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  1. A line is sacrificed to grab the objective. Point greedy opponents rarely respond. By the time they hoof it back on bikes and trucks you have secured part of objective.
  2. =POW=kenred

    More Random maps and Outfits

    There will be little chance of new maps or any other dramatic changes to the game. Except when the servers go down for the last time
  3. =POW=kenred

    many esp and radar hacks

    Predictable responses to your besmirching the game. No way a hack could possibly be made for a old game like this. Enemy Territory was the same. No cheats just amazingly good people playing aged games.
  4. =POW=kenred

    many esp and radar hacks

    This is not a new development. Yet soon posts of how pristine the game is and no cheater would dare to tarnish its reputation. Human nature prevails. I like the planes that will just fire a few rounds into trees and hit you.
  5. =POW=kenred

    The new weather

    It is painful
  6. =POW=kenred

    why is this game so dark?

    its not a BUG its a FEATURE. Honestly do the developers every play the game? The "new and improved" weather is for crap. It must never be sunny in Europe
  7. =POW=kenred

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    Try going vertical. FW doesn't like that
  8. =POW=kenred

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    I am amazed this game is still going.
  9. =POW=kenred

    OBSESSED with TABs

    Watching opposing team unsuccessfully try to shoot mines in crossings is also fun to watch.
  10. =POW=kenred


    If you are joining as a pilot with baby planes you will almost every game
  11. =POW=kenred


    Macros will never stopped. Nvidia removal of background is still there. Detection versus evasion will always be a race. For low numbers play isn't going to be changed much
  12. =POW=kenred

    Assault weapon?

    The US does not procure cheap rifles. They keep them sometimes past their prime.
  13. If you restart you get 300 seconds to reconnect. More then enough. Many people go entire 30 min game without even joining. I like it kicking them.
  14. =POW=kenred

    Assault weapon?

    My civilian m4 has a 10 inch barrel on one upper and 16 on another. Barrel length is variable for military too. When you stated they are not the same as military I just wanted to clarify that they are. Meant for one thing. Killing people. I compete with a national match ar15. It has 14 pounds of stabilizing weight. Still same as military m16. There is no reason to personally own a ar clone in my opinion. Another note no one uses bayonets anymore. If you have to stick em you have ready failed.
  15. =POW=kenred

    Assault weapon?

    They are direct copies with modifications against automatic fire. Only difference between my m4 and my issued m4 is extra spot on selector. Most civilian purchased AR15s even have a BCG that is capable of sustained automatic fire.