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    SU and US - How's the game experience for you?

    " As a US main, I frequently get matched up against GE organized players stomping newbies, and I manage to join just at the right time and try to help out. This is a good thing, this means the game has decent players. Don't take losses personally, you do not gain anything from winning. You could say the same about GE. Again, I don't think there's a valid complaint in this thread. Unless you're suggesting someone with 1,500 hours on the game shouldn't be able to match up against someone with less than 200. There's staged to learn. I get that every faction has players who treat war mode like staged, but you cannot be upset at that. You can't win them all. The reason why I play US is, I don't take losses personally, and I still perform well regardless of faction. Also US has cool people 😃
  2. WhiteWolf2D

    hackers, a lot of them

    Played this game for 8 years, have never seen someone using cheats / macros. Contrary to CSGO where 99.9% of every ranked match has at least 1 person using cheats. I've confirmed this through tests over the course of 3000 hours on that game.
  3. WhiteWolf2D

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    That's why 99% of the time I play with m1g or m1m2. I don't even have an smg hero because it's a very situational class. Engagements between 20-60 meters is not situational, that's general / common, so I would reccomend something well rounded like m1g or m1m2. My mod list: m1g : scout 2 barrel + trigger job (no other mods) m1m2 : bullet, field trigger, field sight, heavy spring (you can use light spring, it's just preference).
  4. WhiteWolf2D

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    As a US main for the past 8 years, I disagree with 99.9% of the contents of your thread. As for popping battles, of course it's going to take 30 minutes if you're doing it alone. If you're with a group of people like 4-8, you can pop a battle nearly instantly. Dozens if not hundreds of US and GE players own PTRS. I'm saving for one right now. Not sure what's going on but it seems like you're not using good combinations of mods on the US guns. Also, each gun has a difference in effective range. I personally prefer m1m2 over stg any day. Use the weapon for where it's best suited. Apart from that, have fun playing GE or SU. You're a good player.
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    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    I play US mostly. RETO should not change anything about the factions. I've had the most fun the past few months than I have since I started the game almost 8 years ago.
  6. WhiteWolf2D

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    So instead of RETO spending thousands of dollars to fix bugs, performance and balance you want them to start adding a bunch of new vehicles and planes. And by complaining about SU and GE being some how better, you offer no constructive insight on how to fix it, instead you just complain. I think all 3 factions are perfect the way they are and should not be changed.
  7. WhiteWolf2D

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    I thought you were wanting balance? SU has the same amount of LMGs as US.
  8. WhiteWolf2D

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    GE is overpopulated because it has more team work. Why does it matter that one faction is over populated? Losing gives you the same amount of credits as winning. I disagree GE has better equipment and vehicle options. They are good, but not better. It's not a bad faction concept. Factions should not have equally performing counter parts, this would turn the game stale. Each faction has its own benefits. Again, that's why I said a mechanized recon car or tank should not be 1v1ing, but instead playing with the team. That's not what I meant when I said RETO shouldn't touch the game at all. Avoiding making useless updates and wasting 1000s of dollars != abandoning the game. No it was not a joke. But if there's bad programming, bugs, and lack of balance then how come you don't make suggestions to fix it, instead of recommending them add more useless stuff?
  9. WhiteWolf2D

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    I completely disagree. First of all, this is war. The greyhound should not need to fight the puma alone. This is why infantry support and team work is important. If you die as a greyhound, that's on you. As for the rest of the suggestions such as adding more variety like planes, I also disagree. This is going to cost thousands of dollars in time and coding, and it's going to be a disaster. This is not a solid business decision, think about it from Reto-Moto's perspective. The state of the game right now is perfect, some of my best memories have been from this past year of playing. RETO should not touch the game at all. Instead of investing thousands of dollars into your suggestions, they should save the money to keep HnG running on stable servers.
  10. WhiteWolf2D

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    M1919 stock is still a beast. 3-4 round bursts while crouched is bliss. Greasegun is much better now. Within 15 meters it destroys things. Tommy gun is OP in point defenses or raids with the right mods, but the repair cost can be bothersome. Every gun is situational and has it's own area where it excels more than others.
  11. WhiteWolf2D

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    I support this! FG42 should be available as a captured weapon for infantry. This post could have been 1 sentence long but I agree!
  12. WhiteWolf2D

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    This whole thread should be disregarded. You know what's easy? Killing a lone tank. You know what's nearly impossible? Killing a tank with infantry support. Sorry man, the brutal aspect of AT and Tanks as it is, needs to remain -- as it is.
  13. WhiteWolf2D

    Spawncamping should be penalized

    I disagree. Some spawns are REDICULOUSLY close to objectives. You do have spawn protection, use it wisely. It sucks man, I get it. But this is war, and you'll always be matched up against tough opponents and unfavorable circumstances. What you're proposing would potentially require hundreds of dollars in coding work, with no ability to gauge what the consequences would be.
  14. WhiteWolf2D


    Disagree. I think the current state of the game is nearly perfect. Everything you proposed would cost $1,000s of dollars in coding work. It's important to understand how a business operates, because in this case, RETO has no clear end goal and benefits with your recommendations, and neither do the players.
  15. WhiteWolf2D

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    M1918 has a longer barrel, you will have some object collision in extreme hand-to-hand quarters. Make a pick and decide. M1918 is a LMG. M1/m2 is an AR. Do not get more than 1 type of primary weapon per hero. You will regret it in the future and wish you split it up between multiple heroes. The m1918 is also less ideal for shooting while standing. You CANNOT spray with an m1918 and expect to get 6 kills with 1 mag, unless they all stack and are on top of eachother. For example, in game if I need to pick off running targets that are 20 meters away and there are several, I'll use m1m2. If i find myself in a building the entire game, I'll switch ingame to my tommy hero and enjoy hipfiring them to oblivion. If I see tanks pulling up and no one on the team is doing anything about it, I'll switch to my bazooka man and take care of it. If enemy apcs are approaching a choke point like river crossings, i'll switch to my tank mines guy and deploy them. All of this in 1 match. It took me a while to have multiple heroes and switches, but just focus on 1-2 such as CQC (AR or SMG) or anti tank (pistol or garand & bazooka) With m1m2, the sight picture is much more open, and you can swap to several targets reasonably apart, and kill them all. You can switch between heroes in game at the bottom left of your spawn screen when dead or before spawning there's a switch button. Apart from that, every US gun (not including pistols) are very good. The thing is, each gun has it's own unique effective circumstances. M1918 is good all arounder, however it may suffer in CONSTANT CQC fights where 6 enemies are storming a building, and you are stuck reloading. Grease gun and Tommy gun are good in close quarters where you're within hipfiring range (10 meters), BUT you are DOOMED if someone 30+ meters with an AR is there. M1M2 is great all arounder, however it suffers in long range (this is with most guns except snipers and garand) and you may be out gunned if someone has a high ROF smg in close quarters. However, I make m1m2 dominate in CQC and medium ranges. ALL GUNS ARE GOOD. They just vary where they are most effective. If you're running in an open field with a grease gun, you're toast. If you have an m1m2, you stand a chance. On the other hand, if you're in a building with less than 5 meters of room, grease gun, tommy and m1m2 will be good. If you have an MG, unless you land every shot, you're probably toast due to a hipfiring SMG. Any other questions just ask.
  16. WhiteWolf2D

    Penalties and suspension totally unfair

    Ignore it. Pretty sure there's a match threshold. If enough people at once report you, well, I never found out 😃
  17. WhiteWolf2D

    Are you getting bored of dying too quickly?

    CHECK YOUR PING. For try hard, I need 12-80 ping. For credit farming, no worry about winning or losing, i'll stay for 180 ping matches. 180 ping is about where a player will begin to appear jumping or teleporting across the screen. Don't take these matches personally just enjoy the credit farm and worry about it never. One match you can be placed in native servers, the other you can be placed in foreign servers. 1. For me, it's the opposite. Make sure you do a mods check. Does your main infantry guy have medic kits? Did you know you can refill your medic kit by finding the med crates across the map? The more mods you use, the shitter a gun can be. There's a lot of folk tale weapons mods lists out there, if you pick up a gun you like try to find the owner and ask him for his mods. If you want my mods for Tommy gun and M1M2 and m1g feel free to add me ingame "WhiteWolf2D" 2. Some players are good. Just as good as you if not better. One thing I realized in gaming is, MM slowly puts you up against stronger and stronger enemies. In HnG, you are put up against the strongest of strongest players likely in your 1st war match. You just have good competition. 3. Sound. I can literally hear when my assailant is reloading around the corner, so I decide to push and kill him. I also stop for a second when i'm in a building camping a window to listen is someone is running up on me. Always check your map to see if the SOUND IN QUESTION IS OR ISNT A FRIENDLY ALLY. 4. CHECK PING. Press F7 in game. 12-160 ping is ideal. Above 160+ ping, players start to stutter and seem like they are crouch jumping everywhere nonstop 24/7. If you can't handle it, leave, I just stay and try anyway, not taking it too seriously if I get killed by players with better ping. Nothing you can do about it but leave your teammates in a war to fight for themselves to try to queue into a good ping battle. 5. PING. Reflexes won't matter. The player will die after you finish shooting, because of delay. Because 1 match will have bad ping, the next match i'll always have to double tap because the game determines a kill by sending me a message, sometimes I spray an enemy and switch targets, but because of the delay, and the person didn't actually die, I now have to double tap. Without delay, I NEARLY INSTANTLY recieve the message upon killing them which is a 5 xp drop. 6. 3 days ago I had a 24 win streak in war. It's just a matter of motivating and helping your team mates. A lot of players are new and need help because this tutorial has a bit of a learning curve such as credit costs / expenditures and the nature of apcs and objectives. Also queue with people you know. Each person you know whose in the match, is 1 less rando who doesn't play as a team. Don't worry about winning or losing wars. There have been hundreds of wars, there will be hundreds of wars. You can't win them all. As for anti hacking, nearly everything in the game is server based, that's why lag affects you so much. This type of system makes cheating like esp, aimbot NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. You would need some crazy type of UI tracking software that's probably non existent for recreational use in cheats for gaming.
  18. WhiteWolf2D

    How many tanks should I really own?

