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  1. NinjaDutchman00

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    I'd say that HE shells are fine as they are but the real problem is that: 1) We have too many tanks (might become less of an issue/easier to deal with if #2 gets solved) 2) Tanks can soak up ridiculous amounts of damage (both from infantry weapons and other tanks/planes). Before armor 2.0 it was way easier to get rid of enemy tanks. Now they are pretty much invulnerable especially if there's 1 or 2 guys behind the tank repairing. I'd suggest to bring the TTK on tanks back to where it was before armor 2.0 (actually revert armor 2.0 completely, it doesn't even suit this game in the first place) and maybe add a delay until you can repair your tank after being damaged (about as long as it takes to reload the cannon of the IS-2).
  2. NinjaDutchman00


    None All of these options will make the game even more frustrating than it already is. If they'd add any of these options into the game I'd uninstall it immediately (and seeing other people's responses in this thread I would probably not be the only one). I (and pretty much everyone else I've spoken to) hated everything about armor 2.0 and this is basically adding armor 2.0 mechanics to infantry.
  3. NinjaDutchman00

    reduce spawntimes?

    Agreed, why was this even changed to begin with? The old system was fine. In the old system you always had to wait for a little bit before spawning but never to the point where you might as well tab out of the game and go do something else. This isn't my only issue with this system though. The fact that infantry can now respawn instantly makes attacking even harder than it already was and also makes AT rambos even more annoying. They should really stop with these "fixes" and complete rebuilds of systems that were never broken to begin with or only needed a few minor tweaks. Update 1.12 was filled with these kinds of complete reworks and was, in my opinion, a complete disaster. I still hate everything about armor 2.0, the 'upgraded' driving physics are actually worse than they were before, it took a big hit on performance and brought us these stupid deploy timers on top of all that. To this day I still wish that everything that came with 1.12 would just be reverted to how it used to be.
  4. NinjaDutchman00

    Time to have the talk.

    Because cost and rarity of ATs are a huge part of RTS balance? The whole point of the RTS is using resources wisely and trying to give yourself the advantage in battles. Planes and tanks can be game changing, and that is why they are less common and more expensive. If you go by the logic of 1 infantry should be able to take out 1 plane with ease from anywhere on the map then why would anyone want to use planes if they cost up to 25x the amount of warfunds and also a lot more credits to spawn per unit. Not really, I try to use mine against other planes as much as I can. If I can't find any matches with enemy planes then I send them into towns that enemies overstacked with tanks. Sending planes in against only infantry is a waste of warfunds most of the time (unless the planes don't get wasted and the pilots flying them can manage 20+ kills per plane) and unnecessary. Spawncamping is a problem in itself though, and it can be done with pretty much any class. If this isn't bias then I don't know what is. I'd like to see you fly in-game though, mostly people that shout these things are the ones that cannot even fly themselves. So any class that annoys you has to be nerfed into oblivion and only have a place in staged?
  5. NinjaDutchman00

    Time to have the talk.

    "Because there are no enemy fighters" is part of the issue here. Like I mentioned in my last post, if more people would have planes instead of 80% of them sitting on the same airfield for the entire duration of the war then planes would have some more competition. Also I would not mind ground to air vehicles, but I do mind infantry shooting down planes with a rifle they can carry on their back. Again, I did not say they should be invulnerable but there should be other ways to deal with them that replace giving everyone out there an all-purpose cleaning rifle.
  6. NinjaDutchman00

    Time to have the talk.

    Sure, I agree. Like I said in other posts as well, I would not mind if they added ground to air vehicles to deal with them as a seperate resource to deal with planes. Another problem with this is that most people can't even spawn in their own planes to deal with enemy planes. There's usually a few people that take all the planes at the start of the war and barely use them. If the planes were distributed more evenly then more people would be able to send them in to fight eachother. This is more of an issue with badges in general than it is with the planes. Spawning instantly is dumb, I agree. But don't go the same route as tanks where you have to go afk for minutes once you have been killed. I don't get why they changed this in the first place, it was never broken. Just bring the old system back, there everyone had to wait at least some time after they had died, but also didn't force you to go afk for minutes. This would also balance out attack vs. defense again because attackers won't have to fight endless hoardes of infantry that instantly respawn when killed.
  7. NinjaDutchman00

    Time to have the talk.

    Yeah how about no. Infantry costs 40 warfunds to spawn and there's usually hundreds if not thousands of them in every single town. Planes on the other hand are rare and cost a shirt ton of warfunds to spawn (a heavy fighter will cost 950 warfunds to spawn + 55 warfunds for the pilot = 1005 warfunds, more than 25 times the amount of 1 infantry). Paying that price should give you something in return, else why would any general even spawn planes? Infantry should not be able to destroy anything that annoys them from anywhere on the map, it makes no sense. Having better resources should give you an advantage in the FPS. That is the whole point of the RTS behind it, if you can't accept that then H&G is not the game for you.
  8. NinjaDutchman00

    Time to have the talk.

    Agreed, anti-tank rifles are pretty much only good at what they weren't intended for, which is shooting infantry and planes. I've given up on flying in war because literally every barista out there is carrying an anti tank rifle (even US, thanks captured weapons). I really like flying in this game, dogfighting especially. But anti tank rifles made planes useless, they're stupidly overpowered against them. And this is coming from a guy that mostly plays soviets and actually grinded for the PTRS. I really don't mind if they add counters for planes in the form of vehicles that were actually designed to do ground to air, but having all these 'counters' that are not supposed to be counters and also make no sense just ruin the game. I seriously doubt that people would suddenly stop using the PTRS against planes if they'd add specialist caps. I often hear the same stories about tanks where people believe that AT rambos would automatically disappear if they'd remove HE from tanks. It's just not gonna happen. Most of these players just do it to ruin people's day and because they want nothing but infantry in this game. Not that I am fully against hard caps though. On one side I would like to have less specialists per game. Would help a lot with the frame rate and the rate at which generals lose their warfunds to noobs that spam their toys and die over and over without learning from their mistakes. On the other hand though I am also afraid of these noobs taking up the limited specialist slots while the experienced players that could make a difference with them can't use them. I would get really pissed if there'd be a tiger blocking us from advancing while we actually have heavy tanks to deal with it, but I'm not allowed to spawn one because there's a bunch of level 0 tankers with t38s occupying the slots. This was also one of the major things that I hated about battlefield. If you want to spawn a plane there you basically have to drop everything you're doing and sit and stare at the spawn screen until the plane spawn pops up. And even then you have to be quick because if you're not some other teammate that is doing the exact same thing as you will immediately take it from you.
  9. NinjaDutchman00

    Final new capital city vote

    Probably because every faction spawns at the edge of the map and you don't get that 1 faction has to fight on 2 massive fronts while the other 2 barely fight eachother. I also think it is stupid though. Germany in Moscow and the soviets in England? Why not Germany in Rome and Istanbul, soviets in the east and the US in England, that would have made more sense tbh.
  10. NinjaDutchman00

    Planes are still op

    Another one of these threads, really? There's nothing wrong with the planes themselves in my opinion and the only reasons to complain about them that I see are: - Vehicle vs vehicle combat extremely uneffective. A plane should not be able to survive multiple heavy tank shots, nor should a light tank or a jeep. This was never a problem with the planes, but you're got to thank the brilliant armor 2.0 for that. - There are no ground to air vehicles aside from the AA trucks, which for some reason have been put in the same resource pool as APCs and also suffer from being ineffective because of armor 2.0. The most effective way to take out planes now is by using anti tank rifles, which seem to be too good at anything but what they were originally intended for, which is to destroy tanks. When you spawn a heavy fighters against a bunch of dudes with PTRSs then you're basically burning your warfunds as they are just a massive 1000 warfund profit target for them. Flying against organised groups with anti tank rifles is already pointless as is (especially with heavy fighters and recon planes). I have no problem with having actual ground to air vehicles to take out planes effectively as a seperate resource, but we should not give infantry the ability to take out planes on foot from anywhere on the map. - People seem to want a game where special classes have literally no added value to the game besides existing to annoy eachother. People creating these threads seem to want a game where 1 infantry dude can kill a plane just as easily as the plane can kill him. And to those I ask: Why would I ever spawn planes on the war map as a general which can cost up to 1000 warfunds per unit when 1 infantry guy on foot which costs only 40 warfunds is just as effective? Planes are very rare on the war map and cost a ton of warfunds to spawn, if they give a team no additional value to the team then you might as well remove them from the game. If you have 2 equal teams with equal chances to win on a map against eachother but 1 of them has tanks/planes whereas the other team has not then the team with the better resources should be at a massive advantage, that is also kind of the whole point of the RTS and having limited/costly resources. What would be the point of having planes if they would not have HE ammo then? Take out other planes and tanks? If they only exist to take out other planes then they have no added value whatsoever and against tanks you might as well just spawn with a bazooka. Costs the generals a lot less warfunds and in most matches you have so much infantry that you'll never ever have to worry about the resources depleting. I know it does cost a lot of credits, but that's more of an issue with the repair system than with the vehicles themselves imo. Infantry should not "rambo" planes, but we could use ground to air vehicles like I said. AA is not particularly weak, it's armor 2.0 that made all vehicle damage clunky and spongy. And yes, I will agree that some of the AA guns are in pretty bad places. Once again, thank armor 2.0 for that. Before 1.12 we would get "Armor too thick" or "Impact angle too high" when firing at spots where realistically the rounds should not be able to penetrate, now they eventually penetrate as long as you shoot for long enough. Could get on board with this one. Same goes for heavy set. I don't think we should give players extra HP from ribbons that take ages to grind (although flak jacket isn't nearly as bad as heavy set) as having more HP without any downsides is such a huge advantage.
  11. NinjaDutchman00

