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  1. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Why Soviets so OP

    tbh idk if its even worth reading anything you put on the forums anymore
  2. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Couldn't have put it better myself lol
  3. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    The videos above work well with smoke because the games are well lit, the guns muzzle flashes are barely visible, and the smoke dispels off to one side not infront of the iron sights. H&G doesn't have well lit games, the muzzle flashes show up very badly in contrast to the less lighted areas, and the smoke lingers infront of the iron sights. Bump
  4. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Hades is incompetent I have said my opinion on the previous reply to you, I hope you can use this, and if you want any clarity then I will give you it Please look at my previous post
  5. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Ok, I will go through it, but bear in mind, this is not a realistic scenario as good players tend to have random strafing and most likely be in cover. Also, I meant by the stripy guard hut, looking down the ramp, but this is basically the same thing and also applies to many scenarios. Thompson scenario. 1. You can see the character through the smoke but if he moves then it would be easy to lose track of them through the smoke. 2. Same as 1, but fog mostly applies to countryside areas like bushes and trees. 3. Not really a problem. 4. You will not be able to see this character, especially if they're moving. This kind of weather setting means that corner camping is very viable as it makes them invisible. 5. Better than above, but still the same problem. 6. Same as 1. 7. Muzzle flash becomes more of a problem in this picture, but same as 1. 8. Same problem as 7. 9. This is probably the clearest picture, but once again like in 1, when they start moving, smoke starts to get in the way. 10. Also pretty clear, I feel like muzzle flash will get in the way here. 11. This is difficult to see the enemy through both smokes and muzzle flash. 12. Fairly clear picture, still I would put it under 1. STG scenario. 1. Very clear, but they arent in a darker area. (The smoke problem tends to arise from shooting into darker areas, like in Kiriks clip where he shoots into the forest)(The other game where he gets killed by the m1919 guy, is definitely the gun smoke mixed with the silly blood effect + shooting into a slightly darker area (Idk why its still in the game)) 2. You cannot see the top of the left character, probably difficult to track through fog and smoke. 3. Same as 3 4. Invisible people 5. Invisible people 6. Mostly invisible people 7. Quite hard to make out people from the smoke and fog, especially the one on the right. 8. Again like 7, if the person on the right was slightly further back he'd be completely invisible 9. It seems alright but would be hard to see the person on the left shooting through two gun smokes 10. Left one is completely invisible, the right one is hard to see through the smoke, especially if he was moving 11. Both visible, but it doesn't seem as much gun smoke is coming out. If they were in a darker space, then they would be very hard to see. 12. The one on the left blends in with the shadow, the one on the right seems to stand out all the time because of the lighter camo. Gun smoke is and has been a problem for ages yes, but added with massive muzzle flashes, and this unnecessary lighting update, it is very very hard to make out enemies anymore. I have shot at random objects in the game out of paranoia recently because they might be a hiding enemy. This update has received very negative feedback so far, I don't think it's the community being toxic veterans, it's an actual problem, the community is just annoyed with how little things seem to change when the new change is problematic in some way.
  6. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    The problem comes when you are aiming down the sights, in all situations but it is very bad in dark areas(made even worse in this update, did you even try playtesting with the community before such a massive change, maybe that's something to think about next time, eg add a questionnaire in the playtest version based on the update to get a well-rounded view of what players think) for example, in O2 mountain town, when you aim down the ramp nearest to the defenders spawn and someone is down the ramp, it is near impossible to see them and it becomes an rng hipfire between you and the other player because no one can see each other. another example is when shooting distances around 25m+ into bushes, smoke makes it impossible to track targets properly, and once again panic hipfire comes into play. another example is any window now, there is no chance of seeing enemies the final example is on Police Station in Town, when you go from the normal defender spawn into the objective and go left before the building into the long corridor with the metal fence and river to your left. this is near impossible to see when enemies are coming from there when shooting anymore, or just in general because of this update. there are many other examples and I could go on all day about how many times I've been killed recently and I struggle to see the enemy apart from his muzzle flash because i can't see the enemy I started to shoot at because of this gun vape. SMG's, LMG's, and AR's all have this problem. Smoke from other players isn't noticeable imo Impact effects aren't noticeable when shooting All weather types, but especially bad on darker weathers. Aiming towards the sun is especially bad, but again it is bad when not aiming at the sun I play on max settings with max in-game brightness. Overall, I think gunsmoke isn't a good addition to the game and only tends to make players frustrated with the lack of visibility furthered by this update that clearly hasn't been playtested.
  7. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    Another tour would be great
  8. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    based and costco pilled
  9. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Team Vote Kick

    have u spoken to us mains? im pretty sure all they think is "stack", "ge op" and "nerf ge" goes the same for su avs deniers who use bullet modifications on it and also ge players who like to claim theyre playing support and will pull 5 kills in a 30 minute game in war it would be a good option to remove players who are going 1-13 and really should be in staged learning the game
  10. you can mod m1 carbine and m1a1 carbine for infantry and theyre paratrooper exclusive weapons
  11. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    immersion update???

  12. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Captured FG42 (GE) Infantry

    double kek
  13. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Modded captured weapons (Trello, FEB 2021)

    Oh look, a picture of a GE main malding on forums because other people get to use his OP guns now Very quick to call me a GE main kek. I actually play all factions and have a rounded balanced view of weapons and factions. I'm currently playing SU where I find myself against many stg players where many of them really aren't very good with it. And the ones that are good with it I will play against their advantages and use the many disadvantages of the stg against them. I can guarantee people who cry GE op are the same people who use modifications on their weapons to slow down rates of fire. (Urah-2 + bullet users, heavy spring users, etc) Obviously you cant outaim a stg with some of the ridiculous mods that I've seen going around recently. People need to realise that maybe it's not the stg that's the problem and scapegoating the ge faction. I honestly don't care if you get a captured stg (so far it seems people call it op, name it things like "now you see that this is op" and go 15-17 in a 30min match) but what I do care about is how reto is going to use it as a lazy way to squeeze some money out of this game instead of genuinely trying to find a way to improve the game and add other monetisation options. What I really liked about this game when I first started was how unique the factions were and how each one had a very slightly different play style and you could pick a faction based on how you wanted to play. This is why the sudden addition of captured weapons was imo not a good idea for the game as it meant the game would end up just turning into a free battlefield instead of having its own identity. Now the possible addition of moddable weapons again imo feels like a way to satisfy the clan players and keep them in the game for longer. This isn't helped by the developers only really playing one faction instead of trying to experience other factions too to have a more rounded view of the game. Tldr: this move only benefits clans
  14. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

  15. xXx_-_Da_Boss_-_xXx

    Next round of weapon balancing

    where are these stats from? staged or war?