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  1. WinstonSmith

    Community Hotfix

    Gratulation: Tanks and Vehicles got as Useless as they where bevore V1.12 This is perfectly described here:
  2. WinstonSmith

    Nerf the germans

    NERF HAUNEBU until it is a flying saucer.... Oh dang.... it IS a flying saucer....
  3. WinstonSmith

    SOVIET need buff

    i think that .... this whole post is more comedy.... so... i guess u should heed your own advice
  4. WinstonSmith

    Ping: Asian

    Well.... today i analysed the List of all 5 Games i recorded. They where from London to Paris Randomly. For now, i will not make them Public, since there is still a chance, that they all came from MM and since they where cleary Asian (spottet by Ping).... I will make my statements "Zensored" and let the conclusion up to you. I have to makes some saaad statements. First: All those ... "Battles" lastet 3 Minutes. Second: -In this 5 Games there where a Group of 3 Accounts. At least one of those has been in the GE Team, in every Game. Those 3 have all been in at least 3 Games. -There where even 2 Games, where 5 Accounts on GE side, have been the same. - All of those i speak here, have had a exellent Ping in an Asian Game Server. ---> I want to make clear, alt/spy accounting is NOT only a chinese a problem, parts of this "Community" seem to got sooooo rotten... that it even baffled me... my worst expectations where... ment to good... For some people, it has just become normal. WAY TOO NORMAL !!!
  5. WinstonSmith

    Armor 2.0 is a disaster

    For me: -Asking for Infantry Buff Vs Tanks is Moving Backwards. -Asking for Anti-Tank-Guns is the Way forward ! Edit: What i like about Armour 2.0 most? Burning Wrecks ! Wrecks !!!! That do not instantly Dissapear.... like it was in the past... very bad for immersiv Game expirience.. at least for me... Very bad if u wanted to implement WW2 Tactics, like shooting the first and last vehicle, block the others in between.... Wrecks that stay there... give Cover.... Block sight... Block Roads and most Important: Bridges !!! 😃 This could be even extended: Give a burning Wreck more black smoke over it, so it will block sight. This it what i LOVE about the Update:
  6. WinstonSmith

    SOVIET need buff

    Soviet need, equipable Item: Wodga : 75 % more accuracy. Propaganda Pamphlet: -- 100 % Morale Boost until the End of the Battle. Order NO. 227: Making retreat Impossible, only attacking forward. If otherwhise, a Soviet Commissar Spawns and shoot the Soldier in the Head ^^ Edit: Oh i got a serious one: Molotov Cocktail 😃 (the Fins did it ) -Set´s an Area of maybyyy 2m? (up for debate ) on Fire for 10 Seconds? -Does kind of extra Damaga if Thrown on a Motor of any Vehicle.
  7. WinstonSmith

    Battle of the Bulge

    I support this Idea ! I miss "Battle of the Bulge" since the days of Battlefield 1942 It is one of the most iconic Battles of WW2. Add heavy Fog mayby?
  8. WinstonSmith

    You brought AT rambos back

    That is exactly my Case. I like the tweaking of Tank Hp of the last patch. Also that u have to repair ur modules at least 50%. before the last patch, Tanks really had to much HP. But since the Bazooka (Russians are complaining, their AT Weapon is much worse. GE... well... they have now a one shot Inf Sniper ) The "Bazooka" Spam is back ! My Problem is first and formost, that US have this thing.... US exclusivly. Would be OK for me, if their Tanks would be nearly as shirty, as they where in WW2. But they are ..not.... guess US crybabys are happy again with a couple of inf, spamming Bazookas, u can take out a Tank again, over a Range, that is way to far in my eyes. I got NO problem with Mines, H3, or Bazookas, that have effecitve Range of 25 Meters.... But a long Range Bazooka spam? daheck? I would like too see that in WW2 Could we please add some Recoil blast u can Watch Movie "The Bridge" to see that downside, which isnßt htere in H&G yet. it actually was more like this: at the same time, the same people complain about HE spam? woot? To u people, complaing about "HE Spam" in a WW2 Game. Thats what a HE/Bomb spam looked like back then. Nothing too impressive, just to give u an Idea. There is lots of Footage, that shows that more Bevore HE Spam: After HE spam: Edit: Have u EVER expirienced a HE spam LIKE THAT in H&G ? Compared to the HELL of an full grown Artillery Barrage.... the HE spam in H&G is a child´s Birthday Party.... without that scary Clown....
  9. WinstonSmith

