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  1. iNuBe

    We Made a Boat in H&G

    XD THIS IS WHY USA is winning wars lately
  2. my first frag video ever don't mind the weird talk at the beginning ps youtube bitrate limit is killing my video does any one have a fix for that ?
  3. iNuBe

    Make scopes high powered again

    we nee better scopes
  4. just ratatatatatata and u'll be fine with any mg bro ps i hate playing against that us 1919 meanwhile unless in direct line of fire you could always outsmart an mg 42 gunner and flank otherwise lord have mercy upon ur poor soul its just german tech bro
  5. cons can shoot better can see around corner mg car would actually have a use can defend pros ratatatatatatatatata
  6. iNuBe

    Shoot from vehicles?

    damn right do em drive by style one small problem is the gas will be too op as the kubelwagen's mg is totally useless
  7. again we were promisse better scopes and we are still stuck with the bull they gave us eyes still hurt
  8. iNuBe


    hello guys i just started learning mapping and model making and i'm working on a few maps in unreal engine to give ideas to the developpers for maps i want all of you creative brilliant people to collaborate together so we can give them ideas if you are a cartographer a model designer or a decoration designer or just a curious player help us with ideas maps sketches how ever you can
  9. iNuBe

    potentiel 30 vs 30

    if reto balls up and pick up the courage to somehow try and make this come true thep layer base will burst up
  10. iNuBe

    german theme

    i hope you guys like it either way
  11. iNuBe

    german theme

    XD yes its a futuristic theme
  12. iNuBe

    german theme

    i'm very new into production and i use very basic technics theme for german troops(i like to play germany only in war ) i hope u like u may use it wherever you want