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  1. cellbuilder2

    Gun names!

    M1 Garand: You Died Kbar knife: I Like Your Guts :Q concussion grenade: M7 Cardboard Harem Revolver: Virginity Protector© Thompson: Ping CANNOT Save You Grenade: *Microphone Drop* (got this name from this thread but made it better) BAR: #UWalkedIntoA: Grease Gun: #GreaseNotIncluded:/ annnnd for the best one... Stielhandgranate: Have A Cigar (The knife is the best weapon in the game)
  2. I am no programmer, but I am a occasional SFM tinkerer and Audacity playboy. I do not understand at all the complete mental idiocy the devs exhibit. I myself with my limited butt ability could make and pack some decent sounding gun sounds. Hell, you can BUY gun sound packs off the internet specifically for video game use!!! Seriously, people in the community have themselves created gun sound replacement packs which are illegal though tempting. Several proof of concept videos are available on a youtube search. No doubt these people would be more than willing to let RETO use their soundpacks or ideas right? But no, we need snowballs, we need SATCHEL CHARGES, we need FLAMETHROWERS, we need to get the MG 32 buffed for some bloody weird reason... I started playing around 2015, and I have yet to fully wrap my head around why these stupid little cool things were so neglected. I heard that in early alpha and beta builds, there were hitler speeches played on megaphones for ambience. It would have been so cool to live those days...
  3. cellbuilder2

    srsly reto... nerfing AP mines?

    Holy shirt I think it was me who tripped your ap mines. Yep. Surprised me greatly to walk through two of them.
  4. cellbuilder2

    Why does M1919 suck?

    I would go so far as to say that the Thompson is one of the better CQC weapons the US have. The damn thing is a sniper, not as much as the mp40 so I digress on that. But anyways despite the low bullet velocity, I can make plays all the other weapons can only dream about. Yesterday I got into a really nice factory match. Now I am not the best player in the world and usually kind of suck when multiple people are shooting at me. In said Factory match, a bunch of OG soviets were invading a room. I killed three of them in a multikill with one mag and then died shortly thereafter. I got 51-34 in that match. This is something that I am fairly sure the grease gun is incapable of doing. I own the frogskin camo for the grease gun since I used to only play with that thing for so long. I hope that gives you an idea of how long I used that piece of shirt. I KNOW how the grease gun plays. The Thompson has superior sights, decent range and stopping power. About the ranged combat though, the ROF mods dont terribly affect stability. So I have been able to W + M1 players from a long ways away. It is simply a heavy powered lasergun at long distances. With a little bit of experience you can nullify the shirty projectile speed, you can predict the path of an enemy vehicle and shoot ahead of it, you will predict where the enemy will be and shoot him. I think the Thompson is a very versatile and decent weapon for the US. Dont blaim the game for your inability to adapt and learn.
  5. cellbuilder2

    Which Rocket launcher is better? (American Faction)

    Pretty damn amazing man! Bookmarked and saved. Wish half this information was on the wiki.
  6. Could someone give me a pro-con list on each launcher? I just use bazooka but I am wondering if any one is better money wise or damage wise.
  7. cellbuilder2

    Hypothetical: The possibility of H@G being run by the community

    I uh... actually did? I really dont give a flying shite about Gaius. Just using his name as an example.
  8. I think we can all agree that this game will die when Reto goes bankrupt and turns the servers off, and that day will come suddenly and soon. But what if during the liquidation of the company assets, the source code, server program, and item server backups were released to some trusted community members (aka: Schilli, Gaius Balter). I believe that it may be possible to give old H@G a "hard reboot". Picking apart the RTS and adjusting it should be easy as changing the settings in a config or text file. The action game would require some deeper reverse engineering and changes but also possible to change basic weapon values in a config file somewhere. The client game would have to be altered to connect with a different server. Easily changed with some work. Said servers could be improved and better ones created. Trusted community members, if they are willing, could set up mini servers around the world in their own homes. I know this community, and I know some people would do this. Screw that Russia server. We could have a much better game then with weapons changes dictated by the community while bloody statistics stay in their place. Battlefield 1942 and its servers went offline some years ago. But people came together and made a massive mod for it that connected it to a different master server. This enables players to enjoy the game even today. Course it wouldn't be as simple with Heroes and Generals but the idea is there and doable. Money is definitely an object with this sort of thing. Suffice it to say this game already has a monetization system in place, it simply needs to be altered for that different method (paypal redirector instead of steam). The grind could be lessened, new players could start with 300k credits to help them out in the beginning, gold prices could be made reasonable. IN TWO STINKING WEEKS WE COULD ACHIEVE WHAT RETO HAS BEEN "TRYING" TO DO FOR 5 BLOODY YEARS. Yes there are details but I know this community would do its best to make it happen. WILL it actually happen? no... The source code, server software and game client will sit on a Seagate 2 TB platter drive in some RETO employee attic. After about thirty years no one will know how the hell to interface it to some future computer. It will rust in a landfill RIP... OR, if RETO really cared about their game, they would take this half threat - half motivational roman speech thing I wrote here and listen to us.
  9. cellbuilder2

    You can get stuck in the church walkway

    I made a for fun poll alupkasix requested, if you wanna check it out.
  10. cellbuilder2

    Poll: Will RETO ever fix their maps?

    Alright, lets do this. If you actually pick the right answer you get a free puppy.
  11. cellbuilder2

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    Even with Marksman trigger job the grease gun's fire-rate is so bad it cannot compete at all. Ill take the revolver over the grease gun now. WTF Reto.
  12. cellbuilder2

    Rest in Peace, old Airfield map...

    Ive been getting emotional over old times. Please share some good airfield stories with me if you got any.
  13. On the town map in the church there is a possibility to get permastuck. There is a bombed out section on the west side (the side with aa gun) with some planks that run across it. If you step wrong your character can get stuck good between the boards and wall.
  14. cellbuilder2

    Been gone for a long time...

    Hey, trying to get back in the game. Damn I remember playing this game off and on since Vasilevsky, good times. How is H@G doing since then. This game never had a substantial playerbase. How are enough numbers being maintained today? Any nerfs, bugs, and baseball I should be prepared for? I imagine its not the same game now. I remember it had a dark dusky aesthetic to the whole game that really conveyed feelings to me back then. Now its happy sunshine from what I have seen.
  15. cellbuilder2

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    I see, give me some time and I will be able to dig up my original numbers. My uploaded screenshots might help. One question, how do I translate hex to dec, and dec to hex? Some sort of program? Also, food for thought: can misconfigured audio logs or drivers affect fps aside from giving you a headache? Things have happened that make me wonder about this... For example, I was looking straight down one battle at the ground and got stable fps at around 40-50, not very impressive but stable. I waited and HE shells started pawhooshing around but my fps dived anyway, even when the picture wasn't rendering, COULDNT HAVE RENDERED, the HE blasts, that were outside the house I was standing in. I am probably just full of bs but sometimes these things in video games make me wonder, especially if the game, (with inward nostalgia of course) is heroes and generals. Thanks for your help and time!