    Unable to ping servers

    Sorry, if that is "Chinese" to you, i an explain that on more detail, if u like
  10. WinstonSmith

    Is it now enough?

    One Picture can sometimes tell a whole Story. i got one, that clearly shows: Hypothesis: In this particular War and Situation, the Soviet Union took action AGAINST it´s own interest, as a Independent Faction ! Demonstration as follow... As you can see: - The US Sidehas 13 Capitals. The SU Side has 9 Capitals. GE has ..... ONE ( 1 ! ) For those who don´t know: If one Side has 0 Capitals, the Side with the highest amount of Capitals ... WINS ! - The Soviet Union Attacks the last remaining Capitals of GE --> if they take it, America US Wins the war. End of demonstration. Mayby bad Strategy, Noobs whatever... but clearly not in the reasonable Interest of the Soviet Union to Win the War. Edit:
  11. WinstonSmith

    SU Tanks?

    1. Optic´s in a Tank: Refers to the Glass used ! A target cross is just Painted on it. Do ur vocabularies bevore u try expert talk. Get used to it. It is good. Took me one Game in my T-34 to get used to it. If u want ur own modded target cross... in WOT u can do that. With all those other.... "mods".... 2. Gun Depression. Google it. First entry: World of Tanks. In WOT it is huge matter, since their maps slowly shifted to empathise this style of play. Gun Angles: Did one of u even notice, that Russian Tanks have a VERY good upwards Gun angle? Do you also have a word for that? If an enemy Tank is up the Hill, that can come in quite handy. and besides that: Russian tanks usually have very little gun depression, probably because of vodka. ^^ 3. Comparing a BT-7 to an Elephant. A Tank that fits through the Doorway of Police Station (O1 - City Map) ? Really? Why do u think the Sherman-Easy8 was called "Jumbo"? Why do the Russians have the best Tanks? - The BT-7 is the only Tank, that can be REALLY called a light Tank in Terms of Mobility. Speed is one thing. Acceleration, Supension, etc.. are also important. It is the only Tank, that can easliy follow and destroy APC´s, while Driving. But since you are so interested in Size and Outline of Tanks. The T-34-76 is by far the flattest Medium Tank in H+G. Plus it has the smallest Turret. The T34-76 is THE overall best Tank in H+G, cause it is the best alrounder. He can do every job u can ask of a Tank. Quite good. Not outstandingly good, like a Panther can Destroy enemy Tanks, but Quite good. i could go into more detail, but i will shurely not do it here Since this is more a problem of your Mindset. It seems to me, you guys are way to Focused on Killing Enemy Tanks Heads on, while in H+G, the vast majority of your Customers are not Tanks. The worth of a Tank is not meassured by that in H&G. The T-34-76 is shirt in WOT. The T-34-76 is my Favourite Tank in H&G. Also there is no real T-70 is better than BT-7. It´s just different Tanks with different propperties. I like the BT-7 much more. A litlle reality check on Optics and duell Pz3 Vs T-34-76 is found here
  12. WinstonSmith

    Is it now enough?

    Amen Can i Submit this statment to Reto, Bethesta, EA etc ?
  13. WinstonSmith

    Is it now enough?

