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  1. _Vidoque_

    STAGED battles

    ^this Well, they can add an option-selection to consider to enter in all possible battles as we have now or to consider only low rank / low tier guns staged-battles (with possibly a longer waiting time). The criteria to be able to enter low tier battles could be; - rank up to 12 can join the battle (in game it will not be possible to select a soldier with a higher rank if available) or in alternative - you can enter if you use a tier 1 or 2 gun, fully modded or a tier 3 with no mods These criteria can be easily checked by the game and the option can be locked if the criteria is not met. note that the K/D ratio should not be considered. ps, as we are here, add an option to the MM where to select - to enter freshly new starting battles only instead of getting thrown in almost finished ones - the faction to counter (be able to exclude factions you dont want to fight)
  2. _Vidoque_

    Moddable FG42 for GE infantry

    Hmmm, it seems that for the GE faction whatever they have, it is never enough! MG42 & MG34 are much better MGs than M1919 / Maxim FG42 is much better than the Johnson (and no counterpart here for the SU) STG44 (lasergun) is better than M1/M2 Carabine / AVS MP40 laser and its bullet velocity is much better than the Thompson, (PPS43 is on a par with the MP40) and even with all these good toys they have a hard time winning a war.... ok
  3. @Reto.Hades As you are evaluating numbers to understand the weapon balance, please dedicate some time to evaluate also the win/loss situation per faction in staged battles. Maybe it is my perception but most of the time it is GE that wins as fully modded vet players are playing on that side while the other side (SU/US) has basically low ranks with tier one weapons. This imbalance is much worse than the weapon balance (which is actually quite good now), as it just takes away the fun from new players which then leave this game, which is very sad. It is very necessary to consider some kind of player-skill-tier balance in staged to avoid the frequent massacre done by the bully team.. Thanks for considering this.
  4. Para play, staged; Already in a few battles it happens that I get resources depleted while there are still at least 8 tickets available. example; /M 7548054478458180830 /P 2876726786716620686 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 8670784683676163008 /V 166752 /x LaunchedByHngSync /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=8670784683676163008::Q7mxEmSfB6AS33Uj1vHA6EtyXz0" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0"
  5. _Vidoque_

    thread to evacuate your anger against randoms

    Many GE vets 'hide' in staged as in WAR they just cant make a difference, so they go sealclub new players there. Its so pathetic. Its also sad that RETO, after all these years, did not implement some sort of balanced / skill based MM where low ranks will face other low ranks to avoid this frustration creating game experience. This would also avoid losing new players as this 'experience' is not helping to keep them.
  6. So what is the difference between the M1 Carabine and the M1A1 Carabine? They have both the same amo, ROF and reload speed. Both are only single fire. So does it make sense to grind to get the M1A1 Carabine? Thanks
  7. Often when I queue in s staged battle, i get this, where EVERY possibile resource is thrown in. Basically it means that it is just a grind fest for the pilots (no way to play as paras or tanker). Please add some variaty to the resource pool when the game start, once in a while to not throw in tank resources, or air forces or paras in the same battle.
  8. Queued as Infantry for a WAR battle with other 9 players, waiting more than 15 min and still the battle does not start. The screen says "battle is starting"" since more than 90 minutes now. We have a 20% underpopulation bonus (SU) and there are 800 players on line at this moment. In the meanwhile other battles start, this one just won't. It seems that the game just does not want us to play this battle (forcing different - strategic) activities on the RTS, helping the opponent.
  9. _Vidoque_

    Misha1633 new frag movie

    This makes me wanna quit playing, you are a f.kin one-man-army! Man, it is you that gives the SU faction hope! (btw this MG42 is now like the M1919 used to be before the tripod and futher MG weapons nerfs; very good)
  10. _Vidoque_

    Match Maker, are you serious?

    I know, nothing will be done about this by now, already basically nothing has been done for months now, but still, if there is some one left in the RETO team that cares... So I am the first, I repeat, the first to queue on a war battle and wait for about 10 mins. Then the battle pops, it is filled instantly with 15 players and guess what? I am not in it. WHY??? I guess I must be satisfied I got in just with the last bunch of players, to fill the battle. (it was not about the ping, I had a low ping, there where players with much more latency but they got instantly in the battle)
  11. So every war GE wins more battles than the other factions but still can not win a WAR, are they fighting in the wrong places? or do they just only defend? US even if it is often on a par with the SU win/loss ratio, still they can not keep the half of the major towns the SU has SU? So might it be that the SU is stronger now than they were previously because of - better RTS map starting position that allows to capture and hold major towns easier than the other factions? - good weapons like AVS, Maxim, DP, PPSh, PTRS? which mostly are better on range than the GE and US weapons? (eg AVS vs STG and M1/M2) - good standard camo? which blend so well and make them nearly invisible (dunno if it is my game settings or monitor settings but I have a real hard time seeing them) - good players? hmm, I guess that on average the SU has the same level of skilled players as the other factions - GE and SU prefer to fight each other instead of fighting the SU, but why? so what do you think?
  12. _Vidoque_

    Which badge for more dmg to planes?

    @Reto.GreenBow Please, can you clarify?
  13. @Rock.87 you will not have this issue when you join the US or SU faction, though you need to accept not to win 50% of all battles as GE does now for months. Joining the US or SU your possibility to win will be much lower, the US wins only about one out of five battles (20%) where the SU does a bit better; 30%. Are you up for the challenge or do you prefer continuing playing "easy mode" (with long wait times as many want to play ez mode)?
  14. As Infantry, should I use Infantry First or Iron Fist badge to do more damage to planes from the ground?
  15. _Vidoque_

    Error message - purchase

    Selecting the 'Special Light Bolt' I get this error message