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  1. _Vidoque_

    remove AT from tankers

    it IS broken Bad tankers, that can not destroy a tank with a tank even if you put one in front of them, have to use these AT grenades, it is just pathetic. Actually it is just a terrible bad game mechanic by RETO to allow this to happen. And as if this was not enough, they added the possibility for tankers to spawn in tanks, another bad game mechanic. And not even to consider that to destroy a tank with a tank takes many shots while the infantry with the grenades can kill you basically instantly, also makes no sense. Yes, RETO added the tank-vs-tank battle mode and gave us ONE map to play on, and they broke it instantly with these bad implementations. They just dont get it or they did it is on purpose to piss of players.
  2. So really, what is this shirt? So I go (light) tank-vs-tank battles basically Then those enemy noob tankers that cant kill a tank with their tank even if you put one in front of them, they start to use AT grenades Where with my tank I need at least 5+ hits on the enemy tank, the noob tanker with AT grenades, can take your tank out in just 3 throws... And in case you manage to kill him, he spawns spawn faster in another tank then you can even start to move (another plain stupid game mechanic) And THIS should be a TANK vs TANK battle... yeah sure, I really do not understand how such a bad game mechanic could even get into the game and even worse, that NOONE is even doing something about it. Yeah I know, RETO is AWOL since ages and they didnt give a shirt about this in the past, sure nothing will be done about this. Very sad.
  3. This happened already a few times; the mg of the tank starts shooting by itself when you spawn in your tank.
  4. _Vidoque_

    No more Tank vs Tank battles?

    After having just finished a tank-vs-tank battle, I got this; No possibility to select this game mode.
  5. The good thing is that there is an only light-tank against light-tank battle. Once you can get your hands on a medium tank and would like to level that one, the fun is over. Try to enter a tank-vs-tank battle with a medium tank, with your basic AP round, you are basically a sitting duck. Not much for the enemy medium tanks, that sure can be tough to beat if they use a high tier one, but mainly for the heavy tanks that 2 shoot you in a few seconds. These tanks have increased scope visibilty, often have a gunner gold badge, so when you are reloading they are already shooting at you. Further these tanks shoot at a bigger distance with high velocity while your tank cant even get close to them. so RETO, what is the idea behind this? Really, it is only creating a bigger devide between vets and newbies, the latter most porbably give up due to frustration and worse might also leave this game. Can't you just create 2 different specific battle scenario where one can have only medium tanks/medium tank destroyers and one with only heavy tanks/heavy tank destroyers? Then when you join war or a staged assault battle well, you can face them all, mixed. @Reto.Hades, I dunno if you are still even reading the forum feedback/suggestions, I can only hope so, and if so please consider this for one of a next update as a Quality Of Life improvement. Thanks
  6. _Vidoque_

    Does Iron Fist Work While Using A Tank?/Loadout Question

    Bump same question for me, anyone?
  7. Ok, as we are on it, another game mechanic that is comepletely f.ckd up; AT grenades for tankers and tankers that can spawn in friendly tanks OMG, WHY? 1. to kill a tank with a same tier tank takes about 5 shots, an uncapable tanker with just a few AT grenades can take your tank down in a few seconds?! are you kidding? 2. and then these pathetic uncapable tankers spawn faster than anyting else in a friendly tank, to be on the enemy tanks again in a few seconds if he didnt manage to kill it with grenades in the first place. Ok, the level of ..... (< you fill it in) is just beyond human comprehension. And then they ask why players leave the game...
  8. My idea also. Really, is it so hard to have more variety in battles with the resource? When you have this, do you really think that if one can use a hight tier tank / plane wouldn't use it? As a new player you just will not stand a chance in your low tier tank (plane). I normally leave these battles when they pop, Its just another 'awesome' game mechanic to guarantee player retention.... (omg...)
  9. and again, every first shot I receive on my Luchs is 9 out of 10 times a gun breach, so I'm f.ckd. It must be the RETO way to help the opposite faction and to have some (hidden) credit sink in the game. I doubts the chaffee has a gun breach at the first shot of a luchs, probably it will not even happen. Yeah, the absurd spawn delay is just there to pss off people, its the worst game design ever; instead of letting you play the game 'they' want you to NOT play the game! Its just to stupid to be true.
  10. _Vidoque_

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Ok, it is just politics. When you are not able to fulfill the needs, you draw attention to other things (that is what Argentina did some years ago with the Falkland war, as it was a mess in the country, they started the useless war to have the population attention go to something else than internal issues) It is the same here; as at RETO there is no one left anymore to work on real (and needed) new additions to the game, the only things left they can do is fiddle with game parameters and show it around as a major update.
  11. Yeah, I understand, that is what happens when they as devs, do not play their own game and just rely on forum / discord feedback. Very sad though
  12. well, applause for the constructive observation, very brilliant... 🤦‍♂️
  13. This panzerkampfwagen ii ausf l - Luchs is a useless light tank, considering it is the highest tier, its really bad. The current movement velocity is low and even worse, 3 times out of 4, when facing a Stuart (a lower tier tank) I get my tank gun breached on the first shot made by the Stuart, hence I become a sitting duck. Then, when you get killed, you even have to wait more minutes (!) to be allowed to spawn in that tank again! It is really a waste of credits / gold. The 'Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) ausf. E' is really a much better choice; less credits to deploy and much lower spawn delay penalty. As usual in this game, it makes no sense that a lower tier tank performs better than a higher tier tank of the same class, it is just a credit sink buying the higher tier tank.
  14. _Vidoque_

    Ping is getting worse...

    After the last update it seems to me that the ping in Staged battles has gotten a lot worse. Where I always had a ping between 30ms and 60/70ms, now I almost all the time get 100+ms with also rubber banding. Did RETO to reduce cost, reduced the available servers????
  15. _Vidoque_


    maybe to not get only the votes from the forum warriors which are just a very small percentage of all players (the big silent majority doesnt even know about the forum...) not sure if he is gone but his activity for sure has been less and less lately, lets hope it is not a sign about the RETO.MOTO business status...