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  1. Kommando52

    Healing in enemy spawn zone gives a green screen.

    Maybe he lost his vehicle to tank HE spam when pushing the next point? Got back capped and decided to take the high risk of passing the enemy spawn on foot instead of undeploying and respawning on the already HE spawncamped last spawnpoint? And how does this even matter in this bug report Mr.Playstyle police Officer sir?
  2. Kommando52

    RTS Tickets being mixed

    Are you saying online gamers are leaching of each other if given the opportunity? who could have foreseen this? dont know much about toys but with infantry its literally broken. a few players throw in their cars, bikes and apcs to make an assault bearable and some **** just throws in his 10 big walking ATs and leeches all the vehicles/xp.. reto fix this shirt
  3. Sounds good, the better solution imao would be to make sidecars optional - for all factions. That way everybody could have soldiers to rush mined crossings with or transport more friendlies. because honestly with the state of rts currently and all the assaults with 50 bikes and nothing else this can make a big difference.
  4. Kommando52

    US armies with MG42

    embarrassing topic.. who is "they"? were do you see "all the salt"? cuz all i see is ONE whining GE scrub and big US/SU circlejerk because of him
  5. why is it that so many fps reward you for headshots then? why do pretty much all military units, paramilitary units and even police forces, besides maybe greenhorns/conscripts, are training for headshots? you can be shot lethally and still be able to empty your whole mag or even several mags before loosing consciousness/dieing. a headshot is the only way to take out an enemy immediately. it is essential irl and since fps resemble real life to certain degree yes, it is essential in game too. and i dont think anyone denies that adams luckfire is broken and must be fixed but covering it up is just the wrong approach imo
  6. Kommando52

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    i was under the impression that all small arms can be bought by any faction? ofc fg42 should be available for all factions just like the other captured weapons GE main here btw edit: although captured weapons was a bad idea imo which, combined with the nerf of weapon mods, eliminated any reason to play other factions. but the damage is done, this crap is not gonna be reverted so at least make it fair for all players/factions
  7. Classic reto: ppl complaining about too many rng conefire headshots. Reto: maybe remove headshots to cover up our broken conefire? aha so me not wanting to remove an essential fps game mechanic means that i have to be an abuser of retos broken rng conefire? nice logic but whatever, this doesnt really matter on the big picture because: pepe hit the nail on the head
  8. Kommando52

    Fragen und Antworten Thread

    @Skoarto Du wirst nicht rausgeworfen, die Bedeutung der gelisteten Spielernamen ändert sich nur. Während der Kampf vorbereitet wird werden alle wartenden Spieler angezeigt. Sobald der Kampf läuft sieht man nur noch, wer bereits im Spiel ist, die wartenden werden nicht mehr angezeigt. Also einfach weiter in der Warteschlange bleiben.
  9. Kommando52

    Battle of Berlin: Aftermath

    You are right, i forgot to include Matchmaker issues as its indeed a big issue, mainly for axis although i doubt MM is a bigger population killer than squad2.0 and spawn2.0 was as in this time frame dozens of clans died with hundreds of players (on all sides). And unlike MM issues reto doesnt address the broken spawns and lines.
  10. Kommando52

    Battle of Berlin: Aftermath

    Kudos @Hades for the stats If the reason for the leaving axis players would be the war victory we would see only axis population in decline but we see players from all factions leaving.. Focussing on war is a good thing imo but dont forget the real reasons why ppl are leaving: bad map design/defender bias/spawn design, network issues/lags/moscow/hit registration not working, sound partially broken, specialist spam and so on yes broken RTS is one of the big issues but unless they are also going to focus on the other big issues of the game nothing will change in terms of player numbers
  11. Kommando52

    Without squad can't change line

    Completely agreed +1