    This all way to complex to blame just one thing, faction or company. "It´s all about the players and the community. " also, NO. community is part of that... but shurely not the only problem. As i said: Support the War SU - US " If we don´t make it, it will not happen. " BUT: Reto decided to do this 1v1v1 and not the WW2 Situation. So... that´s clearly their responsibility. (even SU players stated, GE-SU is more Fun to them. thats how they wanna play a WW2 Game. Totally understandable for me.) In addition to that, if i go MM or Staged on SU side... i 99% land in a Battle Vs GE. Today it was the ver first time, i was set against US in a Staged BAttle after 2 Weeks SU. When high equipped Players, that coordinate via Voice Chat, accumulate in just one Faction... then this Faction kinda is a "Problem". At least, BOTH of the Weaker Factions should go together against the Strongest one. If that is not the case.... it IS a faction problem. Addionally, the XP-Bonus of Allied faction means, more AT´s in less Hands --> easier coordination again. It took me a Week ( a WEEK ! ) to get my first Tank AT´on SU side. It was a Month on GE side. if heard story of GE winning the War.. wasn´t there... it was 3 years ago? Not shure if i understand this: How can GE Outproduce Allies? "If GER army was outproducing SU and US, like it did in the past, GER could hold very large frontlines " Also shure.. if more players would play Organised on GE side and less on US and SU side.... but they don´t.... they have reasons.... "There is always Noobs for shure" Yes. But again, it is Reto´s responsibilty, that those Newbies won´t be set against full equipped clans. Thats a standart thing in other PvP-MMO´s nowadays. "Cause you need to support the lines 24/7, you got to guard them etc. You cant take a valueble area and then move out the troops the the italian turtle,...." Even peoeple like us have to Sleep, Work, Eat etc. That was one of the most frustrating things on GE side. Even if i succeeded in pushing my small Front line forward, in the 2 Hours when i moved my Troops out the Battles, i just saw US Generals, pushing that back and further via AR over night. If i did not want my AT´s to get destroyed with no WF at all, i HAD to move them back to a Turtle Position. Thats the Problem with AR. It needs just ONE AT Whale, that say´s awake over night, to do whatever he pleases.
  14. WinstonSmith

    Is it now enough?

    " least during this small test - I can´t find proof for certain positions. " think nobody doubts that at the moment... at least i don´t. In my Threat where i asked SU, why we don´t fight the US, plenty of explenations where given, but nobody denied this fact. If it was such an unfounded claim, at least ONE would have mentioned that.... (not a proof, but a good indication) Now we have a very different Situation. 1-2 Months ago, Official Axis TS was not crowded, but there where people... At the Moment: It is eeeeeeeempty. And many of them left there... play Allies. The only way to reliably proof my statements, would have been to Video the RTS map for 3 Months..... <--- impossible for consumer.....
  15. WinstonSmith

    Is it now enough?

    @Sturmfliege: It is a good thing to document that stuff. Please take no personal offense by my following statements. BUT: If u would have done that all over the time November 2018 - January 2019 until one or 2 weeks ago... (thats the time frame whrere i can tell for shure) Any claim that SU Vs US was a real thing in that time.... is just denying reality. I watched that thing constantly. And got regurlaly upset about this. A Battle fought, does not mean anything on the RTS map. If they are fought constantly in the same citys. Since i own XX Point´s in AT´s, i have an Idea how an Offensive works. I saw SU pushing Istanbul, while US marched into Moscow. Instead of defending their homeland, SU pushed GE and let US enter their backdoor. Several times. Mayby that was just bad Strategy. But as GE player, that desperatly tries to hold the Easternfront, while watching Americans taking SU Citys for free and winning the War by that.... How does that look to u guys? --> I wanna point out, since a Week or so, there is more Movement to this. US - SU But before that, i watched a Static Line of US - SU, a couple of wars long. Yes, it needed to seddle down after a new war, but it always did and always on the same spots. Since i played only SU - US, i can tell for shure. I saw ONE push on Stockholm.... thats about it. Thing is: it should be a 1v1v1, and not a 2v1. So..... support the War SU vs US in any way u can I do by fighting for SU Vs US only