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  1. (Topic on the making) @Reto.Hades pls add to the "new factions" thread Republic of China 中華民國 China was one of the big players of WWII often underlooked and forgotten, it was part of the "Big four" This thread will focus on an historical chinese tech tree Faction: Allies/Chinese United Front Worst enemy: Empire of Japan Infantry Rifle: Type 24 / Type Zhongzheng "Chiang-Kai Shek Rifle" Hanyangt Type 88 ZH-29 Mauser model 1871 M1 Garand (Lend-Lease) M1903 Springfield (Lend-Lease) SVT-40 (Lend-Lease) Jhonson Rifle (5000 sent to China) Pistols: Mauser C96 (Chinese Copy) "Wauser" Shanxi Type 17 (.45 ACP) Nambu Type 14 (Commonly captured) M911A1 Colt (Lend Lease) Melee: Dao Sword: Wushu Broadsword Machineguns: Type 24 MG ZBvz 26 M1919A6 SMGs: Sten Guns: MkII Thompson M1928 M3 Grease Gun (9mm) Special Assault: "Chinese Tommy gun" Anti-tank: Boy's MkI PTRD-41 M1A1 Bazooka Grenades: M23 Chinese Copy (Stick grenade) MkII Tanks: Great War Tank (Renault FT) T-26 Stuart M10 with 105mm (Chinese built) Panzer 1 M4 Sherman Armored Cars: SdKfz 222 BA-6 Planes: Curtiss Model 68 HawkIII Polikaropov I-16 Boeing P-26 Peashooter Curtiss 75H Hawk Chu X-PO P-40 Chinese Unforms: China in WW2:
  2. Everyone tells Reto to add the MG-26(t) yet reto adds the MG-13... Logic? No need! They use a specific brand of theyr own called Reto.Logic!
  3. So i apparently dont see any difference when it comes to tank vs infantry after the hotfix. Before it was 6+ H3s now its still 6+ H3s And DONT tell me "aim for weakspotz LUL" cuz i do unlike most people and still find it cancerous. Reduce tank AT sizes Get rid of the supid % of dmg that goes to the armor. Aaaaand buff H3 Dmg to base structure. And please dont cry, i too am a tanker in heart and this is too much EZZZ mode.
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    Snow Maps

  5. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Soviet vs M1919

  6. AfonsoQQ2.0

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    Good Luck with the clan! Hopefully you can make the better of it.
  7. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Axis Veterans Newspaper - The old Post

    "Committed high treason (...) hostile action" Explain me how exactly what i did is high treason? And dont forget both TS's are united again here:
  8. AfonsoQQ2.0

    How to bring the fun back.

    Majority clan players still use TS
  9. AfonsoQQ2.0

    We've asked for this for YEARS

    Slow down and count to 10... Oh wait that was another thing..
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    Why are we toxic ?

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    Flying US Fighter Planes

    Ofcourse Just like the 190 is! You guys will never learn.
  12. The foodchain of H&G works like this: Devs beat on vets with theyr incompetence > Vets beat on noobs with theyr frustration > Noobs leave game The source of toxicity is in the devs it seems! Change my mind!
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    Flying US Fighter Planes

    Just like we had the US schoolgirls saying the P-38 was fine
  14. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Cocks on 109

    Whats the current progress on this?
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    G43 alder

    The official statement was: "There was too many unlocks for G43" By Circinius The actual reason seems to be much darker...
  16. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Who is in charge?

    You mean like US players did when the P-38 problem was out of control? Oh well... too bad... "git gud"!
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    A win ratio/cap ratio or even kills while capping challange would make more sense.
  18. AfonsoQQ2.0


    Im am just disapointed they are not promoting war.
  19. AfonsoQQ2.0


    Only staged warriors pretty much! Also since its Unique ID, no chance for NA/SA/Asia players LOL!
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    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    I will definitely pay for that.
  21. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    You are in no position to judge that.
  22. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    Im saying that you are a bad player when you dont use tanks. And most vets out there play with clans so whats your point?
  23. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    I play with a clan and so what? I spent most of the match going around doing nothing, talking to a few US friends on discord and afk frying bockwurst, so i dont really care.
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    New Meta : Tank Blocking

    At first i couldnt care less to waste my few credits on a random queue game so i just de-tracked you a couple times with RPGs , the only time where i got my H3s out i got sniped. Not gonna bother deploying and moving all this shirt just for you Ofcourse you are saying its balanced this update is perfect for low skill players like you. Before this update all the times i saw you in game you were doing negative even on defences, but now you get to sit there and HE click with EZ mode tank and do positive.