, or the squadmates you played had a few resulting in the bonus zo shown in yellow.
  15. smikkelbeer901

    Broken tank spawns on Sawmill map

    Bug: When spawning in a tank, the tank either flips, or it instantly dies, this only happens on the lake side spawn, and only occasionaly, but it is really annoying Map Encountered: Sawmill Location Encountered: The lake side spawn, mainly in the area with the deep cracks in the terrain Details:it seems to only happen with either TD or Medium tanks, and not with lights. How to Reproduce?: Spawn a tank on the lake side spawn, it usually happens once per game