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  1. qlness

    Hurray for Japanese localization!

    Care to elaborate?
  2. So now even more players are expected to be added to the red-ping-club? It's bad as it is. As soon as there's an "Asian" group pushing, there's really nothing one can do to stop them, except hope that "our Asians" are the better players because those 300+ping matches are fricking UNPLAYABLE.
  3. qlness

    Victory Day Shutdown

    Seems like everything seems to be working fine and as intended Please close.
  4. qlness

    Victory Day Shutdown

    It's Mother Russias V-Day and Servers are getting slower as GE closes in on Leningrad and Minsk, Few Capitals away from an early ending war. Chatserver already struggling. Login-queue getting longer. Not to imply anything, but I'm curious how this will turn out.
  5. qlness

    Bulletproof Fence

    The Bulletproof Fence, Is No More.
  6. qlness

    RedScare Alt

    What do u think?
  7. qlness

    Bulletproof Fence

    Hiyaa.. It serves the purpose of raising some attention. And I was wondering if I am the only one that is bothered by it. Plus, you can still interpret the Poll, one way or the other, so that's purpose enough for me. I know they changed it in some update not tooooo long ago..but was it really on purpose?.. Any official information on that? @Luis: duh. and breaking a concrete post with 10 g43 bullets is just as questionable as the wire being totally bulletproof but maybe one should not go down this particular rabbit hole. regards and happy holidays.
  8. qlness

    Bulletproof Fence

    Stops Bullets, check. Stops Tanks, check. Stops Bicycles, naaaah.. Vote at the Poll.
  9. qlness

    Superior Russian Tactics

    why cant i post it? tickets were submitted, like i said. still want to raise some awarness.
  10. qlness

    Superior Russian Tactics

    So we were fighting a 1-line defense in copenhagen today. and i guess some enemies got really frustrated, because they joined our side with some alts and wasted some APCs whilst trying to block our path. During their cooldowns they teamkilled with recon planes. Too bad they did loose after all. What a joke.. edited - Levie.
  11. qlness

    Veteran Explaination.

    Well,that was obvious. But the math still does not add up, like mambooman said. I am not aware of any unaccounted "XP classes". The Veteran Memebership I paid for (no matter if bought with gold or credits) advertised a 25% Credit-Bonus and for me it seems that only 20% were applied, for who know how long at this point. Please clearify.
  12. qlness

    Veteran Explaination.

    Please explain the math to me. In one match I earned 9.125 credits. plus "Veteran Bonus" 1825 credits. Battle Report tells me I earned 10950 credits total. Veteran is stated to give 25% credit bonus. So am I missing 5? Please explain. Im bad at le mathes
  13. qlness

    HIGH Ping Servers Ruining the Game

    would it help to use vpn and join asia server?
  14. It's an infestation! In the past few month of playing the game it happened quite a lot: I queue up for a specific battle that seems important for the war-effort, fully optimistic.. Then, when the match finally pops.. once again i see asian player names (china, vietnam, malaysia, korea etc.) and 4 red bars and i know: its done! half of my team or more have a ping over 200, which renders the game unplayable and unwinnable. No Chance! And those players don't seem to queue up for this battle specificly, they join as randoms after the match started, so i cant even leave my queue in time. Anyone else feeling this keeps happening more often and has to be controlled?
  15. qlness

    FLAK/AAC Bug on Factory

    I dont know if it's the same on other maps or same map and other locations but this is what i encountered on the Factory Map A1: the Anti-Air Canon "spawned" on top of the sandbags usually surrounding it in a weird angle. I made a screenshot and try to figure out how to upload it right now. Here we go: