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  1. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Menagerie sounds - poor joke

    Shut that dog up!
  2. AfonsoQQ2.0


    Clan gaming:
  3. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Im back guys

    Ur thinking of someone else, i was always able to use my original account. Plus i always bought my own gold
  4. AfonsoQQ2.0

    I'm BACK!

  5. Spawn times for paras and recons are ridiculous.
  6. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Im back guys

    @AfonsoQQ still exists, but im not allowed to use it under the terms set by Reto.
  7. And this is why half of my clan is whitelisted LOL
  8. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Dirty Gameplay

    Bah, this is better:
  9. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Fix anti-personal mines already!

    Made that one long ago, didnt even knew Adrian still had it
  10. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Panzerwurfmine Langs suck hard

    Necroing a thread from 2017 plus this... humm Not intentional, yeah, people like you make Mao smile.
  11. AfonsoQQ2.0

    should they add britain

    I hope someday they add China to the Allies, someday in the very far future.
  12. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Fix anti-personal mines already!

    I made a new PMK character for SU. And ofcourse...
  13. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Fix anti-personal mines already!

    😊 I wonder who fits this description perfectly 😂😂😂🍆🍆