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  1. Correction at 0:43 Infantry soldiers can grind the recon ribbon by killing bots in the first encounter mode maps!
  2. Hello! It used to be really fast joining krepost once the video came out. Now i would recommend to watch this chart and queue for it when many players are online:

    A guide for the Infantry Assault Ribbon!

    Getting teamkilled, pressing f11 or suiciding in any way won't drop your weapon anymore.
  4. Edit : You can now suicide to drop your weapon and pick it up with a new soldier as you used to back in the day This feature was turned off when I made this.
  5. This is true. In this guide though I suggested methods for the average player xd
  6. Give as the option to "lock" our assault teams so only we, personaly, or our squad or friends are the only ones who can use them. I would gladly pay 10 euros for this feature and stop the newbies from wasting my recon/tank/plane assault teams. Come on reto! Best way to make us buy gold 100% guaranded!