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  1. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Русская музыка

    No they didnt. Nor should they have invaded the Belarussian People's Republic or the Ukranian Republic. Nor they should have annexed the baltic states All these dirty reds wanted was to take back all the former Russian owned states so they could rule them under theyr sick ideology. Maybe because Poland was paritioned between Austria Russia and Prussia?
  2. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Tankas & Tankes

    Hey hey when u loose an argument dont make it worst by bringing out insults
  3. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Battle Queueing and Abuse

    Im more intrested in knowing what actually caused it.
  4. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Battle Queueing and Abuse

    Dont forget that most of the matches bug anyways
  5. do not think like that comrade! best way to kill fascist is to make great patriotic rush and filp them! не думай так, товарищ! Лучший способ убить фашиста - это пойти на великий патриотический таран и перевернуть их танк ТАРАН!
  6. I would love to have a POA soldier
  7. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New winning town mechanic

    Just out of curiosity @Reto.Hades did it had anything to do with PMKs or planes?
  8. AfonsoQQ2.0

    Tank vs tank after 1.12

    Absollute BS volleyball this update...
  9. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New winning town mechanic

    Hearing this was the best bday present i could ever get.
  10. AfonsoQQ2.0

    New guns, upgrades, and features

    Dont forget the gun ingame has this to: