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  1. I had someone pitch them to me
  2. I tried it with grenades, didnt work
  3. .....Why? You are working on things like this, yet they are massive holes in the terrain that everyone gets stuck inside. Don't even bother with the "the devs work on different things" line, you should have recruited accordingly then. <Exception><Version>162242&#13;&#10;QQ&#13;&#10;</Version> <ExceptionAddress>1423909512</ExceptionAddress> <Description>ACCESS_VIOLATION</Description> <Details>(read from 00000026)</Details> <Username>HitnRun2016</Username> <Scene>Environments/Scenes/Gamemaps/T02M01_Mountain.scn</Scene> <HumanReadable><![CDATA[----- Exception ------------------------------------------------------- Version 162242 QQ Exception at 54DF2288: ACCESS_VIOLATION (read from 00000026) Username: HitnRun2016 Scene: Environments/Scenes/Gamemaps/T02M01_Mountain.scn player: 54DF2288 CreateAirInterface() Computer name: DESKTOP-3HGN16Q Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals\live\hng.exe" /M 2471538847809860383 /P 8439158848458058554 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 8648347933901353430 /V 162242 /x LaunchedByHngSync /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=8648347933901353430::vLMq3GafNPWKa2mSr2uQRClYhN0" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Time (UTC): Tue Oct 29 09:36:02 2019 Absolutely amazing work, now the battles don't even load!
  4. =Vortex=


    You may find you actually sell more gold if you stop trying to force people into buying more gold than they need. The 2nd gold package contains 2,200 gold when the 30 day vet costs 2,400, which forces people to purchase the 3rd gold package at a much higher price, which most people will not be willing to do.
  5. =Vortex=


    No one plays US because the faction has been shafted update after update. Give me one actual reason why anyone would play US now.
  6. =Vortex=

    Game sound feedback

    I also love the sound of a PPS-43 and PPSh reloading right next to my ear, when in reality the player is the other side of the map.
  7. =Vortex=

    Merge the SU and the US

    This has already been discussed in one of their dev streams they don't have the resources to add new factions. So this game is set to stagnate for about 6-12 months before dying.
  8. =Vortex=


    You have to ADS with LMGs, where as you can hipfire with SMGs, they arent the same Try one, you will see why...Its junk
  9. Primary users for spitfires: British Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force United States Army Air Forces <<-----
  10. =Vortex=


    You missed the biggest point, its still a game. If everyone just used bipods the game pace would slow down to the point of boredom, theres already enough campers, I wish Bipods had never been added to this game.
  11. =Vortex=


    I talk about making the MG13 and Johnson, pretty much the same and you want it different from that, I can only assume bias.
  12. =Vortex=


    I was just about to make a similar post, I heard that Reto are considering nerfing the MG13 and DT29, they simply don't need to, make them both tier 3 LMGs along with the johnson and make the Johnson perform almost identically to the MG13 with a slightly faster reload due to the smaller clip and increase it to 7 equipment slots. Tier 1 LMGs: Bar, DP-28, MG34 Tier 2 LMGs: M1919, Maxim, MG42 Tier 3 LMGs: Johnson, DT29, MG13 If they then changed the M2 Carbine to perform more like the STG and AVS by slowing it down and being better at range, we would finally have balance across all factions with the exception of the cancer that is the PTRS As the Johnson would no longer be available to use for Paratrooper, add the Reising Model 55 as the paratrooper specialist weapon.
  13. =Vortex=

    CHANGELOG 1.16 - Aim, Fly and Fire

    Please can you ask the team for the next update to be terrain fixes across all maps, the terrain has been horrendous for ages now and you haven't done a thing about it, even though there has been an entire thread posting the location of pretty much every single terrain bug here:
  14. =Vortex=


    "Lets balance the game" Reto give an a reskinned FG42 with a bigger magazine as a tier 1 LMG to Germany. Absolute top class trolling.