    Weapon balancing discussion

    It's good to see that the weapons are being looked at and that we finally have an idea of what you have in mind for this. I do however have some concerns about a few of these changes. Please don't forget about these though, they can really make or break the guns. If weapon X can be modded to be 1 shot less to kill whereas weapon Y cannot, or needs to add for example a lot more instability to the weapon than weapon X to get the same results then we're no better off. Heavy set is also still a major factor when it comes to weapon balance and I honestly still think it's better to just get rid of it as a whole. It makes balancing weapons so much harder than it needs to be, it's a long and boring grind to get and it gives such a massive advantage over players that don't use it. At the moment heavy set is a mandatory mod for all infantry soldiers that are used to assault the objectives. The only infantry characters I own that aren't using heavy set are my anti tankers. This is a major concern I have since HMG's and LMG's are going to have major handling differences. Where are the SU LMG's? Right now US is complaining because they don't have a weapon that fits the AR role. With these changes that's gonna turn into the SU players complaining that they don't have a weapon that fits into the LMG role. Also you lowered the ROF on all the assault rifles. But what about the rest? Will they also get lower ROF? And if you're going to lower the ROF of the weapons will they also get something in return like better stability/accurary? And while we're talking about weapon changes, can we please have something done about weapon smoke? Recently you've improved the sights on a lot of weapons for better visibility but most weapons still suffer from bad visibility because of smoke.
  12. NinjaDutchman00

    Prototype test: Hero control tweaks

    Really liking these changes! Another thing I noticed was that I actually heard footsteps again. Is that just a placebo or did you also roll out fixes for the sounds in this build?
  13. SU randoms have always been bad, that hasn't really changed much. I think it's just that all the people that cleaned up the mess that randoms made have all switched to US and GE now. I never see any soviets queueing on battles anymore. Everyone is just playing random battles and no one really seems to be trying to go anywhere. Almost all of SU's battles are defenses as well. Most of them are lost and even when they win they don't send their ATs to the next city. My reason to switch is that I'm now playing solo most of the time and if I were to do that on SU I'd go insane. I wouldn't be surprised if more people were tired of having to do everything themselves while the rest are just chilling in the forest all the time.
  14. I play soviets most of the time as well, and I'll also say that the weapons are NOT the problem. The problem with SU is that no one gives a shirt about the mission. Usually they cap the first objective and then wander off into the forest to never be seen again. As my friends that I usually play with got hooked onto another game I decided to play GE again for a while until they return. I played most of my matches against SU and they don't put up any resistance whatsoever. For example I had an attack against SU on town on the B line. We managed to cap B4 pretty much as soon as it was possible and then I decided to move to church on my own. I just capped it 1-0 and no one reacted. Then another teammate spawned on 02 and together we took 01 with 2-0, again no resistance whatsoever. I also hopped on board with a few of the GE clans to experience that for once. Most if not all of these matches against SU took shorter than the average first encounter match. In most of these matches I would encounter no more than 2 or 3 soviets for the entire duration of the game. That is exactly why SU keeps losing, they certainly have the equipment to compete with GE but they just can't be bothered to fight for a win.
  15. NinjaDutchman00

    Planes got laser weapons...