    I'm not an experienced tanker. I do own over several tanks. I do however heavily infantry support and repair tanks, as well as deploy tank assault teams. 1. You need to weigh cost and benefits. If you're going up against only infantry, spawn only light tank stuart and HE spam. If you're going up against tanks, spawn a medium sherman. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TO3th5nfLrhqx-HQDA8cGxD4zoarQT7nHozZUhgSTYA/htmlview# As you can see in this excellent spreadsheet, a stuart ONLY costs 86 credits to spawn! It does cost 13 credits per HE round you fire. A sherman costs 701. A stuart can rack up easily a 100 kills in a game, or none and you die 10 times. That's my input, for further info seek experienced players. 2. Can't speak for that.
  19. Like always, rules are flexible. Odds are, he was in staged when he drove the civilian vehicle.
  20. This allows STG users to see what they're shooting at. If you're shooting a m1m2 you have to guess what you're shooting at.
  21. The problem is not a lone AT soldier. The problem is a lone tank. Where's the tankers team? Teamwork is important. git good applies here.
  22. WhiteWolf2D

    US bias (?)

    Which is why teamwork is important.
  23. WhiteWolf2D

    US bias (?)

    I found a Tiger IIs weakspot where you can 2 shot it with a bazooka 😃
  24. WhiteWolf2D

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    Sounds like you're on the right path. Here's an example of my loadouts: 1. M1/M2 Carbine, Sticky Grenades, Medic Kit - This is my highest rank hero. He's my primary go to for CQC and Medium range encounters. He's my money maker, and APC killer (sticky grenades). Once I unlock H3s, I will use H3s instead of sticky grenades. - Sticky grenades cost 300 credits per grenade. VERY costly, use sparingly only against APCS or if desperate, against tanks. 2. Hammerless pistol, m9a1 bazooka (9 rnd) - This is my anti tank soldier. I rarely touch him unless tanks are harassing us too much. 3. M1919 or Johnson MG, grenades, medic kit - I use this hero when i'm bored and want to camp. Each grenade you throw costs credits, beware. 4. M1G, Tank Mines - This hero gets used A LOT to put mines to stop enemy vehicles from getting through. I press f11 to redeploy or quickly rush in and die so I can switch to my main. - 10 tank mines is the maximum amount you can place on the battlefield. Once they get blown up, you can place some more down until you have 10 placed again. Here are loadouts I want: 1. Tommy gun, Sticky Grenades, Medic Kit - Sticky grenades cost 300 each. ONLY use them for killing APCs or if you're desperate, throw them at tanks and hope to god your team comes and finishes it off. - Tommy gun has more reliable hip fire in close quarters less than 20 meters apart. - I like m1/m2 better than tommy, but I wish I had a loadout with tommy for CONSTANT cqc hipfire spam. - M1/M2 is good in its own way, that you cannot replace it with the tommy gun. That's why it's good to have both. M1M2 touches further targets that tommy gun cannot. 25- 50 meter range. 2. PTRS, Medic Kit, 1911. - Very expensive. PTRS costs 4.4m. And you need to have the ribbons progressed. This is a super long investment. Probably not worth it lol. It shreds planes tho
  25. WhiteWolf2D

    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    I'm a US main. 320 hours. Lets break down this post. " the mg42 is ruining the game, everyone uses that weapon and nobody focuses on the others anymore, ruining the m1m2 nobody can stand up to the Germans and those who use it." I disagree. M1M2 is still pretty good. IMO whatever change they did to it in the past month makes no noticeable different, they should just revert it to the previous stats. "Then I also want to talk about the "realistic" tank system you think it is ... The tanks with 64 APCR and 64 HE ammo, with one shot to the ammunition should explode into a thousand pieces but it is not so, it takes 5 shots of rocket launcher as in "reality it only needed 1 or 2"." I disagree. This is an arcade shooter. I think the current tank / anti tank gameplay should not be touched whatsoever before addressing more important things, such as ping as it relates to match making balance. "A lot of good teams and players have left H&G due to this new system, and by "many" I mean that now you can't find a sniper or tanker match and it takes several minutes to do so" When did you start this game? You should NEVER queue a sniper or tanker. Only switching to it in game as needed. Besides, 6 years ago when I first touched this game, queue times took several minutes for recon or tanker. It's funny, you say that it's evidence of "good teams and players leaving H&G," I'd argue it's evidence of bad players leaving . "I sincerely hope you manage to balance the game system because right now the game is in ruins!' Have you offered and suggestions in your post in regards to how they would go about balancing? Doesn't seem like it. You're demanding Reto to spend thousands of dollars to make changes that you don't even explain.